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Since its invention, a combine harvester has revolutionized the farming world. This versatile machine provides complete harvesting solutions to farmers like reaping, thrashing, and winnowing in just one go and save their time and efforts. Traditionally all these tasks of harvesting were done manually by farmers which were more time consuming and required a lot of effort. But, thanks to the combine harvester, which has made the harvesting process very effortless and faster.

What are the Important Parts of a Combine?

A combine starts from the header and finishes at the planter. A combine harvester is made up of 21 parts but it has 6 major parts that operate autonomously for the smooth running of the machine. These parts are:-

  • Header
  • Feeder building
  • Thresher
  • Separator
  • Cleaning fan
  • Straw chopper

How does a combine harvester work?


Have you ever wondered what is there inside a combine harvester? It has a lot in its including gears, blades, augers, levers, wheels, belts, and conveyors. The header platform is the main feature of a combine harvester that contains the pick-up reel to pull crops in the cutter bar.

The process starts with the header at the front of the combine harvester gathers the crop and moves it into the combine. Different types of headers are used for cutting different types of crops; the header is often hydraulically powered and can be adjusted as per convenience.

A slowly rotating wheel, also known as a pickup reel, pulls the crops in the cutter bar, where it is sliced off at the base. The cut crops are then pushed toward the center by revolving augers (screws) and travel up a conveyor to the threshing drum.

The threshing drum then beats the cut crops to separate the grains from the stalks. Then the separated grain in a collecting tank through a sieve. Once the grain tank fills, it is emptied into a trailer or truck through a side pipe called an unloader.

The stalks and chaff then are either pushed on the ground from the back of the machine or baled up for later use.

Why regular maintenance of your combine is necessary?

A well-maintained combine harvester works with full efficiency and provides optimum harvest quality. It is essential to use good quality parts to help in keeping your machine in good shape.

You will find a varied range of wear parts of the combine harvester in the market right from standard to multi-brand. Even many counterfeit parts are also sold in the market which may or may not work appropriately with your combine so it’s better to shop for your aftermarket combine parts wisely.

Regular maintenance of a combine and its components is also necessary to keep your combine in a good working condition. Perform inspection and service checks on your combine on a regular basis and adjust your combine as per the field conditions.