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The season of love has already begun and you must have started your preparations to amaze your beloved. But do you still think your man would love to have those overstuffed bears, hallmark cards, a dozen roses and heart shape chocolates? No, I’m not saying he won’t be happy seeing your efforts but don’t you think it’s time to do something different. The Valentine’s gifts for him can be a lot more than this girly stuff. Although, it’s really difficult to get something for the man who has everything yet uses nothing but this can’t be taken as an excuse to not to gift him anything. After all, he’s your special someone and choosing Valentine’s gifts for him has to be extra special.

We know it’s difficult to read your man’s mind but going with some thoughtful, original Valentine’s Day ideas for him will surely get you brownie points. Still in a dilemma? No to worry ladies! We just peeked into your Prince Charming’s mind to bring out what he’s looking for this Valentine’s Day. So no more stressing out, just look at the Valentines gifts your man is craving for this love season. It’s a post from a man to her woman, who’s looking for something out of the box this time.

best valentine day gift for him 2019

So, Here are the Secret Desires of a Man Who Wish them to be Secretly Granted by His Ladylove; his Lucky Charm:

• Darling, You Know How Much Fashion Freak I am, So I Would Be Looking For Something Fashionable This Valentines: Those brands and fashion boutiques always attract me. They are something that brings out the best in me. Those stylish tee’s, trendy sweatshirts and chic trousers are something I can’t live without. They actually make me who I am, a good-looking handsome man. You know my choice; you know it very well, don’t you? So I’m just hoping to get such valentines gifts from you, baby.

• I Love To Accessorize Myself With Those Glam Shams, They Really Make Me Who I Am. Hope You Will Find That For Me My Dear: You know Love, these accessories make me look more handsome and dashing. They add more style to the way I am. So, if you have already started browsing Valentine’s gifts for him on the web, just stop it and shop for some chic shades to stylish ties to sexy shoes for me. I would love them as my Valentine’s gift, seriously. These classics are something I would love to have from you.


• Baby, Like You I Am Also Conscious About My Wellness And Would Be Happy To Get A Personal Grooming Kit From You: I know my dear you are making your best efforts to surprise me this Valentine’s Day. I don’t know from how long you have been searching the online options like Valentine’s gifts for him just to make me feel special with something different. But Girl, if you can gift me those coolest grooming things; from beard oils to gels to creams, I would be really happy. Believe me; this gift of yours is sure to bring a charming smile on my face, the one you usually ask for!

• I Enjoy Collecting Those Quirky Little Things That Show Your Immense Love For Me: I know I am not that expressive as you are my girl but I always love your efforts that make me feel special every time. That kinky stuff which you usually love gifting to me holds a special place in my heart. I always love getting such gifts from you. Seriously, these cool mugs, diaries, planners, key chains etc make the most of my memories with you. It shows your deep affection for me my girl. And yes, I won’t mind getting one again on this Valentines, My Love.

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• Sweetheart, You Very Well Know My Reader Side, My Love For Books Was Never Hidden From You, So If You Can Gift Me My Favourite Author This Time:

Sweetie, you know books are my second love interest. If you are still planning some Valentine’s gifts for me, just hold on and start exploring shelves for my favourite books. You can’t even imagine how much this can make me happy. You can gift me their bundles from thriller to romance to sci-fi, I’ll just love it! Seriously. There’s nothing so valuable than getting your favourite author from your favourite person. This would be a gift for the lifetime, my dear.

• Dear, Your Valentine Is A Techie Too, So Gadgets Are Always Welcome:

You know my nerdy side isn’t it? You have always loved the techie in me so why stressing it out on Valentine’s Day ideas. Your baby will love to have those hi-tech gadgets. You know the level of my gadget-freakiness isn’t it? Anything like a phone charger or headphones would work. Just stop worrying so much and think like your techie. There’s nothing that would make me happier than this, believe me, my Love get me a gizmo this time!

• My Love, Listening To Songs Bring Me Closer To You. How About Gifting Me A Bluetooth Speaker This Time. This Will Be Something Really Special For Me:

gadget gift valentine

I’ll be very happy to receive such a gift. This will always remind me of those good old memories we had together and will also help me in planning out something different for you every time. I bet no gift can be better than this. Now just stop searching those valentine’s gifts for him, I have already told you what I want.

Well, this was the best I could write my heart out from the bottom of every guy’s heart. Hope, your girlfriends, wives and best friends get to understand you better with this post. However, doesn’t matter which valentine’s gift you get, whether from this list or not, remember someone has put all her efforts to make you feel special on this special day.

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