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The saying: if there is paradise on earth,

It is this; it is this.

It’s said that no matter what happens, the picture of Kashmir in the mind of people never changes. It’s the same pure, serene, and peaceful Kashmir that dreams of people itself for ages now. The beauty of the maple leaves, the rich yellow ocher texture that the atmosphere covers itself during winters, the white snow that covers pulls a blanket on Kashmir. Everything is so beautiful that it’s hard to believe that it isn’t a part of paradise to earn. However, the majestic view of the Pir Pamjal range to being the closest to nature Kashmir wasn’t like this ages ago. It is said that before Kashmir was a vast lake named Karewa lake between the ranges of Pir Panjal and Karakoram range, and when there was a tectonic shift, the lake dried up, and then this place emerged that is now known as Kashmir. No wonder people say the world below water is more beautiful than the one you can see because Kashmir was underwater. The emergence of it on land has, since time immemorial has given people the pleasure of the eye. The name itself, when broken into two halves, means “water desiccated”. It is said to be a treat to the soul and sheer luck if you have gotten the chance to travel with our Kashmir tour packages.

Here’s a list of places in Kashmir that will blow your mind, and you cannot afford to miss any of these:

  • The Tranquillity of lakes and burnt autumn: The rich orange colour of the cypress trees covering Kashmir in its colour during the annual shedding is something most eyes have only seen in the desktop screen saver and thought to be someplace outside India. Well, it’s Kashmir showing the amber in the hues and the gold in the sun. The place has emerged from underwater, so the beauty of the lakes is carried on like a legacy by the Dal lake and the Nageen lake.
  • Srinagar: From boating to going for a trek, from water skiing to bird watching, you name it, and Srinagar has it all. It is said to be the most beautiful place in India and the centre of paradise. This place is said to be the mirror of the mountain, and the main attraction of the site is Dal Lake. The best time to visit this place is during the fall or winter when the place is covered with snow. However, if you wish to have the lake feel, then you can enjoy the boathouse stay here or enjoy the Shikara ride.
  • Gulmarg: When you take the Kashmir tour package, make sure you don’t miss out on this meadow of flowers. Have you ever watched a movie where there’s a scene shot in the midst of a massive garden of tulips and then thought to yourself that it might be somewhere outside India, and that’s a trip you cannot afford. Well, you are wrong because Paradise on earth has many beautiful things in store for you that you must have not even thought about. Gulmarg is, for this reason, the most well known place. It is also known as the adventure paradise for skiing in the snow and the pleasure of watching the white blanket covering Kashmir in winters from the ropeway.
  • Leh: For another cinematic experience, Get our Ladakh tour packages especially, getting closer to the visual from the movie 3 idiots, is the summer season visit to this place. The alpine lake in the mountains gives you the actual essence of serenity in nature.


  • Kathua: The gems from the past are kept safe from the maximum crowd, and the ones who visit are history lovers. This place is commonly called the “city of Sufis” because this place is on the borders of Punjab and Himachal Pradesh and is said to be holding the past of Kashmir safe in itself.
  • Pulwama, the spring beauty: Situated some miles away from Srinagar, this place is known as the “ rice bowl of Kashmir” and has its beast look on, especially during the time of spring. It feels as if Kashmir never loses to please the tourists no matter when they get the time to visit. It’s like Paradise, where things cannot be anything other than just being pure. Be it Autumn shine, winter whites, summer cool or spring’s bliss, some places and locations are the best in seasonal senses, and you just need to know where to go and what to do to get the feeling of Kashmir installed in you.
  • Pahalgam: Remember as kids when you drew the mountains and a river flowing between the two, pebbles around, and the river surrounded by nature. Though the picture you drew never used to be that clear, which you realise now, the imagery was clear. That’s the picture you see when you visit Pahalgam. About less than a hundred kilometres from Srinagar, this is the place where your spontaneous overflow of the powerful feeling will take the real-life vision when amongst the lush green nature and pebbled stream of water stands the crystal view of the mountains that give the purity of thoughts, peace to the soul and mind.
  • Hemis: The magnificence of the monasteries is the highlighting factor that makes this place even more beautiful. Along with that, this place has a national park and attracts the most tourists during the time of Summer.
  • The Jhelum:Kashmir has an aura that is way different from the rest of the country. The environment, beauty, and serenity have always kept the place’s inner beauty intact no matter how bad the situations are. It is rightly said that the water from the Jhelum (lake) purifies the whole place and retains its beauty each time anything terrible happens in Kashmir. The people around as well are very innocent and love to tell their stories to the visitors. So when you plan a vacation, make sure this time it is to Kashmir because the places mentioned above will give you a once in a lifetime kind of experience that you shall never get from anywhere else. So, talk to your tourism agency and see which season serves you the best for vacations and accordingly, you can select places.

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