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The kitchen has taken an essential place in homes. This functional room is important like a living room, a consequence of a renewed interest in a certain art of living.

Let Us Embark On Your Kitchen Renovation Or Creation Project:

A Classic, Practical And Universal Kitchen

Despite the name that may seem vague, the classic kitchen is both sober and functional. It emphasizes the practical aspect with large furniture shelves for storage and equipment and large worktops.

The colour choices will be rather plain, clear, and neutral (cream, beige, white, etc.) with a certain airiness in the layout.

Nature Or Zen For Space Lovers

For this, the presence of wall units will be favored as transparent or translucent doors (glass, broken glass, etc.).

For raw materials for worktops and credenzas (wood or imitation wood) and rather light colours, with possibly a few touches of colour to enhance the decoration.

Zen Kitchens

zen kitchen

They are based on the same principles, but with decoration and accessories that highlight plant motifs. You can also provide wall lighting for a more diffused light.

Rustic Kitchens: An Outdated Image To Modernize

If the name of rustic kitchen may seem pejorative, this style of kitchen has been able to question itself to integrate more contemporary touches and continue to impose itself as a safe bet. In particular, two interpretations of rustic cuisine can be distinguished:

  • Country kitchens rely on a return to authenticity with furniture with molded doors, a warm atmosphere highlighting wood, worktops, and splashbacks in treated or laminated raw wood, even tiled, stone sinks, etc. Depending on the finishes chosen, you can thus move towards a traditional decoration or a chic country version.
  • Provencal kitchens for which you will favour warm colours evoking the Mediterranean (ocher, yellow, blue, lavender, green decorative coating, etc.), the arrangement of accessories (wicker baskets, bouquets of lavender, etc.) reinforcing the Provencal spirit, etc.

English Cuisine

Originally, the term English (or British) cuisine was used to refer to kitchens that were densely furnished and decorated in dark wood and pink. But the style has been able to renew itself in order to offer a more modern decoration.

Raw wood has thus given way to pastel tones or white, the woods of the worktops are also lighter and the roses have sometimes been replaced by red decorative motifs. On the other hand, the continuity of the linear furniture remains in order with an orderly and simple layout.

Discrete, Elegant, Hi-Tech Kitchen

modular kitchen

Designer or contemporary kitchens perfectly embody the desire of many people to have a convivial and perfectly equipped kitchen but in a refined style. For this, minimalism is required in the decoration with furniture without door handles, plain and without moldings.

At the same time, the designer kitchens contain high-end household appliances, and this technicality is also illustrated by the use of very contemporary materials ( brushed glass, stainless steel, aluminium, etc.).

Adding a central island will bring conviviality to your kitchen. The decoration should be minimalist, with few accessories and classic colours (black, white, etc.) in limited numbers.

Choose a Modern Decor For Your Kitchen

Wood to Create A Warm Atmosphere

Noble and natural material, wood continues to be popular in decoration. In the kitchen, it instantly brings an extra touch of warmth. So if you have neither the desire nor the budget to replace all your kitchen furniture with wooden models, here are some tips that will still allow you to add a few touches:

  • Change your work plan for a wooden model
  • Add storage crates that will add a touch of authenticity
  • Play on the accumulation by suspending different wooden utensils above your hob
  • Add a wooden trellis to delimit a space (between the living room and the kitchen for example)
  • For a modern style favour bamboo, beech, or maple which have lighter tones
  • For smaller budgets, you can apply a wood-look adhesive roller to cupboard doors.

The Industrial Style For A Very Trendy Kitchen

With small touches or in a total industrial atmosphere, your kitchen will be trendy. Here is all the decoration advice for a modern and contemporary kitchen. Have a look at these key details:

  • Add stainless steel furniture for a successful industrial effect
  • Red brick-style covering on one of the walls of your kitchen
  • To store the dishes, recover old industrial metal lockers
  • Mix metal and wood in your kitchen with, for example, schoolboy-style chairs
  • Stay in anthracite grey or ocher tones
  • Let the light in with pretty metal spotlights or raw suspensions with exposed wires and LED filament bulbs
  • For a loft touch, if the budget allows it, you can build a canopy to delimit the kitchen from the living room

When Crockery Becomes A Decoration

modular kitchen India

The dishes are an integral part of the decoration of the kitchen. This is why it must be chosen with care and must be renewed from time to time. You will love its natural effects and its originality.

For a more refined style, opt instead for monochrome tableware or pretty shades of colours. Avoid patterned or vintage crockery in favour of geometric shapes.

Kitchen in Black And White

Who has never come across a black and white kitchen? These colours are really ideal for this room. And to make it original and personalise the decor as much as possible, all you need are a few tips.

A Timeless Style

Black and white kitchens are one of those unbeatable decorations that are still popular. Indeed, thanks to their sobriety and elegance, they remain trendy and timeless. By varying the amount of white or black, you can dramatically change the look of your room.

For a deep note, a large surface of black will be ideal. On the contrary, for a bright atmosphere, white should be predominant. In any case, if you decide to choose your kitchen in these shades, you are sure not to make a mistake in taste. In addition, in this kind of decoration, it is also possible to play on a few elements to follow other current trends as closely as possible.

Materials are Honored

The materials to decorate your kitchen are all important, whether for your floors, your walls or even to make your door handles. Indeed, a black and white kitchen will tend to make them stand out more. It is therefore essential that these materials reflect the desired atmosphere.

To give a warm look, you can opt for a beautiful light wood floor. For a more design effect, a concrete decor will be perfect. And if you want to add even more chic, you can add a few touches of marble. Thus, these different materials will allow you to personalize your kitchen as much as possible.

Adding A Soft Color

Black and white are colors that harmonies with any other hue. As they are quite neutral, they give you the freedom to select a third color way for your room. Breaking the contrast between black and white, light or pastel shades will bring a lot of softness and serenity to your interior.

You can decide, for example, to cover an entire section of the wall with it, in order to give a very designer touch to your black and white kitchen. However, if you prefer brighter colors, it is also possible with this style of decoration!

Shades Full Of Life

Do you want to bring a little more pep to your interior? In this case, hire a professional modular kitchen designer. He will suggest the best colour combination for the kitchen! How about a flashy shade in a lacquered black and white kitchen? For example, there is nothing like a touch of flamboyant red or electric blue to give style to this kind of decoration.


And for that, no need to do tons. On the contrary, if you put too much, it quickly risks overloading the decor of your room. Bet on only a few accessories, such as a toaster, utensils, or a kettle. Your kitchen will thus remain very trendy.

An Original Look Thanks To The Patterns


The decor of a kitchen in black and white can quite afford some eccentricities. It will also be perfectly in tune with the times. Affirm your originality and dare to place all kinds of patterns in your room. Whether it’s for a carpet, the backsplash of the kitchen, or the tiles of your floor, you have countless possibilities!

So don’t hesitate to be creative. With geometric shapes from the simplest to the most complex, the patterns effectively dress up an environment by bringing it a little unusual side.

A Decor Full Of Character

Black and white are just the colors with which you will be able to dress your kitchen. But the style you choose can change completely. The atmosphere will not be the same at all if you decide to offer it a minimalist setting or rather an industrial look.

A black and white kitchen allows you to vary the decor by easily matching all tastes. So it’s up to you to set the tone and create an environment that suits you. In this way, your piece will be absolutely unique.

With so many tricks, your kitchen will finally have a more up-to-date style. What makes you want to spend all your time there even more.