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To write an effective copy, knowing how to write is not enough it is necessary to know the marketing, the target audience, and the set objectives, otherwise it will remain a text for its own sake: doing copywriting equals knowing how to sell. Are you ready to become a pro?

Write good copy, and what does it take? How many times have you heard these words uttered in an overly sarcastic tone and with an air of disdain?

Unfortunately, many people take it for granted that to write a performing copy it is enough to know how to write correctly in Italian without grammar and spelling errors.

Knowing the language is the basis from which to start, but to write an effective copy you need to know about marketing and a strategic vision, otherwise, it would be a well-written but useless text.

We know well that in marketing nothing is improvised and left to chance, in fact writing a good copy means converting, making the user activity, as in the case of subscribing to the newsletter or selling a product or service.

So knowing how to write correctly in the required language is not enough, you have to know how to write to persuade and sell because even when we do not sell any product or service we are doing Personal Branding 

Create and maintain a strong and lasting relationship with your own Buyer PersonasBuyer Personas are semi-fictional representations of the ideal customer. They are based on market research, real data on existing customers, and some assumptions based on …it is the basis for every strategy, both online and offline because we must always remember that before every business there are people.

Trust is the basis of any relationship: users must understand you and your company, through clearsimple, and effective copy.

And for this very reason, I want to reveal all the secrets to writing effective copy, which is performing and optimized for every communication channel.

Let’s see together, step by step, how to create a copy from zero to hero!

The Topic Of This Post

  •  Brand Identity
  •  Unique Value Proposition
  •  Tone of Voice
  •  Buyer Personas
  •  Goals
  •  Editorial Calendar
  • Storytelling
  •  Call To Action
  •  Blog
  •  Social
  •  Advertising
  •  Email Marketing
  •  Landing Page
  •  Product Sheet


The Brand Identity represents the very essence of the brand, which is not limited only to the logo A good logo shows what a company does and what it stands for …pay-offs and colors, but represents the tone of voicehistorypassionpeople and know-how of the company.

Who are you, what do you want to convey and why should I choose you?

It is undoubtedly the question to which the identity of the brand must answer because if we do not know ourselves and our brand we will never be able to convey the vision, the mission

Unique Value Proposition

The Unique Value Proposition, also called UVP, represents the promise that the brand makes to its target.

It must be truly perceived as of value for Buyer Personas and must well enclose what the competitive advantages are compared to competitors, through a clearshort, and effective copy, in which the problem that the brand solves through the right solution is described.

Tone of Voice

The Tone of Voice, also called Tone di Voce, is your brand’s way of communicating, it represents not only textual content but also video content and graphic content.

brand can have countless nuances, but how it decides to communicate itself to the world must be unique and is characterized by the Tone of Voice.

To write effective copy must be consistent with the tone of voice why a brand should convey relevant messages with own the vision, and its brand identity.

Buyer Personas

The Buyer Personas are fictitious representations of the ideal user, that is of the people to whom the brand refers: the Buyer Personas are created through a study in which the personalpsychological, and demographic data of the user are analyzed.

From this analysis, the ideal users are realized, each with their own goalsfears, and frustrations.

To write a performing copy you need to keep in mind what your audience is, to intercept it through the most suitable content.


The objectives are the basis of any business if we do not define in advance what the results we want to achieve are, we will not be able to verify whether the progress of our strategy is correct or not.

For this reason, even when writing a copy you have to keep in mind what is the result you want to achieve and what action you want the user to perform.

Editorial calendar

Once the objectives have been defined and a strategy has been outlined, it is necessary to move on to tactics, which is a communication strategy is represented by the Editorial Calendar.

An Editorial Calendar is a tool in which articlestopicscolumns, and publication dates are written: a sort of map that allows you to define the best content for each channel and keep track of dates and roles.

Therefore, the Editorial Calendar is not needed to write a good copy, but it is a prerequisite for organizing and monitoring the work.


Storytelling is a persuasive communication technique, in which the brand creates a valuable relationship with its target of a reference, through ‘ emotion and empathy.

The user is involved and engaged in the story that is narrated through the art of storytelling, so much so that he feels it, passing from passive listening to proactive action.

To write a copy for effective Storytelling it is necessary to leverage primary desiresemotion, and instinct, creating a plot and a narration that involve the user.

Call To Action In CTAs, an imperative verb like … is usually used.

The Call To Action, also calledCTA An instruction for the public aimed at provoking an immediate response. A verb is usually used in CTAs …, is the invitation for the user to take a conscious action: it is represented by a clear copy with an imperative verb and is accompanied by a colored button on the e-commerce and website or by links on social media.

We have just seen the fundamental steps to write effective copy, but to optimize it for each communication channel it will have to be declined according to the channel, adapted, and modified.

Now let’s see what are the main tips to optimize your copy according to the communication channels in which it will be proposed!

To write a good article for your blog it is important to write a short title as well SEO the use of numbers and CTAs, which allow for better performance, is very efficient indexing

I advise you to use a copy with short and simple sentences, avoiding the excessive use of gerunds, passive form, and negative sentences.

It is very important that the copy is divided into paragraphs, each with its Heading Tag (H2) to allow for smooth reading from both desktop and mobile.


To write a good copy for social media it must be short and clear, accompanied by a CTA: also in this case the division into several parts, through paragraphs or bulleted list, rewards readability.

To write a good copy for advertising you will need to focus on the action you want the user to take: it is necessary that the copy is short to avoid giving wrong inputs and neutralizing the CTA.

It is therefore important from the results to be achieved, which must match as with the objectives definitive previously, in fact, if you want to sell a product or service, the copy will be different than a campaign to increase awareness of the brand.

Email Marketing

To write a good email or for an effective email marketing campaign you will need to remember that communication is one to one, i.e. personalized and the copy must tell the reason why the brandproduct, or service is better than its competitors.

The copy must therefore be captivating and persuasive, accompanied by a CTA that pushes the user to take an action.

Landing Page

To write the copy suitable for an Effective Landing Page the page structure must accompany the text the key elements such as the UVP will go to the top of the page, called above the fold.

Continuing the path, scrolling the page, you will find the other parts of the copy in which the advantages and benefits of the brandproduct, or service offered are described, up to the CTA.

Product details

To write an effective copy for an insurance Product Sheet it is important to tell an experience, not only to describe in detail the product that is proposed a persuasive communication converts much more because it leverages emotions.

And what do you think? I hope you found the guide to writing effective copy useful!