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When people say money can’t buy happiness, I feel like reflecting upon this again. Cause with money comes luxury and with luxury comes self-responsibility and with self-responsibility comes satisfaction and that what makes us happy. Precisely, self-responsibility is what we consider here is self-care, pampering and responding to all the body needs. Keeping in mind the response to body needs most comely people opt for gyming, body massages, and body spas. Today we are discussing, in particular, a certain new innovation that solves both the purpose of cardio and spa. It’s one of a kind technology that helps in grueling your body mechanisms and i.e. Underwater Treadmill.

I know it’s quite unnatural to some for a machine that’s the basic aspect of cardio in the gym, how can it work under water. Thanks to technology this Underwater Treadmill is specifically designed as such that the belt runs underwater in a specific kind of tub and records all your body metabolism. Let’s get into its details:

Purposely designed for rehabilitation purpose, this Underwater Treadmill or fancily called Water Walker Spa, is a kind of a physical therapy that focuses on both cardio and resistance training, without even impacting the joints specifically knees. A Japanese innovation, this one leads to more burning off, of calories by the use of energy produced by the body to push the feet in the front as we do in walking. In return, the water of this treadmill tub draws out the body heat and allows the body temperate to remain moderate even when so high levels of energy is being burnt.


To its appearance, it looks more like a Human Washing Machine, in which even humans can fit. Jokes apart, it’s transparent on the sides, so that one can see the level of water and mechanisms of the legs. Below it has several Treadmill Belts, It’s height is unusually tall so that the body is inside water up to the chest level. In the front, there are several monitors displaying the various body mechanisms, just like in a regular treadmill and yet it has lots of sophisticated stuff being flashed on the monitors relating to body metabolism and energy levels being consumed.

Uses OF Underwater Treadmill

This Water Treadmill is useful to a lot of people namely the athletes for increasing endurance and legs strength, patients recovering from severe injuries, surgeries, cardiovascular diseases, or spine and hip injuries, Models also benefit from the in reducing their body mass without putting much pressure on muscles and body joints.

1.From Sports Prospective

•Helps Body Stay in Shape-

Helps reduce the body stress level, as our body weights 20% in water. It helps increase muscle tone and strength without putting much pressure and jolt on the knees. Also reduces 85% of the body mass without having to go through the vigorous process of hard physical training.

•Increase Leg Muscles Strength

Probably focusing on the Athletes, there is a lot of endurance and muscle strength required in all kinds of athletics games and Underwater Treadmill gives the fastest results. Helps attain Leg toning, Strength Training, Lean Body Mass Training etc.

•Rules out Surgery Effects

Players who get injuries or surgeries in the lower body areas, are not advised to carry on weight bearing training for a period of time. Water Walker Spa helps to fulfil the gap of strength and endurance training, thanks to the buoyant forces of water.

2.From Patients Prospective

•Enhances Gait Movement

Specifically for the old aged people, whose recovery talk a lot of time, effecting their legs movement, Doctors suggest the use of Underwater Treadmill, for it puts less pressure on the knees and ankles due to the buoyant force and upthrust force. Also it reduces the danger of falling off, due to unbalanced movement as in on-land walking sessions, decreasing the risk of further injuries.

•Improves Blood Circulation

Helps to increase cardiovascular movements making sure blood reaches the injured or operated part properly and helps in sooner recovery.

•Prevent Injuries

Since all the leg movement are connected to the hip movement, any injury in that area can lead to disastrous outcomes. The water treadmill helps achieve hip strengthening, reduce swelling and puts less stress on joints. These are quite beneficial for mothers post maternity days.

The only drawback is the price of this Underwater Treadmill. As i previously mentioned about luxury listing, this is something not everyone can afford, yet it’s cost is assumed to decrease in the couple of years, with better technological advancements and innovation. As of for now it costs around $90,000.

This Underwater Treadmill is 100% efficient and result- oriented machine. If you can afford to get it, nothing like it, hope we can rent such thing in the near future.

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