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Actor Vishal has had quite an eventful year thus far – juggling various film commitments and his new position with the Nadigar Sangam.

Mersal Controversy

Actor Vishal accusing BJP leader H Raja of sponsoring piracy by surveillance the movie online, a charge rejected by latter. Earlier in the day, referring to Raja’s remarks, reported in a section of the media, Vishal, head of the Tamil Film Producers Council (TFPC) and general secretary of the South Indian Artistes’ Association (SIAA), had also demanded an apology from him.

However, Raja clarified that he had only watched clips of the movie on his mobile phone and said he did not have the patience to sit through a two-and-a-half-hour film.

This was “totally insensitive and uncalled for,” said Vishal, who is known for his strong anti-piracy stand and activities.

Demanding an apology from Raja on the matter, Vishal also pressed the government to enact more stringent anti-piracy laws.

Controversy on contesting the R.K. Nagar by Poll

Vishal has been articulated about Delinquency in the Movie Production and has freshly appropriated proceeding with politicians directly.

Actor Vishal said that he would state his reasons after filing his nominations. “I am opposing as an independent candidate. I will state my reasons for questioning this fastidious by poll after snaking my nominee.”

While he condemned BJP leader H. Raja throughout the Mersal controversy, he also alerted politicians not to obstruct in the paradigm of recklessness of producer Ashok Kumar of Company Productions. “If any MLA or MP interferes, we will take them on.”

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Actor Vishal’s close associates say that he has been thinking practically taking the political plunge as he is fed up of politics in the State. He is also the general secretary of Nadigar sangam Saand was just designated as the president of Tamil Film Producers Council.

Love Affair Controversy of Actor Vishal


The latest buzz doing the rounds in Kollywood is that Vishal has found his soul mate in none other than, Varalaxmi….!!!!!

They two have apparently been seeing each other for the last six months and that Vishal’s father is allegedly not too pleased about this liaison.

It seems Vishal’s father was not happy with this development and the two weren’t on the best of terms for a while. The once-close family friends, Sarath Kumar and G K Reddy, have worked together on several films. The last film that G K Reddy produced and Sarath Kumar starred in was I love India. This film ran into losses and it looks like their relationship also soured….!!!

Vishal Shared, No, I’m not seeing Varalaxmi or anyone else. It might sound clichéd but we’re just good friends and we hang out together with the same gang of friends. I’ve known her for the past 20 years. We go out for dinners and catch movies with the same group of friends, which is perhaps the reason for people talking about us.

Even he said that I am very much single. I would be more than happy to disclose my girlfriend’s identity, when I have one. But now, there’s no girl in my life……

Nandigarh Elections Controversy

After making news during Nadigar elections in the past, Vishal finally won the trust of all and became chief of the union. Now he is eyeing on the post of the head for Producers Council of Tamil Industry. Few days ago, in a public meeting for elections campaign, Vishal fired at the producer’s council members. He alleged that the present members were unable to solve anything and they are the reasons for his father’s downfall as a producer. He claimed that he is now fighting for the elections only to do justice for sufferers. He went further and alleged that those who didn’t produce one film are eager to become president for the council.

Vishal’s remarks didn’t go well with producers. Some top league producers and distributors in the leadership of Kalipu S Thanu have surrounded Nadigar Union building to agitate. They demand an apology from Vishal. Kabali producer S Thanu stated that Vishal has developed love on elections and he has been misusing Nadigar and producers council for his own benefit. He further asked Vishal to first do justice to distributors who have lost with Vishal’s flop movies.