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A closure look into the history of fashion makes us to reflect upon the fact, that it is not just the women section that is getting upgraded everyday, men’s fashion has seen a larger and broader evolution in terms of both formal and casual wear, specially after the world wars.

Men’s fashion throughout the world is something that is a challenging task to upgrade and almost all the famous designers and brands of the world have contributed immensely and whole heartedly to bring it to a position as it is now, And it is really amazing to see some of the most popular classic fashion garments have survived the test of time. Some men’s fashion clothing are such which never really go out of style rather are always molded and revolutionized according to current scenarios and generation demands. One of such a men’s fashion generic that is trending all over again in stores these days is the men’s ripped jeans.

Men’s ripped jeans is one of the classic fashion styles that has never really gone out of fashion. It can be said particularly for men’s ripped jeans that it is amongst the most versatile jeans men could ever possess.

mens ripped jeans

In the early days of men’s ripped jeans, that were popular with rock band artists and heavy metal eras during a period of 1980’s. Today many Hollywood Stars, singers and reality show stars namely Kayne West, Justin Bieber, Harry Styles and Scott Disick have completely revolutionized them and moreover have promoted the new edge fashion of mens ripped jeans.

Everything you need to know about men’s ripped jeans before going for your brand:

1. Go for the accurate size. A too loose or too tight men ripped jeans would spoils the whole idea of wearing ripped jeans.

2. A combination of a small scrape, a bit of shred and hole on both the knee area are a good combinations jeans to pick up upon.

3. Too many of these scrape, shred and holes looks like a total mess. Classic style of just a big hole at the knee-cap area is good to go with.

Pairing up Ripped Jeans

As stated earlier the men’s ripped jeans are so versatility designed that they can be pared up with almost everything and anything. Firstly for the summer season pair your men’s ripped jeans with these:

1. On a bright summer day pair up ripped men’s for men with a simple white T-shirt (a wardrobe essential for men) along with any kind of slip on sneakers.

2. For a pleasant day wear a Black T-shirt along with your own favourite mens ripped jeans (particularly blue color) along with chukkas (casual boots) or loafers.

3. Pairing up red color T-shirt with any color ripped jeans is a sure yes with white color low top sneakers.

For men who prefer wearing more of shirts than T-shirts, you can equally carry off the stylish men’s ripped jeans with grace.

4. Wear a simple white undershirt and above it a cool check- shirt or graphic design shirt with the stylish ripped jeans for men along with converse shoes.

ripped jeans for men

Carrying off The stylish Men’s ripped Jeans in winters

1. Pair up your men’s rugged jeans with a hoddie (any color) along with high top sneakers to complete the hip hopper’s look.

2. For a more formal winter look carry off these rugged jeans with a shirt and bomber jacket along with boat shoes.

3. Long over coats are totally a trending wardrobe essential you would ever require, and to complete the look go for boots.

4. Men scarf and stoles are totally style statements pieces. Wear an oversize sweater cover up with a highly checked scarf/stole along with your ripped jeans and complete this look with moccasins.

Designing your very own rugged jeans for men at home

If you have an old pair of distressed jeans with which you no longer wish to continue, transform them into a brand new stylish ripped jeans just by following the simple steps:-

Step 1 – Picking up upon an old distressed jeans

Obviously no one would like to shun up their new expensive jeans therefore every-time going for an old one is preferable. Moreover picking up an old one will give you more authentic look after you make it a ripped one.

Step 2 – Collect your Supplies

You would need tools like scissors, knife, razor, sand paper, a wooden plank or cardboard and pen/chalk.

Step 3 – Marking

Next step is to take the pen or chalk and lay the jeans on a flat surface and mark all the places you wish to make rugged. Decide the spots where you wish to have a hole, a scrape and shred.

Step 4 – Strain/Fray the areas you wish to make ripped

Take up the sand paper and rub it against the areas you wish to weaken so that it becomes easy to make them ripped. Next pick up a razor and start to scratch on the upper part of the jeans below the pocket area in a horizontal direction. This would develop a small scrape.

Next take a sand paper repeat the process on the other leg just a few centimeters above the knee cap area. Take a razor rub it on that region a scrape would develop.

Take a plank of wood and keep it underneath so that you don’t cut the other end of the jeans. Take a scissor and start cutting the strained area leaving the threads entangled. This would form a shred. For the last part take a pair of scissors hold the surface area of the jean you wish to develop a hole and cut it out.

ripped jeans

Step 5 – Precautionary Measure

Try to cut out only small holes first so that you still are in a position to bring about some changes if you don’t like it. But do not cut large size holes or do not do too much because it would look odd giving it an in-descant look.

Ripped jeans are a total wardrobe essential for men of 21st century. Pair it up with any look you wish to carry on a regular day or a weekend it would suit all your purpose. Get a pair of your own mens ripped jeans or make one for yourself today.

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