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Prague, the majestic capital of Czech Republic seems to be emerging as the next tourist hotspot with alluring history and enchanting locales that seem to be capable of calling in visitors just like a Siren’s call. Historically it happens to be the capital of olden Bohemia.

Why Prague Must Be On Your Bucket List?

Flourished by the Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque eras while having the honour of housing deemed personalities like the Holy Roman Emperors, the architecture is a class apart that you must cover in a visit to this city with these Prague Travel tips.

• How To Get Started: All About Prague Hotel Bookings, Tour Packages, And Flight Deals.

Affordable holiday packages to the now emerging tourist city is a done deal. You can find really exciting flight packages through your national flight facilities however when it comes to luxury hotels, Prague one must have some inside info about the services provided. A thoughtful splurge is expected.

If its luxury that you look for, here are the most in-demand Prague hotels where pre-booking is a must!

Inter-Continental Prague
– The Grand Mark
– Le Palais Art Hotel
– Art Deco Hotel Imperial
– Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa


Believe me; it’s your wildest fantasy that comes true once you are in this city beautiful.

Tour packages are a smart option when you are on a budgeted trip to Prague. As per the Prague Travel Tips, it is suggested that one visits the city in the off-season and hence the additional savings. Prague Packages are subject to change as many factors influence it. It is advisable that one does a thorough research before tallying in on one.

• Reaching Prague: Visa, The Necessary Documentation And Currency Exchange Facilities For A Trip To Prague.

International travel comes with the restriction of gaining a visa. However, Prague has easy visa options for its tourists from all over the world.

– An invitation letter from a family member or relative, if applicable adds a certain amount of weight to your visa application.

– A photocopy of the bank statement of the last 6 months (from the date of application)

– Your passport.

There mustn’t be any difficulties in obtaining a visa for travelling.

The acceptable and used currency in Prague is the standard US Dollar. One can avail the currency exchange facilities at the airport. It’s easy and convenient.

As far as documentation is concerned, one must always have the original document with them along with the passport and visa. Identity proof as specified by your home country’s rules and regulations are also a must to carry along.

Obviously, it’s better safe than sorry. So just keep your preparations right and tight.

• What’s Next? It’s Definitely The Exciting Stuff: Things You Should Do When In Prague.

My question will be, why Prague?

Have you read about it in a book? Magazine? Travel brochure? Or have you seen some movies set up in these exquisite locales?

Well, this forms the major part of your to-do bucket list in Prague!

Cover all those places in reality! Hell, yeah.

Prague has a very rich and vivid history that has been influenced by various cultures from time to time. Many architectural wonders date back to 800AD when the region was known as Bohemia. Some of the best places in Prague are the ones that siren call historians and explorers from around the world.

Here’s its Must Visit Places:

sight seen in prague

The Places That Will Make For An Unforgettable Trip!

Prague Castle
• Charles Bridge
• Jewish Quarter
• John Lennon Wall
• Astronomical Clock

Best part about visiting these places? They are free of visiting prices and hence a must go!

There’s also this list of offbeat places that enraptures the attention of those who seek different!

Shoe Museum
• Pork in the Old Time Square
• Letna Park
• Nuclear Bunker Tour
• Dancing House

Stuck about where to eat? It’s Ferdinand in New Town for you.

You can also explore the free walking tour provided by the Prague tourism department and hence the fun of being with people who share the same exploration interests.

With freedom comes a sense of responsibility too!

Here’s a list of things you must avoid doing when in Prague:

1) Do not exchange money on street under any circumstances. Yes, we get it that there are some charges that you gotta pay when you get your currency converted at the airport but in order to save a bit you can get into one hell of a trouble. At times you can also be given a weaker currency and hence the genuine concern.

2) Go out on foot! Make use of public transport and avoid in all circumstances the Wikipedia tour which is all about being crammed up inside a tourist bus wherein a namesake guide pinpoints out the locales to you with descriptions that’s place Wikipedia on a higher pedestal.

3) Avoid being centered. Makes sense? Well, if you are looking for decent dining options for rentals and things in that fashion, it is necessary for you to realize that the prizes are really high up close to the heart of attraction. Move a little towards the outskirts and enjoy the locale life and mingle along with the culture.

4) Sometimes slow is the way. Prague travel tip: the one to thoroughly live by and enjoy is taking your time (hence avoiding the bus). It is essential for you to know that though you have a vast expanse to cover it doesn’t mean that you must rush around. Take leisure walks and absorb in everything that you had wished for.

5) Visiting the Museum of Torture is something that you can avoid if you don’t want to take a look at the world that existed not very long ago. Can be disturbing.

Budgeting Prague On The Go!

The best way to go easy on your pocket is to go local! From local transport to trying out indigenous dishes.

Some must try foodstuff that comes in Prague package of cuisine are:

• Chlebicky: An open sandwich with meat cold cuts and cheese, a Bohemian twist to your palette.

• Svickova: Sirloin and dumplings/ potatoes with some cream sauce. Yummy!

• Kolache: Pastries with yeast?! That too filled with sweetness and savouries galore. Must try.

• Pivo: It’s Czech Beer. Home to the original and named brand Budweiser, you gotta have a pint or maybe even an ale.

The cost of living in Prague is deemed affordable. Stats suggest that a student can cover up his meals, accommodation, transport and even culture in a monthly budget of 350 to 700 USD. Also, as mentioned earlier, if you plan on shopping and food hopping it is about time for you to decentralize your idea and explore. Thus, make the most of your money.

Night Life:


Prague is infamously known as the Sex City. Awkward, we know. But hey, maybe you can explore a kink or two?

Some must visit pubs and clubs include:

– Jazz Dock
– Tretter’s
– Monarch
– Palac Acropolis
– U Medvidku

One can drink their weight in beer at special beer testing tours that allow them to indulge in the finest of the beers.

Hotels And Restaurants That You Can Try At Your Time In Prague Are:

Nebe Cocktail and Music Club: It’s the perfect blend of a golden ruse and an azure hue. A bar plus club that is known for its vivid nightlife is a cherry on the top.

La Loca: A private dining affair with some candid karaoke and ambiance that makes you feel at ease and home, it’s a humble affair in which you can indulge your time in.

• Cross Club: It truly is a cross. A drink only clubs with takeaway cocktail options this one is the perfect blend of mild and wild. Just what you need for a night with your guys and girls.

LEGENDA: Czech cuisines at its finest, it is a posh affair. With garden to roam and cuisine food to try, its ambiance is a beautiful far cry.

Harley’s: A bar that opens at dusk and chases the dawn, with drinks galore in happiness you’d drown.

Prague travel tips are a must look at and decide arena wherein one can decide what all to do and what not to. Best places in Prague are the ones where you feel one with the surroundings.

Apart from an amazing nightlife that has been part of Hollywood fixtures and great architecture, there’s so much more to explore in the Capital.

Over the past years, the Czech citizens have shaken all their previous inhibitions about exhibiting creativity and hence now one can even find underground alleyways that hone the work of graffiti artists –something that the citizens are proud about.

An honest reason to visit the city as cited by most of the travellers and tourists is that it is accommodating and accepting. It has something for the youth as in the nightlife’s and the adult kinks and also, it has something for explorers who want to know more about its history and art.

The cafés here are famous and so are the beers! Seems like they are into covering every aspect of an unforgettable holiday outing.

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