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The Most Viewed Best Pop Songs to Behold Your Attention

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Everyone acknowledged the fact that our frame of mind is vastly driven out by the music. So as the music industry emerges so rapidly, everyday there is a new album releasing worldwide with different genres and people are getting anxious about it. As soon as the video is uploaded over YouTube, it becomes a routine to track down the music chart over YouTube for best pop songs 2018.

But you should know that YouTube is mainly a video streaming site that provides video hosting service that is founded in 2005. According to statistics since then over 5 billion videos are being watched every day, with about 300 hours of video being uploaded every day.

As researches have conducted, it is clearly out of the question that most viewed videos over YouTube are music videos. People all around the world are obsessed with these record breaking music videos. So why not we check out the best pop songs 2018 here:

pop songs best

1. Say Something

Artist Name: Justin Timberlake
Song Views: 181M

Justin Randall Timberlake, the world’s best-selling music artist and a pop icon has released his new song ‘Say Something’ on 25 Jan, 2018, featuring vocals by Chris Stapleton and video director Arturo Perez. It debuted number 9 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and comprises elements of gospel, pop, acoustic soul and Jazz. The song is about reflection and regret and got 181M views.

2. Sick Boy:

Artist Name: Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart
Song Views: 170M

Pop duet bros Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart forms the band as Chain Smokers has released a new pop single named Sick Boy with about 1.5M hits and maximum views around 170M. It is being released on 17 Jan, 2018 and got mixed reviews. It’s kind of projecting dramatic and darker music show casting political environment in America.

3. Delicate

Artist Name: Tylor Swift
Song Views: 143M

Who doesn’t get mesmerised by beauty and talent of Tylor Swift?? Tylor swift has launched new song named Delicate from her album Reputation. It’s being released on March 12, 2018 with about 2.2M hits and around 143M views is one of the best pop songs 2018. Video is being directed by Joseph Kahn describing the dread and anxiety of being a celebrity as how she is finally happy after discovering that she is invisible.

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4. These Days

Artist Name: Macklemore, Dan Caplen and Jess Glynee
Song Views: 128M

One of the best English drum and bass electronic based band Rudimental featuring Macklemore and Dan Caplen, now coping up with female British pop singer Jess Glynne releases new song entitled ‘These Days’, on 19 January, 2018. The video direction is being done by Johnny Valencia filming slow piano-driven song about ending a relationship with about 128M views.

5. No Tears Left to Cry

Artist Name: Ariana Grande
Song Views: 96M

‘No Tears Left to Cry’ song released on 20 April, 2018, by the American Singer, Lyricist and Actress Ariana Grande from her Studio Album, Sweetener. It is a dance-pop and disco song, music video is directed by Dave Meyers and has received over 100 millions views on YouTube and has become her most-viewed video in its first day and first week of release.

6. Call Out My Name

Artist Name: The Weeknd
Song Views: 81M

Abel Makkonen Tesfaye known by his stage name, The Weeknd, a Canadian singer, songwriter and record producer’s new song Call Out My Name hit 81M views on YouTube and the song was also streamed 6 million times on Apple Music on its first day. The song has got mixed reaction and it is about one’s broken heart, directed by Grant Singer.

7. Let Me

Artist Name: Zayn Malik
Song Views: 49M
Everyone is well known with the increasing popularity of Zayn Malik who split from boy band-One direction and releases his first ever solo album named Mind of Mine. Now Zayn Malik is all set up to break records with new song named Let Me which is being released on 12 April, 2018 with already hits as 1.3M and around 49M views. It has so refreshing lyrics describing love as addiction for your soul.

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8. Happier

Artist Name: Edward Christopher Sheeran
Song Views: 30M

Edward Christopher Sheeran’s new release Happier is gaining popularity on YouTube and got 30M views since its release date 27 April, 2018. The song is written by Ryan Tedder and Benny Blanco and the theme of song is about looking back at an early relationship, angry and bitter at its breakup but later on come to realize that his first love was happier with someone else.

So chill out with these Best Pop Song 2018 and soothe your mind and body with their musical compositions and fresh Lyrics.

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