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Discover how high-quality greeting cards can create the personalized connection you need with your customers. Where you’re attempting to land a new major client or working hard to keep your loyal customers satisfied, custom greeting cards offer the targeted message and excellent investment opportunity you need. Learn how a personalized greeting card can help your customer relations today, and find out where you can find the best greeting cards for your business.

Identify Your Target Audience

Who are your customers? Before you select a custom card, you need to identify your target audience. Whether you’re sending out a few or a few hundred, spend some time reviewing each client. Consider who you’re attempting to attract to your products and services, and consider sending out greeting cards to potential customers as well as previous Greeting Cards

Your target audience should have a laser focus. Don’t just look at the general age range or shopping habits of your customers, but craft an entire target identity. This will not only help you personalize your greeting cards, but will also give you a helpful comparison to determine whether your business is effectively attracting your intended audience or not.

Invest in High-Quality Materials

A generic, inexpensive greeting card is unlikely to bring in a new customer. This is particularly true if your business deals with high-end products and services or engages with wealthy clients. Find a suitable card that communicates value. Your greeting cards don’t necessarily have to be expensive, but they have to communicate a significant investment to give credibility to your greeting.

Craft your Branding Strategy Carefully

The best custom greeting cards are tailored to your specific business and greeting message. While you’re crafting a custom message with a high-quality card, don’t forget to make a clear connection with your branding strategy.

Feature your logo, tagline or other company-specific feature to help your customers establish brand recognition. If a customer hasn’t made a significant purchase or met your employees frequently, they may not recall your company based on name alone. Look for ways to incorporate your current digital marketing strategy with your greeting cards, so they can easily connect your current social media campaign or other marketing with your greeting card.

Select the Perfect Theme

An inappropriate theme or mood can be confusing or even offensive. Carefully consider the type of message you wish to send and the best platform for that message. Depending on your business and your clients, you can use a greeting with one or more of these moods:

best greeting cards for business

  • Humorous
  • Heartfelt
  • Formal
  • Informal
  • Traditional
  • Unique

From animal prints and cartoons to formal writing and official logos, choose the perfect theme to match your company’s marketing strategy. If your mission is to position yourself as an industry expert, a humorous card may not be appropriate.

Similarly, look at the colors and patterns on your chosen greeting card. Colors can send a wide variety of messages and tones. A bright yellow and orange card may be warm and inviting, but may not be the perfect choice for a holiday greeting card. A range of vibrant colors may not be suited for a more formal greeting, regardless of the text.

Don’t Wait to Order Your Cards

Most greeting cards are sent during the holiday season or at the beginning of the year. If you’re like most business owners, you’re probably preparing a last-minute order. Make the most of your investment by ordering cards early. Not only will you have additional time to craft unique messages, but you’ll also save on expensive shipping.

Some custom card companies may even put your purchase on backorder if it’s too late. There’s nothing worse than a delayed thank-you card or holiday-themed greeting. Be sure your cards arrive early or on time by avoiding last-minute ordering.

Personalize Each Message

As part of your commitment to excellent customer service, take the time to personalize every greeting card. Whether you include a unique note, your actual signature or simply add the names of each recipient to the card, personalizing greeting cards can be a cost-effective way to increase the value of your messages.

Adding names to greeting cards helps your customers feel more at ease when working with your company and reminds them that you treat each of your customers as individuals. Even printed cards can easily have a name included, making it an efficient way to personalize cards without writing separate greetings to every customer.

Choose the Best Business Greeting Cards Today


Don’t let another year go by without thanking your customers for their loyal support. Choose the best custom greeting cards at Cards for Causes today to enjoy creative cards for personalized greetings. Shop for business greeting cards today and discover how you can invest wisely in affordable, high-quality greetings. These cards cover a range of moods and themes, making them perfect options for sending your greetings and supporting a worthwhile cause.