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Does it ever strike to your mind why girls cheat on their boyfriends? Girlfriend cheating is less acceptable in this male-dominant world. But as active in other fields, girls are now participating in this also as it is not only boys right to cheat upon girls. No matter it is a boy or a girl, being cheated in any relationship is intolerant. It is the matter of trust that breaks if anyone cheats in a relationship. And we have blamed men every time for broken relationships. But now girlfriend cheating rates are higher than boys. And if you are suspicious about your girlfriend then observe your girl for some days, here are some of the girlfriend cheating signs that will help you solve the matter:


Her way of talking has been changed:

Oh, don’t get surprised. It is the common behavior of a girl when she wanna ignore somebody, her way of talking for that person get changed. And if you are her boyfriend and she is showing you such behavior then know one thing, she is fed up with you and doesn’t want to move forward in this relationship.

Wife is cheating on her husband.

She is ignoring you:

Her ignorance means it is all over and don’t try to chase her. Yeah, it is always difficult to understand a girl’s behavior but ignorance always come when she is really upset in the relationship and she does not want to be with you anymore. Ignorance can be in any sense from not talking to you to any other decisions.

Your concerns don’t matter her anymore:

What you want doesn’t matter to her as someone else has entered into her life. And she is expecting a better partner in him rather than you. Your care or concern for her will make her ruffled.

Your presents/gifts don’t amuse her:

She will find ways to reject the gifts or presents offered by you and will start accepting things from her so called friends. Or she starts disliking the items purchased by you or demands other expensive gifts which you can’t afford. Don’t ever try to woo her as this will lead you to further regrets. Remind one thing that she was never yours.

She will start doing things you dislike:

Oh my god!! Your sweet and innocent girl wants you to get irritated and she is applying her full force towards this. Yes, she is knowingly doing things that you don’t like. And you are behaving the way she wants you to.

She will point out your little mistakes to hide her own:

Your girlfriend is suddenly pointing out everything done by you and makes you feel that you have done such a blunder and it can’t be excused. And the mess of this fight will last for a week or two. She won’t try to talk to you regarding what has happened but make you feel guilt. And at the end you have to apologize.

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She is checking out your schedule:

Suddenly she has become very particular about your all day schedule. She will try to add more tasks in your schedule to make you busy. And she will be hanging out with another guy in your absence. Otherwise, girls always want her boyfriend to be around her every time.

She is suddenly experimenting new kind of lingerie:

Whoa… your girl has become choosy in lingerie or other inner wear. She might be wearing some hot colors that were not a part of her wardrobe first. And she is becoming over excited about her such experiments. Also you will get some warning signs she cheated you last night.

She is giving her phone more attention than you:

Even in your presence, your girlfriend is always busy on her phone either in texting or social media. Your presence does not bother her anymore. And she won’t allow you to take her phone.

She is making new friends out of her taste:

A list of new friends has been added to her friend’s list and you are unknown to that list. She does not feel a need to tell you about her newly added friends and her taste in friends has been changed.

She does not include you to her plans:

She is scheduling her own weekend plans or other outing plans at her own and does not even include you. She will tell you that she is hanging out with friends this weekend. She will also refuse your movie or dinner offers.

She avoids answering some phone calls when you are around:


Attention!!! She doesn’t pick up calls when you are around her. And take advantage by taking that calls when you are busy or taking a shower. So keep an eye on her such activities to prove yourself right.

She is absent-minded even in your presence:

She keeps herself bounded to her. You will find her absent-minded all the time when you around or busy in her own stuff making you feel that you are not worth her time.

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She gets offensive and arguments a lot:

She got angry very rapidly and has useless arguments with you. She might be looking for a moment to abuse you. And she also does not listen to you in the whole conversation and becomes aggressive.

She has a sudden desire for her independence:

She started thinking that she was happy when her relationship status was single. The relationship makes her feel suffocated and bounded. At certain times, she is demanding her independence or privacy from you.

She started comparing you with other guys:

She will make you feel inferior by not fulfilling her demands and will compare to the other guys or give you the examples like that guy is ready to do this for me, what you are not able to do and so on.

This is not the matter of a boy or girl, cheating in any relationship leads to broken hearts and distances. You can break your relationship by simply telling your beloved that you don’t want to be in this relationship anymore but cheating is really awful. If boyfriend’s cheating is not acceptable same as in case of girls. If girls are emotional and get hurt then why don’t they think about boys before cheating on them??