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The Hottest Event Planning Decor Tips and Trends

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Whatever event you are planning, you would always want to stay updated with the latest trends and styles. Décor is one of the most essential parts to ‘wow’ the guests for any event, be it a wedding, gala, charity ball or even a sports get-together.

Floral decors somehow never leave the table and flowers always have an integral part to play in the event décor. For the initial part, our tip would be to keep knowledge about the wholesale flowers, their price and where they are available.

Décor Trends of 2021

We have divided the decors in terms of color, patterns, themes and floral designs for you to understand better.

Popular colors

At first, for the event planning, you need to know the color codes and schemes. This is to be planned at the very initial phase because based on that your other designs, logo and invitations will depend. For 2018, some different colors top the chart due to novelty and greater visibility. Shimmery or dazzling colors are seen more in fashion events, weddings and parties. Among them, blue is the most favorite color as it provides versatility in themes.

Rustic chic color schemes such as satin, moss green or brown have also gained popularity. And the most surprising of them all is the trend of neon colors. Bright red, yellow, green or fuschia are some of the favorite color schemes for any event.

Trending patterns

By pattern, we mean the approach to the designs. The designs have gotten more flexible in the recent years. The more unique you pull-off the décor, the extra compliments you get for your work. Some great design ideas trending now are the floral walls. Yes, the walls being completely covered with flowers in shades of pink, white and violets have become everyone’s favorite photo booth corner.

Another interesting design idea is to simply leave a hand-written note targeted towards the guests on the chair. Instead of fancy decors in the sitting arena, some sticky notes on the chair can create a great buzz among the guests.

Interesting themes

decor tips and trends

Most of the events of 2018 have moved towards a more theme-centric approach. For instance, a party is not complete if you don’t have a specific theme attached to it. The theme can of a movie, of a fantasy world, of a book or surprisingly even an object. For instance, in proms and masquerades you will even find jungle or garden themes. The guests even buy wholesale flowers and customize their outfit with various floral accessories to go with the theme.

Other popular themes include vintage themes, retro themes, Game of thrones theme, mafia theme, Pokémon theme and many more.

Floral decors

The gala nights, weddings and charity balls are more focused towards the floral décor. For instance, putting a single bloom with a ribbon in front of each seat of the guests is a common décor idea. The pathway from where the guests arrive is also decorated with a combination of small and large blooms. An interesting floral décor trending is chandelier made from tulips and roses or with crystal and roses. Even with a budget constraint, you can go buy wholesale flowers and experiment with the floral décor.

Some tips from us

Based on the changing trends and to keep with the track, two things should always be kept in mind for successful event decorations.

Overall look

The first and foremost thing about the décor is that all small things should be part of a complete picture. What we mean is, the small décor ideas should reflect an overall theme or bigger picture. Starting from the table, chairs to the stage, pathway etc. the decors should be in perfect alignment.


Coming up with something different is also important. Thanks to social networking websites, you can find plenty of décor ideas online. You will stand out from all other décor ideas through your uniqueness. For example, floral walls are trendy but you can add a different touch to it and make it look different. Improvising with the recent trends will help you go a long way.

The décor will definitely differ according to the type of event you are planning. But the knowledge of the recent trends will help you more with your planning.

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