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Rakhi is a very special festival for every sister, and she constantly searches for ways to make the day count every year. But with the pandemic blurring the view of a happy festival for multiple reasons. With shops being closed and limiting the variety that was available in the market.

This time of crisis gave birth to new creativity that was making Rakhi at home. When the entire threading and decoration of rakhi is done at home spreads positivity and provides a festive feeling. As it is known  this is a festival of care and  strengthening the bond of love between siblings,with rakhi made at home.

Here’s how you can make different rakhis:

  • Wool rakhi: Remember the time when you had crafts period in school. Every year this rakhi was taught to all the students, and they were asked to make it for their brothers. Try to recreate the childhood moment from school and make a wool rakhi this time. If you are not a creative person and still wish to get a wool rakhi for your brother, you can always search for it and send rakhi online. The materials needed for this rakhi are two colourful balls of wool, a few beads, scissors and fabric adhesive. Twist the wool around 20 rounds, tie a knot, cut the bow’s end, and brush it from the centre. Place it over the ribbon, stick it, decorate the threads with beads, and your wool rakhi is ready.
  •  Zari Rakhi: Materials needed are: Zari motifs, bright coloured lace, thread and needle, scissors. Take the zari motif that comes in a wide variety like peacock motif or flower motif, place it on the thread, and sew the sides so as not to get displaced. And this is the easiest amongst all the rakhis that you will make.   

  • Quill Rakhi:In the past couple of years, quilling has been a very favourable craft that perfectly fits every occasion. Be it for making a card or jewellery or rakhi; quill gives a very crafty and neat look. Materials required are paper quills, kundans for decorating, scissors and ribbon. You get a quilling stick every time you buy paper quills, and you can use that to roll the papers in whichever design you want. Then decorate the top of the quill with kundans and stick it in the ribbon. Quilling is a bit difficult, so a little practice will make it easier with time.


  •  Silk rakhi: Materials needed: silk threads, cotton twine, designer stone, scissors. To make the silk rakhi you first need to start rolling the silk thread around the cotton twine for about 15-20 rounds to get a broad base. Then tie the knot at the center and spread the thread to make a flower at the center of it. Then place the bead on the center hollow portion and attach it to the threads on two sides.
  • Ganesh Rakhi: If your brother is a religious person and loves rakhis that have photos of idols on them then you can make the Ganesha rakhi at home as well. For this you can go to the craft shop and ask them for rakhi pendants that are readily available in shops and online. The price is very less so you can order it online also and once that comes all you need to do is attach it with two silk threads on two sides. For a more enhanced look you can add a few white and red beads around the thread. 
  • Thread rakhi: Creativity at its zenith this rakhi is only made up of threads. If you know breading that is done with four loose ends then that is all you need to do for this rakhi. Then after the brading is over you need to tie a knot at the end of it and place a bead in the center and the thread rakhi is ready. If your brother wishes to wear the rakhi for about a month or two or even for a year this is the ideal rakhi that will be comfortable to wear. You can also use silk threads to do the breading so that the look comes out better. 

Handmade gifts are unique, and this time of the pandemic, the only two resources you have to make sure Rakhi reaches your brother is either order rakhi online or make it yourself. These six options are the best and the easiest to make and all the materials that are required for the making of this rakhi is available in the smallest of stores. So, let your creative inner self explore more options and surprise your brother when the rakhi reaches him. Nothing should stop you from celebrating such important days. And as this lockdown has also affected people mentally these small engagements will make days seem brighter.  

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