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For those who thought accessorizing is the art of women, think again honey! There are equally or I must say more elegant and efficient accessories that are being manufactured keeping in mind the needs of Men of 2k17. Not just that these Men accessories are pretty enough for them to carry, they are quite efficient as they solve the basic purpose of styling as well. Well as for today we are focusing on a very minute thing in size, that actually makes or breaks the look of your super expensive lavish material suit, and that is THE LAPEL PIN. Yes my lord it right, a little thing can make a hell lot of difference to your suit. Before we get onto recommendations of buying certain kinds of Lapel Pins, let me give you a little brief about it for those who wonder why to go for a lapel pin?

A Lapel Pin is a small designer pin specifically manufactured to be put onto the left side of the suit’s lapel. These were initially worn by people of the higher classes, as a statement of them being a part of the rich families or holding a higher status in the society. This is one accessory being brought down from our ancestors and now being common and convenient for every person to carry it off. You can better call them something that belongs to the Vintage Past Period and is being used today with a contemporary twist.

{For those of who don’t know that since these Lapel Pins were put on the left side, most clothing brand companies that came into existence in the 19th century and later started to put their trademark logo on the left side, Therefore Lapel Pins have been a major inspirational factor since their origin}

Lapel Pins are only worn as a decorative purpose or to show off personal customizing details, or due to affiliation to some kind of organization or country. Since Lapel Pins are a personal choice we would love to help you select from the best pins available:

American Flag Lapel Pin

American Flag Lapel Pin

Do you know what is a real patriotic moment? Proudly wearing the nation’s flag on the chest. This American Flag Lapel Pin is made out of the best quality brass, home made in USA and even comes with gold plaiting. If you are a citizen of USA then you can wear this on some important national days, or if you are someone who is related to some political background in the USA wear it all day every day. Comes with premium quality paint and varnishing easily available to you at $6.75.

Celebrity Enamel Lapel Pins

Celebrity Enamel Lapel Pins

For all the public figure lovers, wear the Lapel Pins that are cartoon imitations of your favourite singers or other political leaders on your lapel. These lapel pins includes cartoon imitations of

• Beyonce

• Biggie

• Kanye

• Talyor Swift

• Justin Bieber

• Obama

• Tupac

Don’t hesitate to show love to your favourite public images by keeping the close to your heart on your lapel. Buy any of these under just $9.99

BoomBox Lapel Pin


All the music lovers out there look what we got in for you, the one in all a Boombox Lapel Pin. The cute detailing and smart cut edges are a truly eye catching. What’s more that it is made out of pure copper that gives it a unique detailing. You can not only match this with a dark colored suit but also use it over jackets and overcoat stuff. Get this funky boombox under just $9.95.

{For those who are confused what kind of Men suits, they should go forth for, get all the knowledge at: All about Mens Suit}

Emoji Lapel Pin

Emoji Lapel Pin

In a digital word where expressing over internet is handled with the use of Emoji, why not wear one on your lapel? Our personal favourite is the Middle Finger Emoji Lapel pin. This solves your two purpose, firstly you can directly flaunt in front of someone you feel deserves the middle finger and secondly, people will judge you as someone who is outspoken and doesn’t tolerate any nuisance. Get this trendy Emoji Lapel Pin under $8.99.

The Timeless Art of Seduction Lapel Pin


This kind of Lapel Pin is for the one who doesn’t think twice before flaunting their true sexual animal. Making sure you don’t overdo with this one is really important for this is mainly for informal occasions only. Let the bald and bared chest man steal the limelight under just $9.95.

Handmade Flower Lapel Pin

Handmade Flower Lapel Pin

Get the benefits of a Satin Handmade Lapel Pin, with the best kind of fabrics and vibrant colors to choose from for the perfect wedding day, or evening brunch. The more you see them the more graceful they look since they have an undefined luster which makes it distinct from the rest types of lapel pins. If you have a prom coming the near future grab it soon in just $8.99.

Besides these Lapel Pins make sure your wardrobe carries these essential Mens Accessories for you never know when an occasion comes up your way:



While there are so many Men fashion Accessories that can be carried off both at formal and informal events, such as these Cufflinks. For Men, it’s little tricky to play with these little metal button like things, but there is no harm in carrying it off with your suits, once a fortnight. It is always advisable to go for the simple designer ones, and not too funky cufflinks. Whenever buying these go forth with the silver stainless kind of cufflinks.

Neck Tie


What is a suit with a tie? These two are probably two best friends who sometimes compliment each other or on other occasions create a contrast with each other. What you can simply do is have those silk ties for normal occasions for the pattern on them comes out really gracefully and during more formal or say during major events and gatherings don’t hesitate to carry off the new in trend polymer ties. They have superior finish and you need not waste your time settling the knot since it comes with a tie structure, so everything is already in place.

Bow Tie


Talking about the bow tie, it’s really tricky to decide when to wear a bow tie. Don’t worry what are we for here, only to assist you. Bow ties are more for the occasions that particularly don’t relate to your professions, say a marriage procedural, or a bachelor’s cocktail or some events like these. Bow ties come in a variety of patterns and textures the only thing you need to make sure is you need to match the fabric of your suit with your bow tie, this the rule of thumb relating to wearing bow ties. Rest you can go furthering experimenting things you might never know that would turn out really well.

Pocket Square

Pocket Square

The man who invented pocket square must be a die-hard fan of keeping an extra handkerchief, just in case someone needs one. Jokes apart, Pocket Square is nothing but neatly folded handkerchiefs that come in bold colors, designs, patterns, and materials only to be placed right on your chest. There are many ways of folding a Pocket Square, but ultimately it all depends on the detailing of the pocket square i.e. it should always create a contrast with the suit you are carrying.

Tie Clips


Even called Tie Bars are eventually placed at the tie to keep it in place. These are small but serve a very practical function since they keep the tie intact to the shirt. These are really small so no one can ever go wrong with these, but still, they are available in a variety of decorative designs and one has a large ocean of tie clips to choose from.

A careful observation about what our peers carry off, or what are the latest trends coming up helps us to make a better choice while choosing The Lapel pins and other accessories mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to look out of the box for it makes other men jealous and women mad behind you.