If you are into fashion, you must be aware of how sharara and gharara have made a comeback. Not only have they become a staple on the runways but also Pakistani weddings. Fashionistas believe that we’re going to be seeing a lot of shararas and ghararas this season. In fact, several top Pakistani luxury brands are doing shararas and ghararas. One such example is Maria Basit Malik, where online wedding dresses in Pakistan can be found. You can also shop for luxury pret dresses at MBM

One query when it comes to wedding wear is the difference between sharara and gharara. While people love both for wedding wear, they rarely understand the difference between both. But that’s okay because today we have compiled all the information we have on both. So that you can understand the difference between both. 

  • Sharara vs. Gharara – Major Differences

Sharara is a two-legged pair of pants. It has a flared and more loose appearance. Designers usually pair sharara with a straight Kurti. Besides a Kurti, angrakhas are also found matched with shararas. 

People confuse sharara with modern-day palazzo. While both are similar in several aspects, yet sharara is usually embellished. It can be ornamented with stones, sequins, zari, and beads. Many online shoppers like to shop luxury pret dresses online. For such shoppers, it is important that they can tell a palazzo and sharara apart. 

In contrast to a sharara, a gharara is a pair of pants that are fitted from the waist to the knees. From the knees onwards, the gharara is flared. Around the knees, the sharara is decorated with a fancy lace or gotta. However, it is not necessary. Mainly because you might want a simpler gharara. In that case, no embellishment is needed.


Sharara vs. Ghararas

  • Where Do Shararas and Ghararas Originate From?

Interestingly enough, shararas and ghararas go way back in history. Even more, than you’d expect. Historians believe that shararas and ghararas date back to the Mughal Era. Due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance, they were widely worn in that era. And that too, for daily wear. 

Before the partition of the South-Asian subcontinent, they were very common. Women specifically from regions in Uttar Pradesh used to wear these regal outfits. After that, its popularity died, only to return in the 1970s. Lollywood and Bollywood movies had women wear shararas and ghararas. For this reason, many iconic music videos from the 70s and 80s have women in shararas and ghararas. 

Even after that era, shararas and ghararas were adopted as wedding wear. It is because of the regal touch both have. In many Pakistani weddings these days, shararas and ghararas are worn by brides. Besides the brides, the women in the groom’s and bride’s families also like to wear them. That is how popular these outfits are in these times.

  • Shararas & Ghararas And Similar Adaptations

There are several design experiments with shararas and ghararas that have happened. Especially in the past couple of years. As casual, loungewear people now wear sharara-style pajamas. These are wide-legged for more comfort. There are other variations like farara and farshi pajamas. Also, as mentioned earlier, palazzo pants are adaptations of shararas and ghararas. 

Don’t know what farara is? It is loose on the thighs and does not have a fitting around the knees. It is like a palazzo pair but has a more informal look.

  • Occasions to Wear Shararas and Ghararas

Honestly, if you feel like glamming up even when there is no ‘special occasion’ it’s fine. But if you want to know what occasions people wear shararas and ghararas at, we have a lot of information for you.

In Pakistan, both shararas and ghararas are worn on special occasions. Especially on the mehndi function, they are worn by women. Since on mehndi, women like to dance, handling a lehenga can be very hard. However, a sharara or a gharara can be an easier option. On multiple occasions, we have found women flaunting these regal outfits.

Especially when a bride buys an online wedding dress in Pakistan, she usually posts it online. In case it is a gharara, she is always found twirling in it with a picture taken. That is how we know that ghararas and shararas are very much in for brides. 

Besides a mehndi function, if you want to wear a white gharara or sharara, that works too. In fact, many Nikkah brides like to wear white because it is simple and not too fancy.

  • What Fabric to Pick When Wearing a Gharara and a Sharara?

Sharara vs. Gharara

This is another confusion people face when they are designing their shararas and ghararas. The best part about both gharara and sharara is that they are comfortable. So, if the fabric is not comfortable, it negates the whole point of these outfits. So, designers believe that the following are best as the fabric of sharara and gharara:

  • Chiffon
  • Net
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Gold tissue
  • Rawsilk

You might want to go for cotton or lawn if you want a more simple version. And that is fine. Because, at the end of the day, your comfort is what matters.

Helpful Tip: 

Always remember, that if you are not comfortable in your outfit then it isn’t a good outfit. So, always wear what you’ll find yourself comfy in.

