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Are you feeling distressed because of your hectic schedule? Let me help you a bit to relax for a while. I’m going to take you to an island full of parties and fun. To spice up your routine schedule, just close your eyes for a while and imagine yourself in an island full of green expanses, iconic beaches, fun exploring activities, night parties and electronic music originated on the island. Did you guess about which island I am talking about? I think you are too close, yes, the island is Ibiza islands.

Ibiza, an island of fun and night parties will refresh your mood and will soothe your heart with its breathtaking scenic beauty. The Ibiza island is known for being a hedonistic party island. Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea off the east coast of Spain. It is third largest island of Balearic islands, an autonomous community of Spain. Ibiza is considered to be a popular tourist destination due to the riotous nightclubs, electronic music and the summer club scene, all of which attract a large number of tourists for that type of holidays. Ibiza is served by Ibiza airport, which has many international flights during summer tourist season, mainly from Europe. This place is suitable for everyone included couples, families and friends. Everyone can have fun in their own way.


Let Me Guide you a Little to Make your Visit Pleasant

If you are planning your holiday trip to Ibiza I would like to advise you to divide your time in slots to explore as many activities as you can. Ibiza Packages are there to help you plan your trip. As there are a lot more things to explore than only nightclubs, a proper planning will lead you to a relaxed and peaceful holidays. If you want to make your tour memorable, it requires some ground work to do. So

Let’s Start With the Things you Should Keep in Mind:-

Check Out the Best Time to Visit this Island

First of all, the best time to visit Ibiza is from May to October when the weather is pleasant. The months between November and April are considered as low season as the water activities and clubs are shut down because the weather becomes cool and snowfall covers the large area of the island. July and August are peak months when clubs and hotels are fully crowded.

Tip: In the months April, May and October, the flight rates and club prices would be lesser.

Best Way to Communicate

No worries, the language English is widely spoken due to the influence of tourism. Besides, Eiviseenc is the native dialect of Catalan spoken in Ibiza. Catalan shares co-official status with Spanish. The other languages like French, German and Italian are widely spoken due to tourism, expatriates living there or maintaining residences on the island.

How to Deal with the Money

The Euro is the only form of Ibiza money that is accepted as legal tender. It is represented as either ‘EUR’ or €. This would be a good practice if you exchange your money in your own country before leaving as you may not receive a better exchange rate in the island.

Also if you need an exchange your money at the island, don’t exchange it at the airport or hotels as their exchange rate would be lower than the other parts of the island.

Credit and debit cards are widely accepted in the tourist areas. Let your bank know in advance if you planning to use your card abroad. And also check the additional costs of your bank for using your card abroad.

Wanna Grab a Bite?

Ibiza Food

Ibiza’s local cuisine is typically Mediterranean which includes products of the island that are sweets of the island known as flaons. Other dishes Ibiza include sofrit pages, fish stew, rice with pork. Influenced by the Mediterranean coast, sea food is really amazing in Ibiza.

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Don’t worry if you are a vegan, many restaurants offer you a variety of foods depending upon your taste and also according to the region of the tourists.

Own a Vehicle

Ibiza Tour Vehicle

Several public buses also travel between the various parts of the island and from Sant Antonia to Ibiza Town every 15 minutes in summer and every half-hour in winter. The cheapest transport would be the public buses.

Except this, you can also hire your bicycle, scooter, car or jeeps at the island to explore the island in your own unique way and enjoy the off-roads at your own.

Now the thing is, where to stay in Ibiza? There are a numerous hotels to stay in Ibiza depending upon your budget and the spots you want to visit. Many tourist guiding websites offers you a lot of packages including each and everything in it or you can also customize your own packages. Ibiza packages include a lot of things i.e. your flights, transport, booking taxis, meals etc.


Night Clubs to Visit in Ibiza

Night Clubs to Visit in Ibiza

You will never get a shortage of clubs in Ibiza as it is renowned for being clubbing capital of the world. There are a number of nightclubs to visit in Ibiza as per your budget and taste. Some of the main venues host the famous DJ’s in the world like Amnesia, Booom!, Sankeys, Hi Ibiza, Ushuaia, Privilege, Pacha, Eden, and Es Paradis. Ibiza is full of world famous party hotels, beach bars, super clubs and some lovely restaurants providing you each and every thing to make your nightlife enjoyable. Some clubs will have themed nights such as water parties or foam parties, the one interested should check the various calendars out there.

