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underwater treadmill

Underwater Treadmill- The Next Level Physical Therapy

When people say money canโ€™t buy happiness, I feel like reflecting upon this again. Cause with money comes luxury and with luxury comes self-responsibility and with self-responsibility comes satisfaction and that what makes us happy. Precisely, self-responsibility is what we consider here is self-care, pampering and responding to all the body needs. Keeping in mind […]

5 Simple House Ingredient Therapies on How to Prevent Hair Loss

Hair Fall or Hair Loss is naturally a traumatic exclamation for both male and female genders. But precisely, Hair Fall is common to all but Hair Loss is mostly seen in men, women tend to face only hair fall and thinning of hair volume. The patterns of Hair Loss or baldness differs from person to […]


Bridal Lehengas

How To Care For The Bridal Lehenga Before And After The Wedding?

After months and months of searching every nook and corner, both online and in the designer stores nearby, you have finally managed to land your dream bridal lehenga, right?. The dress is done, the accessories are selected, the footwear is matched. Everything else checks that box. But now what do you do? The wedding isnโ€™t […]

Home Improvement

Home Decor Items Online That Will Surely Give Your Home A Special Look

If you are a person really mad at making your house look awesome, then you will surely be helped a lot with this article. Because today we will be talking about some of the home decor items online, so this will also avoid yourself having a problem about where to find them. And we will […]

Goa Out of Drinks? Know 5 more Destinations That Wonโ€™t Run Out of Fun

Itโ€™s a Party! No matter Stag or Couple, we always bring up you the best. I know most of you are disappointed after the Government announced a ban on selling and drinking of Liquor in local cafes and pubs in Goa, Ouch! I know that did hurt you badly, but not to weep my friend, […]


Prague Travel Tips: Pack Your Bags For A Major Doze Of Wanderlust!

Prague, the majestic capital of Czech Republic seems to be emerging as the next tourist hotspot with alluring history and enchanting locales that seem to be capable of calling in visitors just like a Sirenโ€™s call. Historically it happens to be the capital of olden Bohemia. Why Prague Must Be On Your Bucket List? Flourished […]