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Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Make-Up Remover Review

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As in the changing trends of makeup and fashion, today we have a huge variety of makeup products in the market either it is online marketing or at product stores. Today I’m gonna discuss about a very essential product of our makeup kit i.e. Make-Up Remover. Make-Up Remover is a must have thing for the girls apply make-up on regular basis. I am one of those so I have recently bought Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Make-Up Remover. Let’s talk about how I personally felt about this product.

My own views about the product:

•First of all, the product is very easy to use. Just pour a small amount of solution on a cotton ball and apply it on to your face.

•I found it helpful in removing my eye make-up even the waterproof ones like mascara, eyeliner etc. The skin gets little oily while removing waterproof make-up but it does not irritate eyes and also removes the makeup thoroughly.

•Also the product neither makes my skin too oily nor too dry. I even do not wash my face after using this, just applying toner after this leaves my skin free of oily residue. But we can also wash our face with a face wash after its use.

•This product is good for lips also if followed by a good lip balm.

•Usually, my skin is sensitive and easily breaks out but I’m not having such complaints with this product, so found it appropriate for my face.

•It leaves my skin clear and hydrated.

Other features the product:

Bi-phased formula:

Bi-phased formula of the product makes it easy to remove the make-up. You might be thinking what this Bi-phased formula is?? Bi-phased actually means it contains two phases i.e. oil and water in one solution. So when we shake the bottle, these two phases mix and acts as an oily liquid that dissolves make-up well leaving a clear skin.

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Fast acting dissolving agents: Instantly breaks down all types of stubborn eye makeup.

Leaves No Residues while Removing Make-up: Lids and lashes are remarkably clean and moisturized, with no residue.

Examined by experts: Dermatologist and allergy testing is done.


• Does not cause eye irritation or redness
• Fragrance free formula
• Light texture
• Easy to remove make-up
• Does not cause dryness to skin
• Economical and easily available


• Only one size is available
• Not completely oil free

Overall Rating: 4/5

Price: Rs. 270 for 70 ml

A face cleanser or a toner is mainly to remove dust and extra oil from your skin. But these are not effective for makeup removal especially in case of waterproof ones. So choosing a right make-up remover as per your skin type will help your skin rejuvenates and makes it clearer and smoother.

My opinion: Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Make-Up Remover removes all the make-up quickly with just 2-3 swipes, does not cause any eye irritation, does not make skin dry. So I highly recommend this product.

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