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Men seem to be always in a rush… always in a hurry to get every task done. But in case to rule in Men’s fashion, they have to slow down a bit if wanna adapt a fabulous look. Just look at your closet for once guys, it is demanding a change or simply needs to be updated. To refurbish your closet, you will have some time to look at the trending fashion for men. If you don’t want to be in a fashion race, just add things to your closet that are for the long-run and simply mix and match with the other old things to make a different combo at your own.

Just be in vogue simply by not putting up a lot of efforts, here are some of the basic fashion rules for you:

fashionable men

• Whatever you wear, wear it with confidence and the same feel with which designer has made the concept. The big part of style depends upon your confidence and attitude.

• To attract someone towards yourself, you need to work on your entire style and personality.

• You must value your image and style and maintain it properly to develop your aura.

• Always keep your clothes in a shape, buy things such as wooden hangers, shoe racks, iron etc.

• Try choosing Quality over quantity.

• Fashion trends change too fast, so don’t prey to the waggish kinks of fashion.

• Try to stick to timeless clothing i.e. classic colors, patterns, combinations and textures.

• Try not to replicate your favorite celebrities and be yourself. Go for the trend that suits you.

To improve your humor in fashion, we don’t need a lot of work to be done. The all time and never ending fashion accessories are here for you:



Deo, perfumes, scents or any kind of fragrances can be a pleasurable experience. Most of the men don’t use fragrances regularly. Wearing a fragrance not only smells good but also makes you feel confident. The western fragrances and Arabic perfumes are the most enchanting and seductive perfumes of the time.

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Aware guys…you can be judged by your shoes too. People assume your shoes as a measuring tool for your career and status. While choosing shoes for men, there is a lot more variety than just leather or sports shoes. Trending now a days are sneakers and loafers. A divergent variety of colors and styles are available online as well as on stores. White sneakers have taken a zeal, looks cool with jeans and tees and offers you a smart and funky look. It would be worth spending your money on classic type of footwear that nearly works for all occasions.



Most of the guys are crazy about watches and experiment a lot in watches. The most trendiest and experimental thing in men’s fantasy are watches. Men’s watches simply add maturity to their outfit. You can choose a watch with a chain, strap or any other style. A watch is never out of fashion, but style, colors and variety in watches is updated continuously.



Remember always to wear sunglasses while going outside in the direct sun. It will not only give you a style but also helps preventing you from adverse effect of direct heat to your eyes. Sunglasses for men are not only for beaches, they can also wear it casually. But a rare man wears sunglasses in routine. You should wear a sunglass according to your suit or casual wear.

T-shirts and Huddies:


T-shirts and huddies are mainly never ending fashion wear and also go with both casual and formal wear. T-shirts worn with blazers are now in a vogue. Light-weight huddies are more comfortable than oldest T-shirts in your closet. And the combo of t-shirt with huddies also goes well.

Casual wear:

With no doubts, jeans with a t-shirt are all time favorite casual wear in Men’s fashion. When there is not much choice in clothing, mostly boys go for the casual and cool look. And yes, you can add a spark to your casual wear by choosing ripped jeans. Ripped jeans with stylish t-shirts and hoodies are the trend setter of the time.

Formal Wear:


Nowadays, options in men’s formal wear are far more than just a formal suit. To meet the demands of guests or hosts, understanding dress code is the key. Tuxedos and black tie formal wear have got a surprising amount of praise and attention from the biggest trendsetters of the era and also tuxedos don’t go out of style. There was a limited color choice when discussed about men’s formal but now with the change of trend, celebrities have added colors to their formal wears rather than just black and grey. When goes for formals, it is better to overdress than under dress as with the removal of just a tie and loosening your shirt, you can easily get prepared for the event or converted to a semi-formal dress.

Whatever you wear builds confidence level in you, so you need to be more choosy to get composure with the intensity of fashion. You need not rush into the present mania of Men’s Fashion. Just go through a little bit of additions and you will be all set to rock the world.