Fitbit Versa 2 Review – Always On Display and Premium Features

Fitbit has recently launch its latest Fitbit versa 2 which is successor of Fitbit versa. Fitbit versa is one of the best selling smartwatch after apple watch series 4. If you are thinking to buy Fitbit Versa 2 then this article can be helpful for you.

The new $199.99 Versa 2, which hits stores on September fifteenth, is the company most recent smartwatch exertion. As should be obvious from the name, it’s an advancement of the Versa, with a couple of configuration changes, a bunch of new includes, and a similar cost. It is a superior Versa and a superb wellness tracker. However Overall, it’s not a more robust smartwatch.

Where the 1st generation or previous Versa had three buttons — two on the left, and one on the right — the New Fitbit Versa 2 has only one button on its left side. It works in as both a Select and Back button; all other route is done by means of the Versa 2’s touch screen.

This straightforward arrangement works really well. You’re never in excess of a couple of presses from where you should be. However, like any other touch screen, the Versa 2’s became erratic when it or my finger was sweaty.

FITBIT VERSA 2 reviews

New Features Of Fitbit Versa 2

Always-on Display

Major improvement is the Versa 2’s AMOLED screen. The new display isn’t just marginally bigger, at about 1.4 inches, yet now include always on display feature which is long awaited by people. This screen is highly contrasting (black & white) in this mode. You need to wake the Versa 2 to get the full color display screen.

Alexa Integration

The Versa 2 isn’t the first smartwatch to have Alexa built in feature, however Amazon’s Assistant is a pleasant expansion for the individuals who utilize this service. You should have already activated Alexa account so as to utilize it on the Versa 2.

You can utilize Alexa on the Versa 2 to look into the climate, control keen home gadgets, set cautions and clocks and start a Fitbit work out. Other features, for example, streak briefings and making calls, are not supported. Despite the fact that you don’t need the Alexa application running on your cell phone, you do need the Fitbit application running (it tends to be out of sight) and associated with your Alexa account.

Activity Tracking

After spending 2 week with Fitbit Versa 2. After several Km walk and running, I found the Versa 2 capable of automatically record activities, such as walking, running and biking. Which is great thing.

Sleep tracking

Sleep tracking is the feature that is already exist in previous version of Fitbit Versa. This feature getting popular day by day. Now more and more people are aware about their health, now also track their sleep.

Fitbit is presenting two new feature to its gadgets with pulse or heart rate screens. The first is a Sleep Score, which takes a gander at all your rest information from the prior night and comes it down to a number from 1 to 100. The higher the number, the better you’ve dozed. It’s reductive, however convenient.

Music – Spotify Premium Users


Like the first Versa, the Versa 2 gives you a chance to download up to 300 melodies to the watch itself for offline music playback. New for the Versa 2 is a Spotify application (for Spotify Premium users just), which enables you to control playback from that device on the watch, if you have your smartphone with you.

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Fitbit Versa 2 battery life

There is no doubt that Old fitbit versa has good battery life as compare to its competitor. But new Fitbit Versa 2 has little bit better than the original. About five days for general use, and about two days if you use Versa always-on display on watch.

Bottom line

With almost similar feature and few new features its good to have New Fitbit Versa 2. If you like fitbit versa then you should go for Versa 2 not for Alexa but for Always on display feature, stylish and lightweight design like features.