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How is Knee Surgery Performed?

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Knee surgery is the one type of operation in which joints of any part of the body. It is the replacement of arthritis, and damaged joints are removed, replaced by a metal plastic or ceramic device. These surgeries are done to the smooth functioning of joints. This type of replacement surgery is done by the best Knee Doctor in Jaipur. 

It is an excellent replacement surgery if it is done correctly and indicates certain illnesses and side effects. Nearly 7 90,000 total knee replacements are done to date.`

This replacement lasts for nearly 20 years. It is the most specific and reliable way of surgeries held in the last decades. This surgery is conducted to relieve pains of arthritis and some hip fractures, also a severe hip pain.

This kind of surgery is called a prosthesis. Hip and knee replacement are the most commonly used joint replacement, but also replacement surgery is performed on other joints like the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and elbow.

There are different joints within the body. The knee is considered a door because of the capacity to move forward and backwards. This joint has a ball and socket, in which the rounded end of the single joint fits into a cup-shaped area of another bone.


This surgical process takes place in the hospital or outpatient surgery centre and is performed by a knee doctor in Jaipur. It will take some hours to complete. In this process, your cartilage is removed and replaced by the prosthetic component.


This surgery has some complications which can be treated successfully with the help of your knee doctor in Jaipur. Some difficulties are as follows.

  • Some people feel vomiting, dizziness, shivering, sore throat, aches, and pains; it is just a side effect of anaesthesia.
  • Blood clots happen during knee replacement surgery; if it happens, inform your physician and treat them on the spot.
  • Blood transfusion complications may happen to the persons during transfusion because new blood sometimes cannot be acceptable; this will happen rare.



Recovery differs from person to person and depends on the relationship between doctor and patients; some doctors encourage their patients to recover quickly, some doctors are not. Most patients feel some temporary pain because their muscles are weak and inactive; this pain can be healed in a few months.

Exercises will help you recover quickly; doctors suggest some exercises for healing the pain and any help you the normal functioning of your joints. The majority of patients can perform daily activities more quickly after surgery, with improved motion and strength before surgery.

Step by step explanation of knee replacement surgery: 

  • Making the knee incision: The first step involves a surgical cut about 4 to 5 inches long in the knee cap area.
  • Rotating the Knee cap: In this step, the knee is opened and turned outside the knee area, and helps the surgeon view the infected side and help to do the surgery.
  • Preparing the femur: The first bone replaced by the surgeon is the thigh bone. It is done by cutting precisely by using special instruments. The damaged bone is removed.
  • Implanting the femoral component: The surgeon attached the metal prosthesis and sealed it into the bone cement to seal it into place.
  • Preparing the tibia: In this step, the shinbone is shaped according to the shape of the bone.
  • Implanting the tibia component: The bottom portion of the implant, called the tibia tray, using bone cement; this will provide support to the knee.
  • Finalizing the procedure: At last, the surgeon will bend and flex the knees to confirm that the process is successful or not. During this time, the patient should readily inform that if they feel any side effects or not. The surgeon confirms that the implant is working correctly and aligns sizing and suitable positioning.

Hip and knee replacement are the most commonly used joint replacement, but also replacement surgery is performed on other joints like the ankle, wrist, shoulder, and elbow. So, take proper treatment with the help of an expert Knee Doctor in Jaipur and cure it before it takes a giant form of pain. 

Hence, always prepare for the drastic situation with confidence; you will recover in all ways in life.

The Final Word

In this blog, we mention all about knee replacement surgery and how knee doctors in Jaipur perform knee replacement surgery. Hopefully, this content will help you to know more about knee replacement surgery. So you should take care of your knee and go for a routine check-up. 

If you are searching for the best knee doctor n Jaipur then you should choose those doctors who give you the best services and give you the best treatment for your health. For finding the best knee doctors you can find on the internet and take references from your family members and friends.

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