  • Final Advice

In case you are having trouble designing the perfect sharara/gharara, contact a designer. They will be able to guide you with multiple design options for you to pick from. Seeking advice from a luxury pret designer is always worth it. That is because they have experience with fabric, and they’ll be able to guide you well. So, you should not hesitate to contact one in case you’re still not sure what to wear to a wedding. A sharara or a gharara.

We hope you found this guide to be of help!

Walking across the lane, you might have seen that cool son of your neighbor with the tattoo on his neck. That girl in the dance competition had a small butterfly inked on her belly. Even your famous celebrity has a tattoo or many tattoos for that matter. Then what is holding you back from getting inked?

Tattoos are cool and add a lot to your personality. But getting tattooed is not similar to buying clothes. Once you get inked, it stays there forever and nobody wants to regret the decision in the future. Everyone has his/her own reason for getting tattooed. If you are unable to find your reason, let us help you.

The Most Common Reasons that People Give While Getting Tattooed are as Follows:

Art: Tattoo bearers are the true art lovers. They use their body as a canvas on which they get painted whatever they want to. Anyone who is inked is an artist at heart and considers tattooing as an art too. This gives the freedom of expressing your thoughts boldly. The coolest thing about these people is that they don’t care if other people like them or not because they do not live for the world but themselves.

Love/Passion: Tattoos are an outcome of your love or passion for someone or something. Maybe you are obsessed with your lover too much that you get him/her inked on your body. This reminds me of David Beckham who has got his wife Victoria Beckham’s tattoo on his arm. The crux is that any design that a person finalizes to get tattooed is related to his passion. It can be a movie character, lyrics of a song or any verse. It displays the belief of the person in that particular thing.

Tribute/Cause: Celebrities do it often to pay tribute to their closed ones. Travis Braker, Johnny Depp and many more celebrities have got their family members’ names inked on their body to pay tribute to them.

There are many celebrities who got tattooed for a cause. So, if you are fighting for a cause you can display it in this unique yet super cool manner. It can be for Breast Cancer, AIDS, Rape, or some other cause too.

Memories: “On my 18th birthday, we got matching tattoos” Katy Perry sung this because most of the people actually get tattoos to remember the special dates and occasions. It can be anything from a birthday to an anniversary. When you sit alone in the coming years, you will watch that tattoo and run down the memory lane. The tattoos are memories that can never fade away.

Pain: This might seem weird to you but many people find happiness in pain. The moment the needles form the tattoo on their skin, they find sheer pleasure in the whole activity. This can be addictive too because you would want to get tattooed again and again.

Tattoos define your identity which is why many people get their names inked too. Danny Trejo is known as the illustrated man because of the huge number of tattoos he has. While I would not suggest you to go into that many tattoos, if you are an artist you would love that small art piece on your body for sure. Travis Barker, when asked about the reason for his tattoos, said that he never wanted to do a normal job. The people who have tattoos are not meant for those monotonous and dull jobs.

The process of Tattooing

Mens Tattoo Expert

The one who has never experienced a tattoo might have many taboos in his mind. It is completely normal. People admit of being afraid of the injections but they become hunks while they talk about the tattoo needles. Instead of asking all of those rawgabbits, here is the complete process of tattooing explained to help you go through your first tattoo:

The right design: This is the most time-consuming task. Believe me, I took over a month to finalize the design of my tattoo, and eventually it was a Chinese saying. You cannot just go and select any design. This has to be an analyzed step because the tattoo is going to stay on your body forever.

The tattoo shops have pre-drawn designs which are called flash and you can choose from it. It is also available on the Internet, some for free and some are paid. The disadvantage, however, is that it will be common amongst people. If you want something unique on you, then you should ask the tattoo artist to create a unique design as per your need and choice. Many tattoo artists create patented tattoos too and that gives a sense of uniqueness to your identity. Not all the tattoo artists design a whole new design for you but the experienced can do it just like a child’s play.

Never compromise with the hygiene: Make sure that the place is safe and clean. The tattoos can land you in a serious problem if you don’t keep a check on the place where you get tattooed. Sterilization equipment should be the first thing to look for. The tattoo artist should have fresh needles and ink for each customer. His hands should be covered in gloves to avoid any sort of infection. If any of these is absent, just rush out to some other place. Because there are many of those tattoo dens which are a lot more safe and clean.

Getting it inked: First, you would need to have the skin area cleaned where you would have your tattoo. If it has hair, you must get is shaved first. After the removal of hair, the tattoo artist will put the outline of the tattoo on your skin using the temporary tattoos ink and paper. This is the last chance to change the place or the design of the tattoo.


