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Are you ready to explore the laminate? Start with these fundamental questions and answers with Laminate Flooring.

Laminate can be an excellent choice for buyers who are looking for design realism and durability at a great value. To help you understand this type of floor a little better, and help you find the best Laminate Flooring for your home, we answered some of the questions you may have.

What is Laminate Flooring?

It is one of the most versatile, durable and easy to maintain types of flooring available. It is a synthetic floor, composed of several layers, designed to look like wood, stone, authentic tile and other materials. Advanced design innovations allow highly realistic visuals in a wide variety of styles and colors.

bamboo floor

Is the Laminate flooring durable?

Very durable, the multi-layer construction makes the laminate highly resistant to wear, stains and heavy traffic, making it very popular with people who have children, pets and active homes. At Sun Floors, our laminates are available in a variety of performance levels, some classified for commercial use.

How is the Laminate Flooring constructed?

Each layer in the laminate floor structure has a different purpose, but they work together to be reliably durable. The name of each layer and the exact specifications of each layer may vary according to the manufacturer and the product,

Wear layer: It is a transparent hardened melamine layer that protects the floor against spills, stains, and dullness, and resists scratches and marks. Many of our high-quality laminate flooring products actually have Commercial, which has a higher abrasion test rating and provides superior protection.

Design layer: A photographic image shows realistic visuals of wood or natural stone.

Inner core: Laminate Flooring is high-density fiberboard (HDD) moisture resistant, which provides the floor with stability, durability and moisture resistance. Our laminate flooring products of the highest quality have a more substantial feel and optimal sound absorption.

Backrest: this rocking layer protects the floor against buckling.

Does the laminate floor look like real wood?

Of course yes, also, stone, ceramics and even unexpected materials such as concrete or metal. And it is not only the photographic image in the design layer that makes this realism possible but also the engraving techniques used to create a consistent visual and texture. What he sees matches what he feels.

The engraving intensifies the depth, texture and natural appearance of the floor highlights the design (primarily when the light is reflected on the surface), and allows for ‘micro putty lines and precise details.

The engraving also allows achieving rustic styles polished by hand or brushed with wire that look like recovered real wood, or cracked concrete that recalls a wall worn by the sea.

flooring bamboo

In what part of home Laminate Flooring shall be installed?

Laminate flooring can be installed almost anywhere in your home, above or below ground level, as long as you have a structurally stable sub-floor, clean, dry and flat.

Types of Flooring Available in Market

If you think it is time to change the floor of your house and you have no idea what to choose, do not worry, we help you. There are variety of Flooring available in market Like Vinyl Flooring, Engineered Wood, but the Bamboo Flooring is a great option, has a unique and elegant design, resistant and durable, and also, with effortless care.

Mosaic floors are out of fashion, last less and look the same as almost all houses. Bamboo Flooring offers more than that, besides it is not expensive, there is a variety of design, although many people can get it, it will always look different.

Bamboo Flooring is new in the market, and therefore, the characteristics and advantages they offer are unknown, in this book of ideas, we present all the benefits so you can be more convinced to choose bamboo flooring for your home.

How to Find Which Flooring is best for your Home?

Cleaning in one, two by three!

If you are one of the people who does not get along with cleaning and struggle too much, the best news about Bamboo Flooring is that they are easy to clean. Do you feel like having to clean some floor with exceptional products and spend hours carving them? Bamboo floors save you from that. Use a broom to gather trash and other debris, or damp cloth or cloth to clean. Besides, these bamboo floors repel dust, skin flakes, and hair, ideal for allergic people.

They always look elegant

In the design with Bamboo Flooring, it offers resistance. One of the main advantages of laminate floors is the residence of countless obstacles; household chemicals and cigarette butts. We can think that being of more industrial and different material, it is easy to break down by the weight of the furniture, but it is not so, also, to scratches and friction.


It is a material that evokes nature

Believe it or not, 90 percent of bamboo floors are renewable resources, that is, they are natural and do not pollute or contain harmful substances. But do not be scared, they are hardly flammable. Do you not love how they look?

They have durability

Another advantage that Bamboo Flooring has is their high durability. The average life of bamboo floors is between 15 to 20 years.

Easy to place

Bamboo floors have neither great science nor great technology, they are easy to place and do not need tools to do so. The mechanism used is manual, that is, its own harvest. Bamboo floors are joined together, adjusting one piece between other to arm, as if it were a puzzle. In fact, laminate floors can be placed on top of another type of floor, without removing it or placing a product that damages the previous one.

Affordable prices

The prices of bamboo flooring are available in per square meter at a reasonable rate. Although they are almost the same as standard floors, the variation is that bamboo floors do not need glue or some other element to place them, as we already mentioned.

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