Considering A Re-Sod; Choose From These Best Sods In Georgia

At many occasions, such problems develop that make you re-install things in your life. Your electronic devices can malfunction which is an indicator that you need to fix some things and programs in it. In the same way, there are many items in the house and office that must and should be established to enhance the beauty of the building.

Why consider Re-Sod?

There are many reasons as to why re-sod is essential for the lawn. Re-sod means to install the sod again because it had previously faced with problems and has suffered a lot of damage which can only be cured by replacing the entire sod and re-installing it totally which is bought from sod farms in Georgia.

The Process of Re-Sod

You must be thinking about why it is necessary to know the process of re-sod as it is almost the same method? You right to think that way but the re-install of the sod is a little bit different from the first time establishment. You must follow the below-mentioned steps if you want to have a sod re-installed in a proper way;

Analyze the Area

Analysis of the whole area including the soil, shaded are a sand the places where sunlight is the most must be checked and in the end, overall circumstances are to be looked at.

Calculate the Length of Sod needed

26604739 – sod for new lawn

Next, you have to measure the approximated area of the lawn in length. Different companies sell sod in different measurements. So make sure that you have the total measurement in either feet or yards.

Ordering from sod farms in Georgia

After the proper analyses; you can now order the sod grass from any company in Georgia. You can also contact the professionals there and they can come and take a look at the soil and area then suggest grass that is most suitable for your lawn.

Make the Soil Ready

It is not the same process when you installed the sod for the very first time. Initially, you have to remove the previous sod with the help of a rake, shovel, hoe and other equipment. The whole of the lawn

Lay the Sod in the same way

Once the soil is cleared off and prepared; it is time for the re-sod. The process of installation of this sod is in the same way. Place the sod starting from the edges and lay it side by side; leaving no gaps in the middle. Press the sod so that it helps the roots grip to the soil.

Maintenance of the Grass is essential

There are several maintenance tips that various sod companies like Atlanta Sod Farms give to the clients. It is essential that you follow these suggestions so that you don’t have trouble in the future.

Choose these Best Sods in Georgia

Many varieties of sods are available in the market but there is only a few that are the most suitable for your lawn and especially if you want a re-sod your entire lawn and back yard. But different factors should also be taken into account before selecting these are five sod types that are the most appropriate for the lawns in the state of Georgia.

Bermuda sod in Georgia

If your lawn is fully exposed to sunlight then Bermuda sod is the one that you must think of. It prospers very well in the warm climate. But be careful not to put it where shade is too much. If there are children in the house then you have to install this one because it can recover from damage very quickly.

Zoysia Sod Grass

It is an excellent sod grass which helps to improve the environment. A small area of grass has the power of providing oxygen of more than a hundred trees. The roots of this go very deep and thus can resist diseases, fungus, insects and weeds. Low level of maintenance makes it easier to handle and many of its varieties can give different characteristics.

The Centipede Grass

There are circumstances when you are not able to look after your lawn and because of that, the yard suffers a lot and eventually, you have to re-sod your entire lawn. Centipede sod is one type that needs less maintenance. You can install it in the shade as well but watering it is essential. Initially, water should be given every day but after that weekly irrigation can be done.

St. Augustine Grass

In many situations you have to choose two types of sods; one for the sunlight and the other for the shade. But St. Augustine is one that has excellent tolerance to the shade and sunlight. You have to fertilize the sod once a month, mow the grass and water only weekly. You will be surprised that this grass remains greener than other kinds.

Tall Fescue Sod Grass

This grass from sod farms in Georgia is the best for the shaded areas where minimum sunlight is available. The back yard is the perfect location where you can reinstall the sod. A proper irrigation system has to be installed to keep the sod well hydrated.