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It’s a Party! No matter Stag or Couple, we always bring up you the best. I know most of you are disappointed after the Government announced a ban on selling and drinking of Liquor in local cafes and pubs in Goa, Ouch! I know that did hurt you badly, but not to weep my friend, a diversity full nation like India has lot more places to offer you, so that you can get high on drinks or W*ed and you won’t get heads or fingers turning onto you.

We sent our party animals to gather information of places and areas where you can party without being outlawed. Thanks to the natural wild streak that they were they by all means of crook found out these 5 Bachelorette Destinations in India, where you can eat, sleep, rave, repeat, and no one would ask you what or where were you the night before:



Just 35.5km/ 23.9 miles from the beautiful Kullu Manali, Kasol is a small village in the laps of nature. Most probably called Stoners Paradise, Kasol is a beautiful place that is quite hidden yet popular amongst foreigners. A number of rave parties common in this region of Himachal aren’t seen in any part of India. Here you get whatever kind of ingredient you require to get, and the locals pleasingly offer them to you. Except this, nature has its true variety displayed, where you can enjoy a trek at Kheerganga and sit beside Parvati River Valley and get high on nature. You can even check out Israeli food out here. For the exact rave parties location, you have to visit the Tosh and Malana Villages.

Agatti Island Beach, Lakshadeep


A part that’s a little away from India also has little less focus on Indian Laws. People or tourists come here in search of Solitude. Complete nudity though banned in India, you would often find people topless roaming around, getting high enjoying their secret parties out here. Decorated by the Coconut and Palm Trees, these white sandy beaches also offer Coral Sighting as a plus-plus offer for their party freak tourists.

Marai Beach, Kerala


God’s own country, Kerala also has Kerala Gold to offer its tourists. Being a secluded, backwater it has an unnatural calmness and the sunsets are pretty unusual, not found anywhere else. Marari Beach has quite a lot tourist roaming around flaunting their natural bodies (without clothes). Partying here comes naturally and if you want to get something more other than booze its codeword is Kerala’s Gold and is considered to be the second best stuff after Kasol.

Varkala Kerala


Another side of this God’s own Country, that is much surrounded by hippie Culture is the Varkala Kerala. A true taste of spirituality and solitude breathes in this air. Particularly for the ones who love being in solitude while high, this is surely the right place for them. The people and the environment here reminds you of everything that is smooth and nice and it’s quite clean also in here. The adjoining scenic beauty of a fort and beach side by side, you can definitely have the time of your life in here. Besides all this Papanasham Beach is a holy shrine for Hindus.

Kasar Devi, Uttrakhand


Another one straight from the Himalayas is this Kasar Devi. An original Hippie Trial place, which has its own religious and mythological importance. Many people from the Western Culture settled here in search of Solitude. Situated on the Kashyap Hill this place is famous for its ancient temple, and also you can stroll up to Crank’s Ridge which leads you to places like Hippe Hill and Baba Cake, two of the most popular tourist attraction spots. This is more of relaxing place rather you call it a partying place.

So here we end our search for solitude and happiness, for we want you to go forth and enjoy and relax at the same time, at these places. Do visit Goa, cause without the Casinos being played your journey in and around India won’t finish. Go forth explore these 5 Bachelorette Destinations in India because we want you to get the best taste of our Incredible India.

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