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Packing for a trip isn’t easy, especially if you want to keep it light and still have everything required in your bag. Each time you pack, even if you know the places you will be visiting; still, it’s challenging to understand your state of mind that you will be having then and the requirement of clothes. In order to avoid the idea of over packing and leaving some of the essential clothes at home, you need to ask some questions and then make a plan accordingly. First, you should know the place like the climate, the occasions, the comfort you want, and then decide the fabric, style, and cut of the dresses. It’s a tough choice, but here are some questions that, when kept in mind, makes it more accessible.

  • Does the outfit work in multiple settings? Suppose you bought a Dresses online, especially for this vacation. You must not have bought it just because you liked the dress; instead, you must have drawn a picture of yourself putting it on in your imagination and only because it fits your vision you bought it. But, only because you think it sets perfectly with just a single imaginative situation of yours if you pack it. That will lead to a heavily loaded bag. To keep things light, you need to have something that must fit into more than one occasion, like maybe an afternoon brunch and an evening tea, possibly in different locations. So settling for one dress in one location will not work.
  • The quality of the dress: women must agree that the fabric of a dress has a significant role to play in selecting it. Evner material does not match every situation or every season, for that matter. Just like if you are going for a summer vacation you cannot think of putting on silk clothes in hot and humid weather, you would instead prefer dresses that are made of cotton and have a free-flowing feeling, or else all you will feel is claustrophobic in the situation and rather than enjoying your entire focus will be towards your dress. 
    1. Will it capture a lot of space? This is a question that women are allegedly said never to ask themselves, especially when they are packing for a vacation. The soul reason is their fear of “ what ifs”. But if it’s a long holiday and you have to do a lot of travelling even after you reach your initial destination, this question should be your primary concern. For example, suppose you are basically going on a vacation, but you also have a connecting trip on the hills, a trek. You cannot think of carrying a fully loaded bag uphill all by yourself. So to save yourself from exhaustion, you need to consider if one dress is taking a lot of places and if your trip can go fine without, then drop the idea of packing it. 
  • Hygienic concerns: when you are on an adventurous holiday, it’s imperative that keeping your hygienic concerns on point isn’t really possible, still keeping your clothes clean is an essential factor. So, when you are packing your bag, check the cloth material and analyse if that particular thing will take ages to dry or dry the outfit in about half an hour. 
  • Does it match with other dresses: yes, many women like to change their look and feel it’s fine to own a different personality every new day with the outfit. But that should not be the thing; your dress should just enhance your existing personality and not change it every day. So, when you pack your bags, check if whatever you have in store and whatever dress you put on with every passing day should make your personality look better and not different. Mix and matching your clothing is fine, but that should not be for mix and matching your personality. 
  • Keep space for new buys: Shopping for new looks is always a silently sweeping in the list factor of travelling, and more often than not, you are ignorant about it. That’s exactly the reason you end up with more luggage while returning. When you go for a vacation, just pictures and little research about the place does not show the entire picture and many times, just to suit the particular occasion by dressing up accordingly, you end up buying new outfits. So, even if your calculation tells you that you are not looking to shop there, do not trust that and keep space in your bag because shopping is imperative. 

Take note on:

Even after giving you this list of questions to ask yourself, some loopholes might give way to problems. However, do not worry about that because making the most of the vacation is important. Even if situations like “what to wear” arise, the fashionista within you will survive through that. 

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