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Wallet history dates back to the immortal times when money first came into existence. Since money existed so does its keeper i.e. Wallet. The first wallet was mere a coin keeper, used to store the first then developed currency and valuable ornaments and stuff. With the evolution of needs and the revolution of time, Wallets have changed for a lot more for good designs than the previously pouched shapes. Since wallets hold our prized possession, it’s always important to pay the right kind of attention towards choosing the right wallet. And because “It’s not your salary that makes you look rich, It’s your Wallet”, It’s here when finding the right wallet becomes a priority task. Since Men wallet is hard to choose, we have shortlisted 10 top rated Best Wallets for Men, according to 2017 survey, These are enlisted in ascending order of their price:

KEZRO Tan Stylish Artificial Leather Men’s Wallet


For people who love the nude leather look, or precisely have an affinity towards brown leather wallet, this is the one you should set your eyes upon. Comes with 4 cards, two windows for ID cards and a coin keeper. Premium quality grain leather, tightly stitched for a perfect pocket grip. Highly recommended for its price, except for two drawbacks that it isn’t water resistant, and secondly can’t bear too hot temperatures.

Price- Rs. 320/-

HT Collections Men’s Brown Leather Wallet


The premium tree bark colored leather wallet, though a bi-fold one yet it is made of the finest leather. Quite spacious this one is for it has multiple stores for securing our monetary valuables. Quite recommended for older aged people, for its color looks gracious for someone holding it in their late 30s.

Price- Rs. 349/-

MarkQues Invader Beige Leather Mens Wallet


This one’s a quite different from the earlier ones simply because it’s made out of synthetic patent leather, which gives a little velvety look. Though it is bi-fold in shape, yet it comes with an extra section for storing large numbers of credit cards, or company cards. Highly recommended for young stylish men in the corporate world.

Price- Rs. 415/-

Mars Radiation Blue Genuine Leather Wallet for Men

Mars-Radiation-Blue-Genuine-Leather-Wallet-for-MenDo you love stuffing your wallet, and still want it to retain its size? This one from Mars Radiation is a strong yet trendy wallet. Made up of full grain leather, it comes with an extra designing pattern with a transparent section to store your Id’s. 4 sectional area for cards and 2 paper currency areas. The best part which makes it stands out amongst all the other leather wallets is that it is all weather resistant. Suitable for all age group men.

Price- Rs.499/-

Hornbull Men’s Brown Rigohill Leather Wallet

This one’s a really smart Wallet, more precisely for men who love to hold a large number of cards, (pointless of the fact if they have expired or no). Jokes apart, this wonderful creation from hornbull, is a sheer love in the Wallet world and is the best gift you can give to a man. Highly recommended since this one comes with a genuine leather guarantee and also 6 months warranty from the day of purchase. Amply spacious and yet retains its shape and doesn’t look bulky at all. Moderately priced and value for money wallet.

Price- Rs. 549/-

Fashion Freak Genuine Leather Tri-Fold Black Men’s Wallet

Fashion Freak Leather Tri FOLD BLACK MEN'S Wallet

This is a first of its kind Tri-Fold Leather Wallet. Majorly soft wallet on the inside and outside. Designed particularly for a spacious use and to keep all the materials at one place. Fashion Freak has been known for delivering 100% satisfaction to customers when it comes to wallets. Highly recommended if you are a slim person, for it doesn’t make your bum look bigger with an extra bump.

Price- Rs. 600/-

Wildhorn Men Black Wallet, Key Ring & Pen

Wildhorn is famous for its complete gifting sets for men. The box contains a wallet, a stylish pen, and a genuine leather key ring. The pen and key ring turn out to look extraordinarily nice and of good quality, however, though the leather finish is quite good, it doesn’t seem to be firm as it should be. Otherwise, it looks smart overall.

Price- Rs. 650/-

Urban Forest Men’s Wallet

Made up of high-quality polyester, this dark brown in shade Wallet is a bit bigger than average size, and yet the card slots tend to be rigid when it comes to removing and inserting cards. Strict cleaning instructions for this are to gently wipe it with damped cotton. Rest everything is perfect in this wallet.


Price- Rs. 749/-

Urban Forest DETROIT leather blue men’s wallet

Buy genuine leather from this one i.e. Urban Forest. This one provides the best in all leather products. Space and quality factor is something that you can rely on with 100% trust. Comes in numerous colors for all age groups, blue, black, brown, dark and light shades of brown. If you really want to buy leather go for this one, totally worth the purchase.

Price- Rs. 799/-

Leaderachi-100% Genuine Hunter Leather Wallet Comb

If you are a lover of vintage things, and also love handcrafted items, guess what it’s a win-win situation for you. Leadership provides its premium gifting sets with a handcrafted pure leather 8 stitch per inch wallet, and not just it a handmade proper jungle style notebook a wooden pen and a genuine leather key ring. If you are looking for a gift on any special eves, this one is a sure-sure yes to go with.

Leaderchi wallet for men

Price- Rs. 1499/-

If you thought that was all, wait. Buying the Best Wallets for Men isn’t surely a cake walk, probably if it’s your first time. We simply give you 3 easy steps to find the right wallet amongst the 10 stated above:

1. Know What Suits your Age

Probably it’s important to know what suits you as per your age and not as per your taste. Wallets have a lot to do with the age, you Wallet defines your mental age, so choose according to it. For e.g. a vibrant one if you are young and a bit subtle if you are elderly of age.

2. Understand your Need

Obviously, a teenager’s wallet would be less likely in need for more credit card areas, than the one who is in the corporate world or in business line. Understand your need and choose the wallet. You even need to choose between a Bi-fold and a Tri-fold wallet, depending particularly upon your need.

3. Price and Quality

Do not fall in tramp of more the price better the quality. Sometimes moderately priced wallets can turn out to be genuine leather whereas high-end brands sometimes do not provide purity for a higher price also. Always check for durability of the products than buying cheap quality products.

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