Then begins the painful ride with the needles penetrating your skin. Using the tattoo machine, the tattoo artist will start making the tattoo. You will need to keep patience because if you move too much, you could regret it later. The needles work in motion just like a sewing machine. The needles might need to be changed in between depending upon your tattoo design. Normally, the outline of the tattoo is done first and then it is filled gradually using the colors that were selected by you. The time for completing the tattoo depends upon the complexity of the same. It can be a few hours or a couple of days. Yes, it can take couple of days too if it is large and too complex to be done within a day.

The pain: The first thing about getting a tattoo is that it is painful. But since nobody pushed you into this, you need to face it all by yourself. If you know that you cannot bear the pain yourself, take your strength with you. One of the girl’s I know took her boyfriend along so that she could bear the pain. People have their own pain killing remedies you see.

The intensity of pain a person feels is different from person to person. The bottom line is you cannot escape it. And if you are the one who finds pleasure in the pain, then you are going to get addicted to this process. Whatever is your limit, just inform your tattoo artist beforehand so that he can be careful throughout.

Oh it’s done: Finally, when it is done, you will see redness around the tattoo. Don’t panic it is normal to bleed a bit but it should not be consistent. The tattoo artist cleans the tattoo and then you can smile about all the pain you just went through.

After that, the tattoo is covered with a bandage. Your skin has undergone a beautiful art-making and that cannot be just exposed right away. The tattoo artist would give you a set of instructions which include applying ointment on it, staying away from sun and water, and may be using the products he recommends.

Getting inked would be one of the best decisions you made in your life. You might not agree with me now, but I am sure you would, once you get it.

A good pair of shades is what every man needs in his life. It places its outfit in place, the nodding heads we feel you! For the fashion, conscious new trends that have started coming in with the new year.

Sunglasses aren’t just a resort for puffy eyes or hiding dark circles, but they help us to stay strong and going in those bad sunny days. Also, adding the right kind of pair into your look totally changes the persona you carry.


With the new year comes events and fashion shows that bring insight to what is happening in the fashion industry and what will stay, here we have a brief list of sunglasses for you! You lads who aren’t much of into fashion and are sure about your good old aviators, well, you are! Let’s just begin with the trends that have set this season.

Aviators & Wayfarer


Well, do we need to say about these, they are eclectic and we love them! And, yes we know how much you love your Ray-Ban aviators, they are classics! Men’s aviator sunglasses are the most loved ones and are pretty much in trend.

Classy Black

Nothing is more appealing than those classy black hue shades. Well, seasons may come and go, this one will remain in vogue! Classy black glasses in any frame, will be our favorites, they match and pair up with all outfits and they are just the best rescuers from the sun!

Clear Frame

Crisp and clean look with this subtle pair of clear reading glasses is sure to add some geeky yet saucy look to your persona. Just a pair of clear frames add a clean and suave look to your persona. For the trending range of sunglasses, Shoppers Stop is our destination when we think of shopping our hearts out.

Round Frames


Well, round sunglasses for men are pretty much in vogue and a perfect casual accessory! For fashion forward men, experiment your looks with some good round frames, they are available with mirrored glasses or in bold lens colors.

Mirrored Glasses

The mirrored sunglasses made a lot of news last year, everybody wanted one. And they are still going strong with almost any kind of frame these mirrored sunglasses are the new founded and loved accessories.

Fancy Frames

Edgy and frivolous for the ones who like to add some quirk to their look. Fancy frames or bright colored glasses, you need to have that confidence for flaunting these!

All you need is a little streak of confidence to pull these fancy frames. When speaking about men dressing up, sunglasses are an integral part. They are counted as an important accessory for your outfit and reflect your personality and fashion sense.

Hence it gets important to have the smart and right pair of sunglasses with your outfit.

The clothes may not make a man, but they can make him look amazing. A suit is a fashion staple that oozes classiness and sublime style, flattering the wearer and never going out of style. However, treating yourself with one is not an immediate thing, nor a cheap endeavor. The best suits are made by one man, meticulously handcrafted and drawn. To get one, you better be prepared to equip yourself with financial means, patience, and knowledge.

So, here is how to buy that bespoke suit and cut a dash.


Finding the perfect tailor comes before anything else. Namely, tailors are anything but all cut from the same cloth. Each and every professional differs in terms of manufacturing and cutting. So, get ready to do your homework.

