6 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Students

There’s only a little time left for Valentine’s Day and we are confused about what to gift to our partners for the Valentine’s Day. There are numerous options to treat your sweethearts with like going for fancy dinners, buying them pretty gifts, dazzling flowers, cheerful balloons, delicious cake or chocolates and what not. But also we want to give them something special and memorable which they would cherish for the long time. Also college students do not have handsome budgets to buy expensive and even Christmas and New Year have just gone so they would be low on budget. Thus we have 6 few Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for College Students.

1. Relax Time For Both

You can choose for this inexpensive Valentine’s Day activity wherein you can bath or massage together. You can get some massaging products from the market and have a spa day at home. Pamper each other with the essential oils and manicure and spend a relaxing day together. This activity will bring you closer and your relationship will get more intimate. This activity would also let go of the stress and have indelible moments on this special day.

2. Post Sweet Gesture On Facebook

Feelings from our heart are more special than those expensive materialistic gifts. You can create a nice slideshow of all your beautiful pictures with romantic song playing in background and write nice touchy lines on your relationship like how blessed you are to have your partner in your life, how important they are in your life and confess your love for them on the social media. They would be overwhelmed to receive such sweet gesture and confession of love in front of millions of people. Thus posting a romantic post on social media on Valentine’s Day is a win win.


3. Bring Back The Memories

You can recreate your old pictures and bring back those golden memories of your relationship. You can also recreate your first date. Go to the place you first met, order the same food and talk the way you used to talk in those initial days of your relationship. You can also arrange for the movie night at home of your favorite old movie which brought you guys closer and after which you became more serious about each other.

4. Buy Them An Experience

Nowadays we can find so many rented activities like we can rent a Lamborghini for a day, go for a helicopter ride and other such things. So engage in any of these activities and spend a wonderful Valentine’s Day. You can also go for an adventurous activity like parasailing, paragliding, cliff jumping, river rafting, snorkelling etc, these activities will not just bring you guys closer it would even build trust between you two.

5. A Picnic With Your Favorite Food

As a college going student our first love is food that is snacks like chips, pizza, French fries, burger and what not. So you can arrange a one day picnic and spend some quality time together with the person you love over your favorite food items. You will also have a mini road trip while going to the picnic spot and enjoy beautiful moments together. You can also order Valentine’s Day chocolates online and treat them with their favorite chocolates.

6. Pack A Huge Box Filled With Tiny Things

It is rightly that little things in life give you biggest smiles. So you can collect all the little things like cookies, teddy bear, chocolates, candy bars, cereals, ice cream, chips, accessories like bracelets, rings etc in a box and surprise them with all the tiny things they admire in their life. You can also buy Valentine’s Day gifts online and surprise them with something so romantic.

Valentines-Day-gift box

The happiness on your sweetheart’s face because of these gifts for Valentine’s Day would be everything that would matter to you.