Chill out your nights at Ibiza with full of energy, drinks, music and dance parties. Always get your tickets in advance to get rid of the further hassles as there is a lot of crowd in the full boom season.
Over the past decade, boat parties have become an essential pillar of the Ibiza clubbing scene and no Ibiza holiday is complete without having experienced at least one party out at sea. There are some of the best Ibiza clubs recommendations:-

1. Pacha

Ibiza’s most stunning and original club, Pacha has been entertaining the visitors from all around the world for over four decades. It is the Ibiza’s one of the oldest and well-known club. Visitors are cherished with VIP tables, acts as playground of the rich and it is famous for the Cherries.

Price range started from 40€ to 80€ and the prices increase as the island gets busier with tourists and so as the parties. Chill, the vodka lemon costs 18€ and a beer 12€. Keep in mind the prices at the doorstep can be higher than the advanced booking, only limited number of tickets are booked online. So keep an eye upon the online tickets and grab the availability.

The parties are organized everyday with different names. Flower Power is the power pack party held on Monday to make you feel enthusiastic for the rest of the week. Other famous parties are Solomun +1 held on Sunday and F*** ME 1’M Famous on Thursday.

2. Lio

Enjoy this extraordinary place by booking a table at Lio Ibiza. It is opened in 2012 by Pacha, Lio Ibiza has fast become the most popular restaurant and lounge club in Ibiza. It is located at the end of Ibiza Marina. It is the combination of high quality cuisine, art, live music and clubbing. It also boasts the fantastic views of the old Ibiza town, Dalt Vila. Jean Claude Ades’ Be Crazy is the famous party of Lio. It is also famous for the fancy outfits, best cabaret and the beautiful crowd.

3. The Ninth Ibiza

This rooftop sky lounge is a place designed with chic décor style and its entrance would make you feel as you entered a beautiful boat. The eye-catching panoramic views over the Mediterranean coastline will make you feel amazed with the scenic beauty of the island. Lounge’s incredible height will make you feel like you are floating in the sky. The Ninth Ibiza’s impressive bar terrace will offer you cocktails and live music to soothe the atmosphere around you. Everything is well furnished and the lighting of the lounge is just amazing.

4. Km5, Ibiza

If you want to experience a new kind of welcome at the original old farmhouse in Ibiza with rustic touch and sleek modern whitewash, go for Km5. Km5 is located in the countryside at 5.6 km down the road from Ibiza to San Jose. Feel it like a home if you are a fashion conscious as Km5 offers clothing and accessory boutique with the collection of designer hand-printed silk blouses, maxi dresses, sequined blazers and extravagant tribal prints and stylish designs with prices to match. Km5 promotes design and culture of Ibiza and also hosts art gallery exhibitions of local and international artists.

You will explore a new kind of lounge as its lounge garden is decorated with beautifully crafted chandeliers and both palm and orange trees are decorated in rope lighting. So it is one of the iconic bars of Ibiza satisfying the crowd from all over the world and meets their expectations.

5. Bambuddha, Ibiza

Bambuddha is one of the most famous and best-loved restaurant in Ibiza. It is located on the San Juan Road. The redesigned interior of the restaurant will make you feel a classy experience. The VIP sections are decked out in ruby silk and plush with golden cushions. The buzzing cocktail bar and MediterrAsian fusion menu in eatables made this restaurant a most unique amongst Ibiza restaurants.

6. Amnesia

You will find the most unforgettable clubbing moments in Amnesia. It is very eclectic in its programming. Amnesia covers the best of techno, house, trance and even some live shows. Amnesia has the most crowded dance floors because of its fame. Amnesia offers you one of the most enjoyable and dining experiences on the island.

This restaurant is famous for Open-air clubbing, disco and pop back in the day, DJ Alfredo’s eclectic mix, sunrise on the terrace and the most epic opening and closing parties.

Price range started from 40€ to 60€ for most of the parties depending upon the month. A beer costs €13, water €9 and spirit and mixers about €15.

