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It’s a fact that people are more drawn to videos than they are to audios. Videos attract our attention more than other streams of informational exchanges. This has everything to do with the human brain. Our brain is predominantly an image processor.

Other sources of information that are accompanied by words are not easily remembered, compared with visual information that is accompanied by images. The part of the brain that processes images is large, compared to the part processing words. It is due to this impact of videos that the brands have been successful in selling their products through videos by 144%.

But if you are someone who is an amateur and cannot afford to hire other creators and have planned to produce videos autonomously, then this article is exactly what you need the most at the moment.

You would like to stand out from other creators. Standing out from others requires repeated experiments so that you can understand your capacities and be realistic with the end goals in your mind. Before getting involved in intricate details, you need to decide what kind of video you want to make.

In this article, we will list some easy steps that will help you produce your desired video effectively. As you already know, video making is a highly competitive industry. Therefore, this article aims to list all the favorable points that can make your work efficient and less time-consuming, allowing you to be one step ahead of others.

Before we jump to the main points, let us first look at some preparatory points that will set the stage for the details.

Being creative: No amount of technological or artistic coating can hide the flaws in your content, if it lacks the drive or creativity required. Therefore, make sure that you provide the directions and creative elements required for the video.


Perseverance and dedication: Technological and artistic effects alone are insufficient to produce high-quality videos; only effects devoid of any craftsmanship will not inspire any audience to feel awe and reverence for your content. If you want to invoke emotions of thrill and joy in your audience, then you must hold on to the ingredients that have the power to make even the most ordinary video extraordinary — these are motivation, perspiration, and craftsmanship.

Coping with the pressure: The pressure to meet the desired goal in mind can make you restless and consequently kill the excitement in you. It is important to be adamant and not crack under pressure. You can reduce the pressure, if you take a disciplined approach. Being properly organized is the key to success in the long run, irrespective of whether the video is a shorter one or a long one.

 How to Make a Video: A Step-by-Step Guide


Let’s learn some essentials of the video making process.

Camera Angles: Camera angles are the most important things; they give your audience different perspectives, which in turn allows them to connect with you in various ways. Editing the video becomes a lot easier and more diverse when you have multiple angles to choose from. Different camera angles can allow you to highlight different emotions, which keeps the viewers engaged throughout the clip.

There are many camera angles to choose from, such as wide short, medium short, tight or close-up shot, a low-angle shot, a high-angle shot, a point-of-view shot, and a cutaway shot.

Informative: The content should be informative; your audience should feel that they have rightly invested their time. People prefer facts to fiction, so make sure that you cross-check every fact and figure that you present to your viewers.

The information these days is readily available through mass media communications. People spend most of their time on their cell phones and seldom prefer doing hands-on research. This has come as an opportunity for all content writers, so make the best use of it. Give viewers the best piece of information so that they can rely on you in the long run.

Tonality: What is it that makes the video intriguing and keeps the audience engaged? Yes, information and visual effects have their part to play, but only if you present it with an appropriate tone. Your tone will make your audience buy whatever you sell them. Your tone can either create a positive or a negative vibe. Positive vibes attract viewers. A confident, professional, and inspirational tone can stimulate positivity and optimism in others. People would like to revisit your videos due to your relaxing tone.

 Plan Ahead: Planning or thinking ahead saves you time and money. When you start thinking ahead, you save plenty of time and unnecessary complications at the last moment. So, plan what things you will need, what tool will be best for the video, and how long the video will be, so that you don’t run around looking for a video trimmer at the last moment. All these points should be thought of in advance: which angles to work on, which locations can be appropriate, which visual effects should be given, how much the entire project will cost, and how all these will affect the video and its rhythm and tempo.

Be Transparent: You would want to build trust in the viewers to whom you are selling your product or content, and therefore, trying to keep a sufficient amount of transparency between you and the viewers is very important. Not only will they trust you, but your product/content will also appear more authentic and they will be able to connect with you on a deeper level.

Therefore, every brand or company these days prefers videos to other mass media informational sources to promote their products. Companies can readily get their videos out by hiring top video producers in the market; if you possess a significant amount of experience in video making, you could work for them.