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The clothes may not make a man, but they can make him look amazing. A suit is a fashion staple that oozes classiness and sublime style, flattering the wearer and never going out of style. However, treating yourself with one is not an immediate thing, nor a cheap endeavor. The best suits are made by one man, meticulously handcrafted and drawn. To get one, you better be prepared to equip yourself with financial means, patience, and knowledge.

So, here is how to buy that bespoke suit and cut a dash.


Finding the perfect tailor comes before anything else. Namely, tailors are anything but all cut from the same cloth. Each and every professional differs in terms of manufacturing and cutting. So, get ready to do your homework.

Conduct a background check and assess the reputation. Tailors with years of experience and a plethora of content customers are a safe bet. Once you ensure that their past checks out, turn your attention to the future. Keep your eyes open for after-care for garments as well. A tailor should be the right fit for you and able to meet all your specific needs.

Oh, and it should be mentioned that some of the best tailors on the face of the earth are prepared to pay customers a visit, not the other way around. Of course, you can also walk the extra mile and travel to places such as London, Hong Kong, and Italy, which are famous for their suits.

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It goes without saying that you need to know what purpose the suit is supposed to serve. So, are you looking for men’s wedding suits, a garment to impress people at a gala event or something that is suitable for your upcoming court appearance?

Furthermore, it is highly advisable to educate yourself a bit. Learn the terminology and how different styles of suits (such as Italian and British) differ. Likewise, know how to recognize poor quality. You should, for example, steer away from suits that have glue substances. On the other hand, high-end products feature a sewn “canvas”, which is the material between the lining and the fabric. Luckily, it is possible to inspect the suit by pinching around the top buttonholes in the chest area.

Be versed in how to talk to your tailor and do not shy away from asking questions. See how much work was invested (50 hours should cut it) and where are the suits made or shipped from. Reputable businesses usually have most of their tailors on the premises.

There are some other telltale signs. Suits that cost top dollar have handmade padding and stitching. What is more, note that the top-notch materials should never wrinkle, even when twisted.

Naturally, it pays off to study various fabrics that make or break a dazzling suit. Some of the most popular ones are worsted wool, mohair, and flannel. They all have their pros and cons that you need to weigh carefully.

There are many types of suits, but in general, bespoke suits are both lightweight and sturdy. You can wear them for three seasons without experiencing inconveniences such as overheating.

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A top set of threads made from scratch can cost you dearly. A “made-to-measure” suit is less pricey: It is cut from an existing pattern and adjusted to your measurements. There are also those “off-the-rack” suits that you can put on right away, but most often, they do not exactly fit like a glove.

There is no such thing as instant men’s fashion, not if you are looking for the cream of the crop. Creating suits is a labor-intensive process and you always get what you pay for.

Therefore, be patient: It might take a month or two for a killer suit to get made.

Sometimes, tailors carry out 20 measurements and follow them up with several fittings. Also, do not be surprised if you receive advice on how to improve your posture as well. After all, body shapes and proportions vary and a good tailor can write an encyclopedia about this topic. More importantly, a competent tailor subtly eyes you up and pays attention to even the smallest of details.

Finally, we come to the point where you must see how you feel in a suit. If it is like your second skin, you are on the right track. In any event, do not throw money on something you do not feel comfortable in.

League of extraordinary gentleman

Be prepared to invest both time and money in the search for the peerless suit. Learn how to recognize dodgy and quality work. Don’t just go to the first tailor you come across and buy one off the racks. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in the world of exalted fashion.

One thing is for certain: You need to work hand in hand with your tailor. The reward for it all comes in the form of awakening a sense of confidence and prominence and feeling like a king amongst men. So, are you ready to get dressed up to the nines and join the elite club?