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5 Things to Ask Your Solar Panel Installer

The way toward finding a reliable solar panel installer can daunt; you trawl the internet and local directories searching for the ideal company to install your solar system. And then don’t recognize what to ask them when you discover one. Here are the top 5 things you ought to ask your solar panel installer before you proceed with the installation.

1 The most important thing to ask your solar panel installer is are they accredited? To end up plainly a solar panel installer you should progress toward becoming MCS accredited, which just means they have finished and passed any courses required to end up noticeably a solar panel installer. To verify that your solar system installer is real and has a MCS accreditation you can basically visit the MCS enroll. From here you can discover your installer and check the database of installers to verify that the company is accredited by MCS.

2 Now that you have a MCS accredited installer you have to consult them on what kind of system will best suit you and your property. After doing as such your installer ought to present you with a proposal for the best system to suit you and you properties needs. The proposal ought to incorporate the span of the panels, the amount of solar panels they will utilize, the Kw of your system and the manufacturer of the solar panels utilized as a part of your new system.

The proposal may also incorporate the time it will take to make your venture back and any additional information on savings.

3 Have they carried out any installations some time recently? At the point when an installer is accredited they have the ability to install a solar system (amid their training this will have been one of their challenges), yet it is pleasant to know they have carried out past installations. Ask for testimonials or you may have the capacity to discover a gallery of their current work on their website.

4 Who will chip away at your installation – Please know that any solar installation must be carried out by MCS accredited installers only. Verify with your new company that only accredited installers will take a shot at your new installation.

5 The cost of you system – The cost of you system ought to be documented in the proposal they give you. The cost of the system may vary and relies on upon many different factors including the span of your system and the panels that they will utilize.


They may be more to ask your installer and make certain to ask as many questions as you can – Remember they are the ones giving an administration and ought to have the capacity to give you as much information as you need. However, the Long Island Solar Company offers you one of the best services for you to get with extreme care and also protection.