Conduct a background check and assess the reputation. Tailors with years of experience and a plethora of content customers are a safe bet. Once you ensure that their past checks out, turn your attention to the future. Keep your eyes open for after-care for garments as well. A tailor should be the right fit for you and able to meet all your specific needs.

Oh, and it should be mentioned that some of the best tailors on the face of the earth are prepared to pay customers a visit, not the other way around. Of course, you can also walk the extra mile and travel to places such as London, Hong Kong, and Italy, which are famous for their suits.

Rite of Passage

source- dhgate


It goes without saying that you need to know what purpose the suit is supposed to serve. So, are you looking for men’s wedding suits, a garment to impress people at a gala event or something that is suitable for your upcoming court appearance?

Furthermore, it is highly advisable to educate yourself a bit. Learn the terminology and how different styles of suits (such as Italian and British) differ. Likewise, know how to recognize poor quality. You should, for example, steer away from suits that have glue substances. On the other hand, high-end products feature a sewn “canvas”, which is the material between the lining and the fabric. Luckily, it is possible to inspect the suit by pinching around the top buttonholes in the chest area.

Be versed in how to talk to your tailor and do not shy away from asking questions. See how much work was invested (50 hours should cut it) and where are the suits made or shipped from. Reputable businesses usually have most of their tailors on the premises.

There are some other telltale signs. Suits that cost top dollar have handmade padding and stitching. What is more, note that the top-notch materials should never wrinkle, even when twisted.

Naturally, it pays off to study various fabrics that make or break a dazzling suit. Some of the most popular ones are worsted wool, mohair, and flannel. They all have their pros and cons that you need to weigh carefully.

There are many types of suits, but in general, bespoke suits are both lightweight and sturdy. You can wear them for three seasons without experiencing inconveniences such as overheating.

For good measure

Mens suit Techniques to make then suit you

A top set of threads made from scratch can cost you dearly. A “made-to-measure” suit is less pricey: It is cut from an existing pattern and adjusted to your measurements. There are also those “off-the-rack” suits that you can put on right away, but most often, they do not exactly fit like a glove.

There is no such thing as instant men’s fashion, not if you are looking for the cream of the crop. Creating suits is a labor-intensive process and you always get what you pay for.

Therefore, be patient: It might take a month or two for a killer suit to get made.

Sometimes, tailors carry out 20 measurements and follow them up with several fittings. Also, do not be surprised if you receive advice on how to improve your posture as well. After all, body shapes and proportions vary and a good tailor can write an encyclopedia about this topic. More importantly, a competent tailor subtly eyes you up and pays attention to even the smallest of details.

Finally, we come to the point where you must see how you feel in a suit. If it is like your second skin, you are on the right track. In any event, do not throw money on something you do not feel comfortable in.

League of extraordinary gentleman

Be prepared to invest both time and money in the search for the peerless suit. Learn how to recognize dodgy and quality work. Don’t just go to the first tailor you come across and buy one off the racks. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution in the world of exalted fashion.

One thing is for certain: You need to work hand in hand with your tailor. The reward for it all comes in the form of awakening a sense of confidence and prominence and feeling like a king amongst men. So, are you ready to get dressed up to the nines and join the elite club?

For those who thought accessorizing is the art of women, think again honey! There are equally or I must say more elegant and efficient accessories that are being manufactured keeping in mind the needs of Men of 2k17. Not just that these Men accessories are pretty enough for them to carry, they are quite efficient as they solve the basic purpose of styling as well. Well as for today we are focusing on a very minute thing in size, that actually makes or breaks the look of your super expensive lavish material suit, and that is THE LAPEL PIN. Yes my lord it right, a little thing can make a hell lot of difference to your suit. Before we get onto recommendations of buying certain kinds of Lapel Pins, let me give you a little brief about it for those who wonder why to go for a lapel pin?

A Lapel Pin is a small designer pin specifically manufactured to be put onto the left side of the suit’s lapel. These were initially worn by people of the higher classes, as a statement of them being a part of the rich families or holding a higher status in the society. This is one accessory being brought down from our ancestors and now being common and convenient for every person to carry it off. You can better call them something that belongs to the Vintage Past Period and is being used today with a contemporary twist.

