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Most people are not good at art design. With the advancement of technology, more and more tools and software or mobile apps are accessible. As long as a few simple steps can easily be post-production, no very professional skills are required. The picture is ready. This time, DesignCap, one of the most robust tools, will be introduced for you. You can use it without installing software to open the webpage, and there are many templates for you to apply directly, which can be said to be a graphics-making savior.

What is DesignCap?

DesignCap is online image design software designed and developed by PearlMountain Co., Ltd., which can help everyone create professional designs, such as infographics, logos, flyers, and social media images. Excellent design helps you express your message better and attracts more attention, and achieves excellent results.

However, creating eye-catching graphic designs is not easy and usually requires time, skills, and money. What’s even better is that DesignCap can help you because its developer aims to simplify the tedious graphic design process and effectively reduce costs.

What features can you get from DesignCap?

Thousands of well-made templates

DesignCap provides you with thousands of professional templates to help you easily create infographics, posters, flyers, presentations, social media pictures, and other graphic designs.

Millions of icon resources

Use built-in fonts, shapes, background images, and massive images and icon resources to take your design to the next level.

Beautiful visualization chart

Use DesignCap to turn massive amounts of data into visual charts for easy reference. Please feel free to edit the chart to show the data more clearly for your customers and partners.

Split and mergeable modules

DesignCap provides you with dozens of well-designed module templates, which integrate pictures, icons, and texts, allowing you to make visual charts more easily and quickly.

How to do graphic design with DesignCap?

Firstly, to use this tool, you should register an account.

DesignCap account registration is very simple; just log in with your Facebook or Google account to complete the registration. Of course, you can also enter your email and password to register.

Secondly, you can start your design with a pre-built template.

Designing a picture from scratch is really a headache for ordinary people. DesignCap provides and sorts more than thousands of templates very intimately. Just click the category you want to make and select a template to start taking pictures.

Thirdly, customize your design.

Add elements

DesignCap provides simple shape and icon selection. Find the shape or icon you want and click the left button to appear in the editing window on the right. You can also drag the dot on the icon’s corner to adjust the size and change the color.

Add photos

If you want to add a photo to your picture to make the picture look more vivid, but you don’t have a good-looking photo on your hand, you can use the photo function provided by DesignCap, find the photo you want and click with the left mouse button. It will appear in the editor. In the window, you can also use the photo as a background image.

Add chart

If you want to display some data information charts in the picture, you don’t need to design it in Excel or PowerPoint and add it. Use the chart function to find the style you want to display and enter your data information, and a beautiful chart will be made.

Text style

Text is also the most important element in the picture, but sometimes after adjusting it for a long time, are you still not satisfied with the text style you designed? DesignCap has many text styles to choose from. Choose one to add to the editing window and modify it as you want.

Module function

Do you want to put some graphics and text in the picture, but no matter how you adjust it, don’t you still find it unsightly? DesignCap provides the function of a module, which has already matched graphics and text. You only need to modify the color and text of the graphics. It only takes a short time to make it.

Choose a background

DesignCap has a solid color, gradient, and picture background to choose from. If you don’t like it, you can also use the photo function introduced before, insert and enlarge the picture, adjust the display order of the picture to the bottom, and the beautiful background will be ready.

Finally, you can download the image.

The free version of DesignCap cannot download PNG and PDF files and only provides 1920 X 1080 JPG files. If you need to output large images, it is recommended to purchase the Basic solution.


If you are worried about what to do with pictures, it is recommended that you use DesignCap, which is simple to register and does not charge or install on your computer. It can be used by opening the DesignCap website. Apply the template and modify it a little, and you will be ready with a beautiful picture.