Activities and Things to Do in Ibiza

Besides nightclubs, there are a lot more fun activities to do in Ibiza. As per your taste and time schedule, there are numerous activities to explore in Ibiza islands. You can explore the amazing beaches and the nearby places of Ibiza. There are a lot of water activities to explore this summer. Just pack your bags to get a new and unique experience.

Also you are advised to pre book your tickets for every activity as availability of tickets at a time can be lower in peak season.

Formentera Explorer

• If you want to explore Formentera in an easy way, a boat trip is ideal for everyone from couples to families with small children or group of friends. You can chill and discover the wonders of the island at your own pace.

• The distance between Ibiza and Formentera is just 3 nautical miles, approx. half an hour by boat.

• You can also hire a ferry to make a trip from Ibiza to Formentera for particular time duration. The ferry terminal is in the centre of Ibiza town.

• You will be taken to the deep blue sea of Mediterranean, admiring the dramatic open scenery and landmarks.

• Another option of getting to the waters is a sailboat or a traditional Ibizan wooden boat.
Surf Lounge Ibiza

• Enjoy one of the Ibiza’s most variant and fun activities, Surf Lounge Ibiza, situated in the lively San Antonio Bay area.

• An artificial wave machine on the island called Flow rider is an activity for all to enjoy water surfing.

• The biggest attraction on the island, an artificial, static wave machine, designed by California can accommodate up to 20 riders at a time.

• They offer you a different ticket options depending upon the individuals, families, friends or couples.

• Also the monitors or surf teachers are provided to assist you all the time for your better experience and thrilling of riding the waves.

• The amazing thing about this is you don’t even need any experience in water surfing.


• Parasailing is one of the most incredible and exciting activities to do in Ibiza.

• Soar over the intriguing island of Ibiza during an exhilarating 2-hour parasailing experience from San Antonio.

• Imagine yourself soaring high above the Bay of San Antonio and looking down with bird’s eye perspective on the beautiful coastline.

• After a scenic boat ride to sea, the rope will slowly released allowing you to soar high and high in the sky up to 300m above sea level.

• Then while coming down, you enjoy the refreshing air of blue waters of Mediterranean.

• Also you can hang out with your family or friends as you fly through the air with greatest ease and it would be your lifetime amazing experience.

Speed Boat Adventure

• If you are seeking an adrenalin kick, speed boat ride in Ibiza would be perfect for you.

• An activity that combines relaxation, pleasure and fun.

• Have a glorious view of the White Island and Balearic coast and visit wonderful beaches, nature reserves of the island.

• Speed boat is a wonderful excursion to explore Ibiza’s remarkable coastline and relax at pristine beaches.

• You can enjoy the crystal clear waters, explore secret caves, and discover the reefs and natural reserves of Mediterranean Sea.

• You can stop off for regular breaks to go for a swim or snorkeling or sunbathing.

Scuba Diving Center

• It is conveniently located in Marina Botafoc and the only diving centre on Ibiza to be qualified to level PADI 5 Star CDC (Career Development Center) the highest qualification to be given by the PADI organisation.

• The highly qualified instructors of this center teach in seven languages.

• They offer every type of diving activity for beginners, holiday makers and Ibiza residents.

• The complete dive shop and modern facilities satisfy even the most demanding divers.

• You can rent your gear from the center or use your own.

• Scuba diving center also rent out full underwater photography equipments so that you can capture those magical moments of your swimming with the incredible variety of marine life and exotic sea creatures to be in crystal clear waters of Ibiza.

• They also offer you courses on hourly basis and experts would teach you about an introduction in the theory of diving and after that you’ll be out on the boat for snorkeling and scuba diving with an air-tank, up to 6 meters deep with the one-on-one instructor.

Cliff Diving Course San Antonio

• The most daring experience of your trip would be cliff diving.

• These days cliff diving under guidance is now available to spark your vacations a bit more.

• A professional team would be there to guide you the safest way for your adventures.

• You will be provided with adequate footwear and whilst and all safety instructions.

• Hey man, here is the chance to face your fears. And those who just want to cheer their brave friends and family member can simply watch the cliff diving.

