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8 Most Controversial Bollywood Weight Loss Stories

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The Bollywood Celebrities’ lives are no less of melodramas, fairy tails and happily ever after stories. Whatever happens in their personal or professional life becomes the catchiest headline flashing all over the news channels. And because of the fact that these Bollywood stars are considered role models by many, It’s quite important for these actors to keep themselves fit, active and excel in any kind of role they are playing. Bollywood being a virtual world needs their extreme concentration on looking good and being the actual slim and fit models, which sometimes causes them a lot of stress which remains hidden behind their beautiful body and faces.

Particularly discussing about the weight loss stories that come up every single day in the news about these actors, losing numerous kilos in just months and weeks, makes the common man curious about their health, exercise and diet routines, for the common people it seems as an unnatural task of losing certain kilos in just a couple of weeks or months. Discussing such actors we have a bunch of actors who are seen losing tremendous kilos, let’s get to know their weight struggle stories:

Bhumi Pednekar


Who doesn’t know the cute chubby girl from the movie ‘Dum Laga K Haisha’ but mind you guys she ain’t chubby anymore. She is another slimmed-down girl, who rocks the covers of some famous health magazines because of her newly cut down weight. She had to gain weight for her debut film, and while the movie was on the verge of releasing, within 4 months she managed to lose 21kgs, now that’s something next to a miracle. Obviously, she followed a strict gym schedule and a diet plan which her mother purposely prepared for her, but she inculcated certain fun elements in her gym and diet schedule. A Short glimpse of her diet which she told in an interview included

• Hitting the gym

• Replacing sugar with raw honey, date syrup, jaggery, Stevia

• She would have a wholesome breakfast with egg whites, aloe-vera juice, and whole grain bread.

• She did a hearty lunch with food being cooked in olive oil.

• And lastly she tells about doing a lot of dance, and squats and spot jumps.

Everything about her weight loss program has been mentioned in her Instagram handle, check out her inspiring weight loss program there.

Parineeti Chopra


This girl from the Chopra sister clan has really made it big by sharing her inspiring workout, with the common people. Everyone knows of her as a typical Punjabi food lover who wasn’t that slim while she made her debut in the Indian Cinema. Over the period of time, she is grateful for becoming an actress and facing the pressure to reduce weight and becoming what she looks today, stunningly beautiful. She created the new buzz over the internet with her weight loss photo-shoot campaign “Push Harder Feel Stronger”, she has inspired millions of girls who are over weight due to their low metabolism and yet try hard to get the right figure. Measure she took to keep a cold eye towards her weight loss program:

• Physical Exercise along with pick up alternatives to fulfill her cravings.

• Got herself tested for food allergies at Australian Health Centre to understand what food types suit her.

• She controlled her food diet limiting to egg whites, no sugar milk, juices, brown bread, brown rice with dal and used to have less oil food and dinner usually between 7-8 P.M.

• To help her gym routine she even practiced Kalaripayattu, A Kerala Martial Arts form along with swimming and Yoga.

Aamir Khan


The perfectionist actor, Aamir Khan had to put on of a total of 97kgs for his film dangal, for the role demanded as such. He was initially 70kgs and had to put up this weight to play the role of father of 3. He told in an interview that after putting on weight, he insisted his director to put the scenes where he is seen as a young wrestler of 25-30 age so that there is some kind of pressure or motivation left onto his head to come back to his original shape. The 50-year-old actor says that losing weight is much more difficult as it requires mental and physical strengths unlike putting on weight that’s the most fun times. He came back to his normal self in just 5 months leading to a reduction of 9% of the body fat. But he warns people that such a reduction is really harmful and he had his professional commitments to fulfill, that is why he had to do this. His routine included

• 6 hours of intense workout.

• 10-12 hours of sleep every day

• A diet based on Calorie Count, that included 30% of fat intake, 40% included proteins intake and 50% of carbohydrate intake.

• He even stated that the calorie-burning should be more rather than calorie in taking, to lose such body facts.

He even warns the youngster not to go for pills for weight loss for it’s only a myth and only physical training and a balanced diet can get you going.

Salman Khan


Salman Khan a fitness role model for many, has been a constant inspiration for the young generations for his unique fitness exercises and body building looks and yet he doesn’t look 45+. Being in the industry, he says playing vital roles like the one in Sultan requires a lot of hard work and patience, for going from fat to fit is a terribly painful process which involves intense working out and less of food intake. For his previous film, Sultan where he gained weight around 96kgs and now has to reduce around 19-20kgs for his upcoming projects.

His weight loss program includes:

• Regular hitting the gym for intense hours

• Regular cycling

• Sticking to Lean meats for main course diets.

Jackky Bhagnani

Son of a famous producer Vashu Bhagnani, Jacky Bhagnani once weighed 130kgs. But his dedication to become an actor transformed him into a smart man with 6 pack abs at his command. He has an upcoming venture of a short film Carbon, with Nawazuddin Siddique for which he has said to reduce more weight. His diet and exercise regime consists of:

• Hard workout at the gym, including sessions of cardio, weight lifting, and kickboxing.

• His major food intakes consist of Proteins. These mainly constitute of smoothies, egg whites, chicken brown rice, and smoothies.

• He limits his salt intake and majorly includes sushi in his protein diets.

Sara Ali Khan


The star kids are never out of lime light. No matter they look fat or ill shaped there is always some buzz about them. But this star kid Sara Ali Khan, daughter of x-couple Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh is all set to make her debut in Bollywood. Previously she was a fat kid, and over a couple of years when she has finally completed her education from Columbia University, she has also managed to reduce weight. Blessed with good looks and genes Sara Ali Khan is all set to be launched in a film opposite Sushant Singh Rajput. The film is named Kedarnath and is directed by Abhishek Kapoor. Let’s wait to get to see her in changed look when the film goes down on the floor.

Ganesh Acharya

Bollywood movies are nothing without song and dance. And the reason behind the successful dance moves is the Choreographers. Ganesh Acharya the national award winning Choreographer was once mocked for his fat and unfit body structure. Being 200kgs once he has now managed to reduce 85 kgs in 1.5 years. In an interview, he justifies this weight loss program as the world has seen him only fat and wanted a strong transformation in himself. This motivated him to cut down his weight and he is still working on it. In his own words, he explains that it’s a difficult process but he needs to shed his weight. He even says that he feels much lighter and energetic than before and his level of swiftness while dancing has also improved. He is soon going to launch his own youtube video of the whole fitness routine he followed to lose his 200kgs.

Anant Ambani


Losing 108 in 18 months is something next to a miracle. Anant Ambani’s obesity was not something related to him being rich, but it was due to chronic disease of him being Asthmatic and diabetic. He was 208kgs and suddenly transformed to just 100kgs. People accused him of undergoing a surgery but his trainer and dietician both concluded that he couldn’t get any surgery done because of his chronic illness. His exercise regime included:

• Low Diet Protein Intake.

• 30 minutes of slow walking depending on his capacity and later gym exercises including legs press, chest press, and light weight lifting.

• His daily calorie consumption was reduced to 1200-1400 calories per day.

He overcame all his hurdles and finally formed a smart person as he stands of today. His mother Nita Ambani is proud of his dedication and hard work and he himself feels confident about himself.

These were the 8 inspiring popular people who gave up their normal routine to look a bit extra out of the box just to inspire the young generation. If you have weight issues, get up now and get started because a new and beautiful you awaits you.

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