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Best Beaches, Coffee Shops, and Roasters in the World in Our Wish List

More than half a portion of our dear earth is covered by water and our attachment to beaches is totally normal. Although every beach is pretty there are some that create a long-lasting and mesmerizing image which makes us instantly want to go back again. The magic that beaches do on the body and mind hit differently. There are many activities that add to the beauty of beaches and of course, beach dresses can never be put on second priority when we talk about the reason for loving them. If you want to enjoy a nice and healthy beach activity or just want a nice sunbath, a nice beach will always be in your destination diary. The calm water and unique scenery of beaches make a magical connection. While deciding which beach will make your next travel more romantic or memorable, don’t forget the overall accessibility and beach quality to be considered on a priority basis. Want our wise suggestions to help? Well, happy to help. First thing first, use the Groupon coupon that is available on the coupon. ae and makes your expense really less. These recommendations will make you thank us.

Bora Bora:

This is not so big but of course, the mighty island is nearly 6 miles but has always been a tourist attraction due to its green jungles, stunning beaches, and beautiful resorts. Their overwater bungalows are more like once-in-a-while experiences. It’s Mount Otemanu will make you never want to come back while its shark-feeding services will be an adventure.


This tropical paradise is unlike any other you might have seen ever. It has a series of 1200 islands and each will make you miss the last one lesser. Its tall palm trees and pearlescent sands will make you instantly crave a mind soothing and body refreshing sunbath. Its perfectly blue water will make you put your favorite bikini in a minute.


Fan of French cuisine, visit this. This largest Polynesian island offers some finest French food and is famous for its verdant jungles. Its crystal clear and highly soothing water and sparkling sand makes it really expensive and visiting without using the Groupon coupon offered by coupon. ae will not be a wise move to make.


It is a combination of beautiful beaches without any crowds to avoid. This calm water place is more of a family destination and is very age-friendly. So if you are looking for something less bold then this one will suit you and your family more. Don’t worry; it has all the adventures offered by any beach just minus the heavy crowd.


This beauty has a perfect spot in our hearts due to its serenity. This is a perfect place to recharge your mind and body with or without your little ones. It does not cost your little ones and isn’t very expensive still saving more through visiting coupon. ae and using its Groupon coupon can make you save your worthy money.

Coffee Shops and Roasters

Coffee has been always desired by almost most of us due to its flavor, smell, and instant providing of energy but there is something in Dubai’s coffee that makes it different from the world. There are usually two methods adopted to get this instant supply of energy. You can either go to a nearby shop or just make one. Trusting someone to provide you a perfect start to your day is hard and there are lazy or super busy days when all you want is a cup of coffee and you cannot just make your mind to make yours For such days happening in your next trip we will suggest you to only go to the shops you trust as coffee is a personalized thing, we all want something that makes our mind active and body happy right after the first sip. So for your next trip to Dubai here is the list of coffee shops you need to visit and don’t forget to use the Groupon promo code available on coupon. ae that will save you worthwhile money. These coffee picks will make your day.

Rx Coffee Apothecary:

This hidden beauty is a perfect and mind refreshing coffee place in Jumeirah and is famous due to its light roast imported coffee beans. It offers exclusive espresso coffees and various filters. This coffee is poured by experts and admired by coffee lovers. It has an Instagram-perfect interior so you can also get your instant-worthy shots here.

Night Nitro Jar:

Its copper bar seat makes it different from any other known coffee shop. It has done few inventions with an old taste of coffee and adds cherry-infused cold coffee to your glass. Yes, we said glass as they serve nitro cold coffee. You can get maple or orange hint added to it and then an artisanal beans bag to go.

Gold Box Roastery:

They brew each cup of coffee with freshly roasted beans and the smell of their coffee is destined to win your heart on the first try. It has an open kitchen so you can see the whole process while sitting in this industrial café. This might be a little above your daily coffee budget so you can use the Groupon promo code that is available on coupon. ae.

The Espresso Lab:

This café-roaster is the smartest choice to make if this is what you are looking for. It also has a perfect interior to get your attraction. You can also stay here for a while and buy their famous citrus-infused or low-acidity options with chocolate cookies. The former has a hint of espresso and the latter is a cold drip.

The Gloria Jeans:

This is the love of every coffee addict due to its versatile offerings and consistent quality. Their professional staff and more personalized coffee will make a regular customer and if you are going to be one, don’t forget you can save a lot in a month just by using the Groupon promo code offered by coupon. ae for coffee lovers like you.