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Visit in Tourist Train

• Ibiza tourist train would be a fun-filled trip to the beautiful tracks through hills, valleys and pinewoods of the island.

• You will enjoy the outstanding scenery and stunning views while your ride.

• Also, you will get small stays within your trip to enjoy local food and drinks of the island.

• This is the best option for the one who want to explore the island in an easy mode.

• Remind to bring camera on your trips to capture those memorable views.

Jeep Safari

• The jeep safari is the combination of adventurous experience on small roads or off-road tracks.

• You can explore the hidden wonders and scenery of nature getting away from the main party resorts.

• There would be a number of stops during the ride at beaches and viewpoints.

• The timing of your ride will depend upon the jeep hired by you.

Ibiza Sightseeing

Hippy Markets

Besides pubs and clubs, there are a lot more places to visit in this small island. One of them is Hippy Markets. You must see this place as it is the top attraction of the island. This is not the only one market in town, there are so many markets to make your shopping experience even better. Handmade items of clothing, jewellery can be bought in this market. This market is stuffed with handmade items from all over the world. Several bars and restaurants offer drinks, food and live music to add a lively atmosphere.

Can Marca Caves

Can Marca Caves are another place to explore other than free spirit music and bars. They are situated in San Miguel in Ibiza. These are the magical caves emerges its beauty with lighting and waterfalls. The waterfall rushes suddenly through the cave accompanied by electro music and a colored light show is beautiful and dramatic to behold. The caves are opened to the public complete with lighting, stairways and paths for ease of access. Every tour guided group take 30 to 45 minutes per visit. You can choose a boat trip to visit these astonishing caves.

San Antonio Church

This is one of the original buildings remained in Ibiza. This reinforced church was founded in 17th century to protect the town residents from pirates attack and other threats. The doors of this church are made of original iron so that it could not burn while enemy attack. Inside this church, there are some original fairly painted tiles that decorated the inner walls, statues and other artworks a hundred years back. If you have love for the books, the church has a parish library with a collection of 17th century books and documents. You will feel peaceful and serene environs over there.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Old Town, Ibiza

For the art lovers, there is a fantastic collection of art from the Balearic Islands. This is a collection house of paintings and engravings made by local and international artists since the 1960’s to the present day. It has become one of the oldest contemporary Art Museums in Spain. The museum has two parts. One part or Old building is renovated sympathetically using Old Town Architecture and the new building has optimized the space with urban landscape around. Visitors are allowed to see the structural changes throughout various centuries.

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Es Vedra Nature Reserve

This Natural Reserve is full of small islands, beaches, cliffs, hills and forests on the south west coast of Ibiza. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the island. The best option for trekking as you will get a chance to explore the beaches, top of the hills, cliffs and also wander into the forests. Another main feature of this reserve is that it includes the highest point on the island, Sa Talaiassa. A lot of rare species of flora and fauna can be seen here. Also it is possible to walk to the peak, 476 meters high.

Ibiza is a wonderful place and a part of Mediterranean region. This amazing place is blessed with attractive natural beauty, the atmospheric conditions are superb and the land is full of green expanses that emerges its scenic beauty. Because of its rustic beauty, companies and artists alike frequently use the island for photographic and film shoots. This is one of the best tourist attractions these days.

Though primarily known for its party scene, large portions of the island are registered as UNESCO World Heritage Sites and thus protected from the development and commercialization of the main cities. If you are fun loving and adventurous, you must explore this awesome place once in your life. This will help affixing you messed up routine and daily activities.

You can find Ibiza all Inclusive Resorts to lesser your headache of planning and scheduling your trip on the island. The resorts will not only provide you the space for your stay but will also include your other activities to the package starting with tourist guide, renting cars or booking ferries, your meals and drinks and all other activities will be included to your package. So just chill and start loading your bags to visit this stunning island.

Great Opportunity for those Traveling Ibiza in Summer 2018

Yippee, good news for all the people made their mind to visit Ibiza this summer. At Amnesia, Marco Carola’s techno session will be held from May 18 to Oct 5 every Friday. Amnesia’s terrace will have crowd chants “Music On! Music On!” this season. Marco Carola has a dedicated fan following stronger than any other, so join this DJ to make your parties out of this world.