{For those of who don’t know that since these Lapel Pins were put on the left side, most clothing brand companies that came into existence in the 19th century and later started to put their trademark logo on the left side, Therefore Lapel Pins have been a major inspirational factor since their origin}

Lapel Pins are only worn as a decorative purpose or to show off personal customizing details, or due to affiliation to some kind of organization or country. Since Lapel Pins are a personal choice we would love to help you select from the best pins available:

American Flag Lapel Pin

American Flag Lapel Pin

Do you know what is a real patriotic moment? Proudly wearing the nation’s flag on the chest. This American Flag Lapel Pin is made out of the best quality brass, home made in USA and even comes with gold plaiting. If you are a citizen of USA then you can wear this on some important national days, or if you are someone who is related to some political background in the USA wear it all day every day. Comes with premium quality paint and varnishing easily available to you at $6.75.

Celebrity Enamel Lapel Pins

Celebrity Enamel Lapel Pins

For all the public figure lovers, wear the Lapel Pins that are cartoon imitations of your favourite singers or other political leaders on your lapel. These lapel pins includes cartoon imitations of

• Beyonce

• Biggie

• Kanye

• Talyor Swift

• Justin Bieber

• Obama

• Tupac

Don’t hesitate to show love to your favourite public images by keeping the close to your heart on your lapel. Buy any of these under just $9.99

BoomBox Lapel Pin


All the music lovers out there look what we got in for you, the one in all a Boombox Lapel Pin. The cute detailing and smart cut edges are a truly eye catching. What’s more that it is made out of pure copper that gives it a unique detailing. You can not only match this with a dark colored suit but also use it over jackets and overcoat stuff. Get this funky boombox under just $9.95.

{For those who are confused what kind of Men suits, they should go forth for, get all the knowledge at: All about Mens Suit}

Emoji Lapel Pin

Emoji Lapel Pin

In a digital word where expressing over internet is handled with the use of Emoji, why not wear one on your lapel? Our personal favourite is the Middle Finger Emoji Lapel pin. This solves your two purpose, firstly you can directly flaunt in front of someone you feel deserves the middle finger and secondly, people will judge you as someone who is outspoken and doesn’t tolerate any nuisance. Get this trendy Emoji Lapel Pin under $8.99.

The Timeless Art of Seduction Lapel Pin


This kind of Lapel Pin is for the one who doesn’t think twice before flaunting their true sexual animal. Making sure you don’t overdo with this one is really important for this is mainly for informal occasions only. Let the bald and bared chest man steal the limelight under just $9.95.

Handmade Flower Lapel Pin

Handmade Flower Lapel Pin

Get the benefits of a Satin Handmade Lapel Pin, with the best kind of fabrics and vibrant colors to choose from for the perfect wedding day, or evening brunch. The more you see them the more graceful they look since they have an undefined luster which makes it distinct from the rest types of lapel pins. If you have a prom coming the near future grab it soon in just $8.99.

Besides these Lapel Pins make sure your wardrobe carries these essential Mens Accessories for you never know when an occasion comes up your way:



While there are so many Men fashion Accessories that can be carried off both at formal and informal events, such as these Cufflinks. For Men, it’s little tricky to play with these little metal button like things, but there is no harm in carrying it off with your suits, once a fortnight. It is always advisable to go for the simple designer ones, and not too funky cufflinks. Whenever buying these go forth with the silver stainless kind of cufflinks.

Neck Tie


What is a suit with a tie? These two are probably two best friends who sometimes compliment each other or on other occasions create a contrast with each other. What you can simply do is have those silk ties for normal occasions for the pattern on them comes out really gracefully and during more formal or say during major events and gatherings don’t hesitate to carry off the new in trend polymer ties. They have superior finish and you need not waste your time settling the knot since it comes with a tie structure, so everything is already in place.

Bow Tie


Talking about the bow tie, it’s really tricky to decide when to wear a bow tie. Don’t worry what are we for here, only to assist you. Bow ties are more for the occasions that particularly don’t relate to your professions, say a marriage procedural, or a bachelor’s cocktail or some events like these. Bow ties come in a variety of patterns and textures the only thing you need to make sure is you need to match the fabric of your suit with your bow tie, this the rule of thumb relating to wearing bow ties. Rest you can go furthering experimenting things you might never know that would turn out really well.

Pocket Square

Pocket Square

The man who invented pocket square must be a die-hard fan of keeping an extra handkerchief, just in case someone needs one. Jokes apart, Pocket Square is nothing but neatly folded handkerchiefs that come in bold colors, designs, patterns, and materials only to be placed right on your chest. There are many ways of folding a Pocket Square, but ultimately it all depends on the detailing of the pocket square i.e. it should always create a contrast with the suit you are carrying.

