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A good pair of shades is what every man needs in his life. It places its outfit in place, the nodding heads we feel you! For the fashion, conscious new trends that have started coming in with the new year.

Sunglasses aren’t just a resort for puffy eyes or hiding dark circles, but they help us to stay strong and going in those bad sunny days. Also, adding the right kind of pair into your look totally changes the persona you carry.


With the new year comes events and fashion shows that bring insight to what is happening in the fashion industry and what will stay, here we have a brief list of sunglasses for you! You lads who aren’t much of into fashion and are sure about your good old aviators, well, you are! Let’s just begin with the trends that have set this season.

Aviators & Wayfarer


Well, do we need to say about these, they are eclectic and we love them! And, yes we know how much you love your Ray-Ban aviators, they are classics! Men’s aviator sunglasses are the most loved ones and are pretty much in trend.

Classy Black

Nothing is more appealing than those classy black hue shades. Well, seasons may come and go, this one will remain in vogue! Classy black glasses in any frame, will be our favorites, they match and pair up with all outfits and they are just the best rescuers from the sun!

Clear Frame

Crisp and clean look with this subtle pair of clear reading glasses is sure to add some geeky yet saucy look to your persona. Just a pair of clear frames add a clean and suave look to your persona. For the trending range of sunglasses, Shoppers Stop is our destination when we think of shopping our hearts out.

Round Frames


Well, round sunglasses for men are pretty much in vogue and a perfect casual accessory! For fashion forward men, experiment your looks with some good round frames, they are available with mirrored glasses or in bold lens colors.

Mirrored Glasses

The mirrored sunglasses made a lot of news last year, everybody wanted one. And they are still going strong with almost any kind of frame these mirrored sunglasses are the new founded and loved accessories.

Fancy Frames

Edgy and frivolous for the ones who like to add some quirk to their look. Fancy frames or bright colored glasses, you need to have that confidence for flaunting these!

All you need is a little streak of confidence to pull these fancy frames. When speaking about men dressing up, sunglasses are an integral part. They are counted as an important accessory for your outfit and reflect your personality and fashion sense.

Hence it gets important to have the smart and right pair of sunglasses with your outfit.