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Be it socks, ornaments, colors of clothing, shoes, everything matters the most when it comes to men’s fashion and style. So, it is imperative to consider the best styles to look cool and classy in any occasion, business meeting, party or any other event.

Whenever a man ventures into a trendier territory, he faces new dilemmas. Some come with a welcome change and there are some which he has no idea about. Fashion is all about surprises…isn’t it? Sometimes it suits you and many times it fails. That is why it is important to have a good style sense before trying any ongoing trend. So, if you are a man that tends to look fashionable all the time and loves to experiment with new trends and styles every time, then definitely this post will add more urbanity to your personality. The questions discussed here will give you a clear idea of men’s style, explaining what will last, what is short-lived and what all you can do to be a stylo.


I know it’s hard for a guy to make wardrobe choices as we have limited options in comparison to women. We come in a category where we can’t go too bright or too light, too loose or too tight. We have to maintain our macho look and for that the right fashion sense is essential. Considering all this, here is a questionnaire designed to enhance your handsomeness:

# Question 1: Do socks make a difference to our dress?

Well, guys, you need to choose your socks very wisely and yes you can’t even wear them with all footwear, mind it. This means your socks do make a difference to your clothing. So, whenever it’s about the socks never pair up its lighter shades with your dark pants. Wear something that doesn’t draw all of the attention towards your feet. For instance, the combination of white socks with tan trousers is perfect matching. So don’t make people look upon you as a fashion inept. Be their style icon!

# Question 2: Can we try out different ornaments with our ensemble?

latest mens-fashion

Good question! Many men doubt on wearing jewelry because they think it to be a feminine thing. But, this is not the case. You too can wear jewels but not like women. Your manliness should always reflect from your style of clothes and dress sense. Wearing too many ornaments might not be sending your intended hunk appeal. Therefore, keep it simple and moderate to maintain your masculinity.

# Question 3: What type of colours should we prefer?

This is the most important question as your complete wardrobe is defined by the shades you choose. No matter whether you are fair or dark, your colour choice matters. So be very careful while making a selection. When it is about picking the perfect match, always coordinate two colours at a time, one neutral and one colour. But sometimes it’s about art and fashion and there a fusion of two bright colours can impart you a charismatic look. In such a case going with complementary colours will also work wonders like blue and orange, green and red and so on. Just try to add patterns and designs by keeping your colours cohesive and stylish, and you will yourself feel the difference.

# Question 4: How important are the shoes in our overall look?

Someone has rightly said that a nice pair of shoes defines a gentleman. Thus, your shoes have to be in the limelight too, but for good reasons, please. They should not make those weird thudding sounds against the board. And yes, big chunky ones are a big no. Get a pair that actually fits your feet well. Wear the right size with your laces perfectly tied. When your bottom is perfectly set, your top will certainly get well set. Just make a right move by choosing the right footwear.

# Question 5: What all we can do to look fashionable all the time?

No doubt fashion comes and goes but still there are things that can never go out of fashion. Having such things in your closet is a plus point as they make you trendy without any extra efforts. So make sure you don’t miss the following picks for your everlasting trendy look:

A classic coloured (navy, tan, off-white, black) sports jacket will always look trendy
Always have a good white dress shirt and a casual trouser in your wardrobe
A sports shirt with a solid and trendy stripes is another plus
Never miss those casual, above knee length shorts in neutral shades
Jeans, solid colour V-neck pullover, a classic fitted suit, and dress shoes and loafers are a must to stay fashionable all the time

Hope you have got all your answers now. It’s never too late to give a trendy twist to your wardrobe. Guys! Get ready to flaunt your all-time swanky look with these little add-ons.