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If you are into fashion, you must be aware of how sharara and gharara have made a comeback. Not only have they become a staple on the runways but also Pakistani weddings. Fashionistas believe that we’re going to be seeing a lot of shararas and ghararas this season. In fact, several top Pakistani luxury brands are doing shararas and ghararas. One such example is Maria Basit Malik, where online wedding dresses in Pakistan can be found. You can also shop for luxury pret dresses at MBM

One query when it comes to wedding wear is the difference between sharara and gharara. While people love both for wedding wear, they rarely understand the difference between both. But that’s okay because today we have compiled all the information we have on both. So that you can understand the difference between both. 

  • Sharara vs. Gharara – Major Differences

Sharara is a two-legged pair of pants. It has a flared and more loose appearance. Designers usually pair sharara with a straight Kurti. Besides a Kurti, angrakhas are also found matched with shararas. 

People confuse sharara with modern-day palazzo. While both are similar in several aspects, yet sharara is usually embellished. It can be ornamented with stones, sequins, zari, and beads. Many online shoppers like to shop luxury pret dresses online. For such shoppers, it is important that they can tell a palazzo and sharara apart. 

In contrast to a sharara, a gharara is a pair of pants that are fitted from the waist to the knees. From the knees onwards, the gharara is flared. Around the knees, the sharara is decorated with a fancy lace or gotta. However, it is not necessary. Mainly because you might want a simpler gharara. In that case, no embellishment is needed.


Sharara vs. Ghararas

  • Where Do Shararas and Ghararas Originate From?

Interestingly enough, shararas and ghararas go way back in history. Even more, than you’d expect. Historians believe that shararas and ghararas date back to the Mughal Era. Due to their aesthetically pleasing appearance, they were widely worn in that era. And that too, for daily wear. 

Before the partition of the South-Asian subcontinent, they were very common. Women specifically from regions in Uttar Pradesh used to wear these regal outfits. After that, its popularity died, only to return in the 1970s. Lollywood and Bollywood movies had women wear shararas and ghararas. For this reason, many iconic music videos from the 70s and 80s have women in shararas and ghararas. 

Even after that era, shararas and ghararas were adopted as wedding wear. It is because of the regal touch both have. In many Pakistani weddings these days, shararas and ghararas are worn by brides. Besides the brides, the women in the groom’s and bride’s families also like to wear them. That is how popular these outfits are in these times.

  • Shararas & Ghararas And Similar Adaptations

There are several design experiments with shararas and ghararas that have happened. Especially in the past couple of years. As casual, loungewear people now wear sharara-style pajamas. These are wide-legged for more comfort. There are other variations like farara and farshi pajamas. Also, as mentioned earlier, palazzo pants are adaptations of shararas and ghararas. 

Don’t know what farara is? It is loose on the thighs and does not have a fitting around the knees. It is like a palazzo pair but has a more informal look.

  • Occasions to Wear Shararas and Ghararas

Honestly, if you feel like glamming up even when there is no ‘special occasion’ it’s fine. But if you want to know what occasions people wear shararas and ghararas at, we have a lot of information for you.

In Pakistan, both shararas and ghararas are worn on special occasions. Especially on the mehndi function, they are worn by women. Since on mehndi, women like to dance, handling a lehenga can be very hard. However, a sharara or a gharara can be an easier option. On multiple occasions, we have found women flaunting these regal outfits.

Especially when a bride buys an online wedding dress in Pakistan, she usually posts it online. In case it is a gharara, she is always found twirling in it with a picture taken. That is how we know that ghararas and shararas are very much in for brides. 

Besides a mehndi function, if you want to wear a white gharara or sharara, that works too. In fact, many Nikkah brides like to wear white because it is simple and not too fancy.

  • What Fabric to Pick When Wearing a Gharara and a Sharara?

Sharara vs. Gharara

This is another confusion people face when they are designing their shararas and ghararas. The best part about both gharara and sharara is that they are comfortable. So, if the fabric is not comfortable, it negates the whole point of these outfits. So, designers believe that the following are best as the fabric of sharara and gharara:

  • Chiffon
  • Net
  • Silk
  • Velvet
  • Gold tissue
  • Rawsilk

You might want to go for cotton or lawn if you want a more simple version. And that is fine. Because, at the end of the day, your comfort is what matters.

Helpful Tip: 

Always remember, that if you are not comfortable in your outfit then it isn’t a good outfit. So, always wear what you’ll find yourself comfy in.

  • Final Advice

In case you are having trouble designing the perfect sharara/gharara, contact a designer. They will be able to guide you with multiple design options for you to pick from. Seeking advice from a luxury pret designer is always worth it. That is because they have experience with fabric, and they’ll be able to guide you well. So, you should not hesitate to contact one in case you’re still not sure what to wear to a wedding. A sharara or a gharara.

We hope you found this guide to be of help!