The 8 Best Programs To Edit Videos

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More and more companies are betting on audiovisual content as part of their digital strategies. So much so that some surveys show that, by 2017, videos will account for 69% of internet traffic.

And with over a billion users –nearly a third of Internet users– YouTube is responsible for billions of views daily. This makes it a valuable tool to strengthen your brand, increase sales and, of course, talk more closely with your consumers.

If you are passionate about cinema, television, and audiovisual production, if you want to promote your company, and if you are a youtuber, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to take a journey through the 8 best video editing programs that currently exist. Some will be more complex and will require more learning than others, but all will be very useful when assembling our digital video pieces. While some are more friendly to the beginners.


Adobe Premiere Pro

Among the leading video editing programs, I will start by talking about the quintessential Adobe Suite program. Adobe Premiere Pro is powerful video editing software with endless possibilities. With it, we will be able to create simple videos with music, text, and sound effects to achieve elaborate productions thanks to its wide range of exposure controls, colors, audio, and its complete list of effects and transitions.

It may be the program that needs the most prior knowledge, but nothing that, with a little practice, does not allow us to carry out our projects.

video editing online



This video editing software from PearlMountain Ltd. is probably one of the best options to get us started in creating videos. It is a web based program. It has a very simple and intuitive interface with a gallery of video and audio templates. Through which we only need to add our clips, a basic but effective audio control, a pack of very interesting transitions, and simple zoom effects that are very useful, among other things, for creating video tutorials. It can replace audio in video, it can convert your video and it can do basically almost all of the editing work you come up with. We emphasize that FlexClip video maker gives us the possibility to capture the computer screen to record what we are doing.


Final Cut

We could say that Final Cut is the video editing program equivalent to Premiere, but for Mac systems (although the Adobe suite is also available for this operating system). It also takes some practice as it is intended for professional video production. This does not mean that simple pieces cannot be created, but rather that learning them requires more effort and prior editing knowledge.



As one of the best video editors for simplicity, iMovie is the software that comes pre-installed on Mac computers. It is not a program to do great works, but it has enough options for the elaboration of a quality video piece. It has templates in which we only need to add our video clips or photographs, something quite useful if we do not have much knowledge or time to dedicate to editing. It is important to note that it supports the Chroma Key option, very interesting when it comes to replacing the background of our videos.


Pinnacle studio

Pinnacle Studio combines the power of professional editing with an intuitive interface packed with precise effects controls, a variety of effects, and great color management tools. Without a doubt, this software invites us to creativity and produces very worthy results. It is an option to take into account.


Sony Vegas

This video editing program is a powerful tool whose interface reminds us a bit of Adobe Premiere but is not so complex when it comes to handling. It allows us to create multiple layers of audio or video, apply a great variety of transitions between clips and make good adjustments to color, scale, position, audio … In short, a powerful video editor, one of the most used together with Premiere and Final Cut.


Windows Movie Maker

editing software

To finish the list, we cannot forget the program that once came pre-installed with the Windows operating system (it can be downloaded independently today), which is characterized by its simplicity. Like the iMovie on Mac, it is not a video editing program intended for professional creations, but it has enough options that allow us to create more than interesting audiovisual compositions.


As we have seen, we have many options when it comes to choosing among the best video editors on the market as they suit our needs. With all the programs mentioned in this article, we can make professional videos (leaving aside iMovie and Windows Movie Maker) that will more than meet our expectations. If, on the other hand, our goal in creating home videos, either as a hobby or to preserve a nice memory, iMovie and Windows Movie Maker are the two best options.

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