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Flowers are crowns of nature making the environment look beautiful with its presence. But there are different seasons for different flowers. Seasonal flowers are those that bloom in particular seasons. Among all the seasons, winter is the most barren ones. Though on this season least number of flowers blooms, but they are some of the most beautiful ones. If you are planning to have a home garden in winter, below are the best flowers to plant.

1) Carnations Flower

Carnation is one such flower that has a historical significance. This flower has been in talk from Romanian and Greek eras. It was their favorite flower to put inside in garlands. These flowers are in purple-blue hues. They spread sweet fragrance as well. But cultivators now are trying to produce various colors of it. The life includes tomato-red and yellow. Green and white are other two colors. This has a mythological importance as well as it is the January birth flower.

2) Winter Aconite

Winter is a season of dull sunlight and dropping temperature. Most of the flowers need both these in adequate manner. So, winter does not let many flowers bloom. But those that blossoms in this season, winter aconite is famous among them. This bright yellow flower gives you a pick-a-boo in this season. And when they bloom, they bloom in numbers. They look like spread cups with transparent petals. It has fragrance and eye-catching appearance that will attract visitors to your garden.


3) Indoor Amaryllis

Amaryllis is a no fuss flower. It usually grows in March, but the sprouts start coming out in the January only. This is not a house plant but a very famous garden plant. If you grow them indoors, then you need to retime its flowering phase. All you need to do is to force the plant into its dormancy by the end of mid-August. When you are planting this flower in garden, make sure they grow in frost free environment.

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4) Winter Jasmine

Winter Jasmine is an ornamental flower that grows in a deciduous plant. Its scientific name is nudiflorum that means ‘nude flower’. The reason of this name is because it grows on bare stems of the plant. Their season of flowering is November to March. These star-shaped flowers grow in various colors including pink and white. The color yellow looks sweetest amongst all the colors on it. Its x-factor is its mild yet sweet fragrance.

5) Viola

Winter has days of dull sunlight. On these grey days, cheerful flowers like viola blooms. This vibrant bluish purple round flower grows with immense happiness. These flowers carry and spread elegant fragrance as well. This flower is very famous as self-maintaining flower. It is a very bright flower for winter and it grows in many numbers per plant. They are also available in yellow and white color. Sometimes, bi-colored violas also look amazing in the garden. You can send bouquets to you loved ones from flower bouquet delivery. Ask them to use violas as border flowers to the bouquet.

6) Primrose

Primrose is a very popular summer or spring flower but some of its varieties bloom in winter as well. English primrose or Chinese primrose blooms in wintry cold seasons. This flower has two types. Either it grows alone from ground or it grows in cluster from a foliage rosette. English primrose is available in many colors and grows as high as 12 inch from ground. But this flower needs regular watering. They can take full sunlight to sustain. These can be perfect choice to send just because flowers to your close ones.


7) Calendulas

Calendula is the most colorful flower that grows in winter. This looks somewhat like daisies. They bloom from late fall to spring through mild winter climates. They are longest most lasting cut flowers in vases. Orange and bright yellow are two brightest calendula colors. You can also choose subtler shades of apricot and cream. The plants are like bushes of 1ft-2ft height and 1ft-1.5ft wide. These flowers grow well in full sunlight and moderate watering.

Flowers are the natural ornaments that can decorate your garden like no other things. Above are the best flowers to decorate your garden even in the bleak and barren season of winter.

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