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Harvesting is one of the most important and labor-intensive processes in farming operations. Farmers can make this process easier and more productive by using automation in the form of a combine harvester. This is farming equipment that is very helpful for farmers as it can save time and money, as well as increase productivity. The harvester’s efficiency can be enhanced by the use of aftermarket combine concaves. The article is a guide that tells you all you want to know about these important parts of a harvester.

The Equipment

The aftermarket combine concaves are part of the harvester that are manufactured by different companies who may not be the original manufacturer. The parts they manufacture are related to the concaves that are used in the harvester. While these parts may not be manufactured by the original manufacturer, they would be compatible with the harvester. These aftermarket products are less priced and they offer cost-benefit for farmers. The parts are generally as good as the original parts. Use of these parts does not affect the harvester’s warranty.



There are many benefits of using aftermarket combine concaves in your harvester. Some of the prime benefits are:

• These parts help the farmer manage the harvester by using it in a more efficient way for enhanced productivity and better quality yield.

• Even though they are not manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, they are made using latest technologies and the quality of the products is good.

• The biggest benefit for farmers is that these aftermarket parts are less expensive than the ones made by the manufacturer. They can be purchased locally without having to wait for the order to be cleared by the manufacturer. This allows the farmer to save money.

• The concaves allow threshing to be done much more smoothly, thereby ensuring that the grains are free from any cracks.

• The concaves also increase the surface area for the threshing operations. This, coupled with the increase in ground speed ensures higher productivity. Higher yield and better quality yield are both ensured.

• These parts have multi-purpose functionalities allowing them to be used to harvest different types of crops making it beneficial for the farmers.

Working of the parts


The aftermarket combine concaves can be used for different types of crops. There is no need to change concave each time a different crop is harvested. Once installed, different settings can be used to harvest any crop. The wires can be adjusted depending on the type of crop; for instance, soybeans, rice, corns, and sorghum needs wide wire concaves. Rotor loss is reduced, which is beneficial for farmers. The XPR system capacity can be enhanced by up to 30%. Cultivation of large areas becomes easy and this increases the overall productivity.

Farmers who use harvesters for their farming operations can buy aftermarket parts like the combine concaves to enhance the efficiency of the harvester. Apart from their use to harvest different crops, they improve yield quantity and quality, making them highly beneficial.

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