Tie Clips


Even called Tie Bars are eventually placed at the tie to keep it in place. These are small but serve a very practical function since they keep the tie intact to the shirt. These are really small so no one can ever go wrong with these, but still, they are available in a variety of decorative designs and one has a large ocean of tie clips to choose from.

A careful observation about what our peers carry off, or what are the latest trends coming up helps us to make a better choice while choosing The Lapel pins and other accessories mentioned above. Don’t hesitate to look out of the box for it makes other men jealous and women mad behind you.

Men seem to be always in a rush… always in a hurry to get every task done. But in case to rule in Men’s fashion, they have to slow down a bit if wanna adapt a fabulous look. Just look at your closet for once guys, it is demanding a change or simply needs to be updated. To refurbish your closet, you will have some time to look at the trending fashion for men. If you don’t want to be in a fashion race, just add things to your closet that are for the long-run and simply mix and match with the other old things to make a different combo at your own.

Just be in vogue simply by not putting up a lot of efforts, here are some of the basic fashion rules for you:

fashionable men

• Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and the same feel with which designer has made the concept. The big part of style depends upon your confidence and attitude.

• To attract someone towards yourself, you need to work on your entire style and personality.

• You must value your image and style and maintain it properly to develop your aura.

• Always keep your clothes in a shape, buy things such as wooden hangers, shoe racks, iron etc.

• Try choosing Quality over quantity.

• Fashion trends change too fast, so don’t prey to the waggish kinks of fashion.

• Try to stick to timeless clothing i.e. classic colors, patterns, combinations and textures.

• Try not to replicate your favorite celebrities and be yourself. Go for the trend that suits you.

To improve your humor in fashion, we don’t need a lot of work to be done. The all time and never ending fashion accessories are here for you:



Deo, perfumes, scents or any kind of fragrances can be a pleasurable experience. Most of the men don’t use fragrances regularly. Wearing a fragrance not only smells good but also makes you feel confident. The western fragrances and Arabic perfumes are the most enchanting and seductive perfumes of the time.

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Aware guys…you can be judged by your shoes too. People assume your shoes as a measuring tool for your career and status. While choosing shoes for men, there is a lot more variety than just leather or sports shoes. Trending now a days are sneakers and loafers. A divergent variety of colors and styles are available online as well as on stores. White sneakers have taken a zeal, looks cool with jeans and tees and offers you a smart and funky look. It would be worth spending your money on classic type of footwear that nearly works for all occasions.



Most of the guys are crazy about watches and experiment a lot in watches. The most trendiest and experimental thing in men’s fantasy are watches. Men’s watches simply add maturity to their outfit. You can choose a watch with a chain, strap or any other style. A watch is never out of fashion, but style, colors and variety in watches is updated continuously.



Remember always to wear sunglasses while going outside in the direct sun. It will not only give you a style but also helps preventing you from adverse effect of direct heat to your eyes. Sunglasses for men are not only for beaches, they can also wear it casually. But a rare man wears sunglasses in routine. You should wear a sunglass according to your suit or casual wear.

T-shirts and Huddies:


T-shirts and huddies are mainly never ending fashion wear and also go with both casual and formal wear. T-shirts worn with blazers are now in a vogue. Light-weight huddies are more comfortable than oldest T-shirts in your closet. And the combo of t-shirt with huddies also goes well.

Casual wear:

With no doubts, jeans with a t-shirt are all time favorite casual wear in Men’s fashion. When there is not much choice in clothing, mostly boys go for the casual and cool look. And yes, you can add a spark to your casual wear by choosing ripped jeans. Ripped jeans with stylish t-shirts and hoodies are the trend setter of the time.

Formal Wear:


Nowadays, options in men’s formal wear are far more than just a formal suit. To meet the demands of guests or hosts, understanding dress code is the key. Tuxedos and black tie formal wear have got a surprising amount of praise and attention from the biggest trendsetters of the era and also tuxedos don’t go out of style. There was a limited color choice when discussed about men’s formal but now with the change of trend, celebrities have added colors to their formal wears rather than just black and grey. When goes for formals, it is better to overdress than under dress as with the removal of just a tie and loosening your shirt, you can easily get prepared for the event or converted to a semi-formal dress.

Whatever you wear builds confidence level in you, so you need to be more choosy to get composure with the intensity of fashion. You need not rush into the present mania of Men’s Fashion. Just go through a little bit of additions and you will be all set to rock the world.