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Not just scenic peace to the eye, this particular place tucked away in the Himalayan corners has some of the best trekking places that you can hook on if you have been planning to check your adventurous side. It is said that these small Himalayan corners have some of the most precious hidden gems. The richness of culture, the people, the atmosphere and everything, is favourable for you to walk out of your comfort zone and spend some time in the mountains camping and trekking. Your love for mountains cannot be true if you feel it’s okay to watch it from the furthest distance and not wish to get closer to it in every possible way.

Trekking is for those who do not only adore the mountains but seek peace in them. The narrow pathways, the toughest of climate scenarios and the tiring walk up the hill seems all worth it when you get that close to clouds and above the world experience from the top. So if you have that addiction to the aura and essence of mountains here’s a list of trekking destinations.


Here are some of the mapped locations best known as the trekking sites, and you should map it down the next time you plan to visit this corner of the Himalayas.

  • Goecha la Trek: Standing at an altitude of 4939 meters above sea level, words will never be worth describing the experience that you will have when you walk out of your comfort zone to this place. This trek will not be like usual, especially if you have excellent adaptability to the cold breeze and snow. This particular trek will not only give you a view of Kanchenjunga but will also lead through many more summits. Goecha la is said to hold the pride of Sikkim on its shoulders. The base camp for this trek is in Yuksom, which is a small town right at the point from where the mountain sours up. This is the last place where you can enjoy comparatively pleasant weather because, after this, the harshness of the Himalayan weather welcomes you. Teaching here isn’t that tough because if you want to come by road, it’s a 4-5 hours long journey from NJP railway station or else you can also choose to land at the Bagdogra airport if you prefer a flight. 

  • Rhododendron Trek: You must have heard about the bed of flowers and at the most have also seen it. But have you been to a path that’s scented and covered with flowers of different varieties? If not, this trekking site will give you a pleasant experience. This is ideal for exploring the closeness with nature in the Himalayan slopes. If you do not favour the winter chills, this trek through the lush meadows and flowery pathway at the end of the trek is the spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga range. The primary reason that this trek is called the Rhododendron trek is because of the species of flower that is found in abundance around. This is 1728 meters in altitude and is an easy to moderate trek of a duration of 10 days. 

  • Dzongri Trek offers: The closest view of the Kanchenjunga range and Mount Pandim; this trek is at an altitude of 4020 meters. If you have mapped this place for a panoramic view and scenic beauty of Sikkim, this trek is ideal. This is a very easy trek, and if you are in a group with beginners in the adventures, this will be an effortless trek. The best time for trekking here is from mid-march to may, or during winters; it’s September to November.

  • Sandakphu Trek: With the hope of getting a view of Lhotse, Makalu, and Mount Everest, walking up this trek is not easy for beginners. However, the snow-covered pathway is ideal and looks the best during the time of mid-September to November. The most enjoyable part of this trek is the beautiful villages like Meghna, Tumling, Garibas, and Kala Pokhari, finally leading to Sandakphu. The base camp of this trek is Mane Bhanjang. This place is about 58 kilometres away from Darjeeling, which is about four hours away from Bagdogra airport, but it will be convenient for you to take the railway as it cuts short the time and you can begin the adventure early. 


The breathtaking experience:


Walking up these paths while trekking apart from the lush green environment and the snow covered mountains, there’s this one thing that you understand the importance of, and that is your breath. In plains, it seems easy, and no one is even concerned about it, but being closer to nature every single breath becomes essential, and that teaches a lot. So, the next time you plan a vacation in Sikkim, take   Sikkim Packages  that have at least one trek included in it.  


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