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The comedy industry has a come a long way than what it used to be over the decade specifically in India. Comedy is not everyone’s cup of tea, to some, it comes naturally and for some, it’s an art acquired after years of observation and experience. By far comedy is the toughest genre whether it maybe films, serials, shows or stand-up comedies. Talking in particular about the stand-up comedy industry and comedians thereof, this industry wasn’t developed as of over the past 5 years or so. These were merely found in clubs and cafes that too in the southern Indian states, but thanks to the growing power of YouTube, these well-versed artists and comedians have finally found a platform to showcase their talent, increase the RBC of the Indians and reduce stress from the lives of the people.


Now, just in case you aren’t aware of such comedians or want to see which comedians excel over the other? Read Further.

This ranking is typically based on the amount of YouTube Subscribers and views per video for sure, the next criteria be their popularity amongst the general public as in on their social media accounts, and lastly be their affiliation with other YouTube pages and Public Figures, but mind you these are still the top 5 Stand-up comedians the nation has of today.

Standing Strong on No.5 Aditi Mittal

Strongly known for her bold and humorous English Comedy Dialogue Delivery, Aditi Mittal is the first Indian women to live up to the image of a well-known stand-up comedian. Ranked amongst the top 30 witty and humorous women of India Aditi Mittal’s humor covers all aspects from Osama to sanitary napkin advertisement. She calls herself an observatory and often derives her humor from the current happenings around her. With a large population of young generation of about 166,706 as her subscribers on Youtube and large number of followers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook she proudly stands on number 5.



Cheering @ No.4 Our Very own Abish Mathew

After gaining popularity from his very own show Son of Abish, which is telecasted on both national television and Youtube, this stand-up comedian has humour in every aspect of his show. Started his career initially as a stand-up comedian with YouTube channels such as THE PAPA CJ, COMEDY COMPANY, EAST INDIA COMEDY, schitzengiggles now Abish also has a production house under him. Running strong at number 4 position Abish has nearly about 412,770 subscribers on Youtube and we also bring to you his most popularly viewed video trending on YouTube.



Another Khan at No.3 i.e. Zakir Khan

Probably following the trend that Khans rule the entertainment industry, we present to you, Zakir Khan. The man who won Comedy Central’s India’s Best Stand-up Comedian competition, finally went on to become the face of Indian Stand-up comedy after the birth of AIB- All India Bakchod. He has collaborated with many other stand-up comedians and made us all have a hearty laugh. His jokes are purely based on the life events of a teenage or college going young boy and the situations he phase. Calling his Father as his inspiration, Zakir today stands at number 3 with about 883,855 subscribers on youtube.



Keeping Up at No.2 with Kenny Sebastian

A guy with great looks and good humor is a cherry on the cake kind of situation and as were of Kenny Sebastian is concerned, this young lad of 25 years of age has performed over 500 live shows and even hosted a season of Comedy Central. Such achievements at such tender age never stopped him from becoming not just a stand-up comedian but also a Filmmaker and a Musician. From doing shows in Canvas Laugh Club to doing stand-up comedies in New York Kenny stands at number 2 position in our top 5 list.



The Ultimate Vipul Goyal as our No.1


Vipul Goyal has a unique characteristic in his career which makes him stand apart from the rest of the stand-up comedians, and this particular trait compelled us to make sure he stands at the No.1 position and i.e. that this guy Vipul Goyal besides being a top stand-up comedian and artist he has a successful web series under him or it would be more appropriate to say that he is the mainstay of THE HUMOUROUSLY YOURS web series. THE HUMOROUSLY YOURS is the only web-series that depict the autobiographical aspects of Vipul Goyal’s life. He has a dedicated show of his own in which he himself is the main protagonist and which has nearly crossed 50 million views on Youtube.



So here you are my friends, with the top 5 Stand-up Comedians of the country. In any kind of feel, mood, desire, lust go on to their videos and have a hearty laugh till you find yourself lying in the bed, in tears of laughter.