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Upgrade Yourself Upgrade Your Smell – Men’s Perfume Guide

Sense of smell is just above the strongest sense humans have. It can either distance us or attract us to someone. Scented oils, perfumes and other fragrances have been adorned by people since early civilization. One thing everyone need to understand that smelling good is important for both men and women. As per for men, women tend to be more attracted to men who smell good rather than men who just carry good looks.

According to researches pleasantness and facial attractiveness integrated into one joint emotional evaluation. So where men are concerned our experts have their say as to rather than going for body sprays, roll-ons or deodorants it is preferable to wear a proper Men’s Perfume.

There are thousands of Men’s Perfume available in the world market right now but it is important for men to realize this fact that wearing the right perfume according to the body odor is what the most significant task to do. Following points prove the purpose for wearing the right Men’s Perfume :-

♦ Other people can smell you more than you smell yourself, so make sure you do not smell unpleasant.

♦ Women frequently have a more sensitive sense of smell, so for attracting the lady you like it is important to please her nostrils.

♦ No one honestly no one likes to sit next to or hang out with someone who is pungent and revolting.

♦ People who smell exceptionally enchanting receive complainants on a regular basis, and this really helps to boost self confidence and self esteem specially in case of the male gender.

♦ Smelling good is associated with good hygiene which means that you take care of yourself.

Finding the right perfume is almost as hard as finding the right man. So if you are keenly interested in making yourself smell good or want to upgrade your perfume wardrobe, here we have perfumes for men which are easily available at many online perfume selling websites below $50:

1. Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica

This perfume is ranked amongst the best selling online perfumes with the highest customer rating and is highly in demand for a being the classic scent.

Nautica Classic features watery floral and tones of aromatic wood. It is highly recommended to use for daily wear. It is long lasting and can be worn by men of all ages and society sections.

Cost– $11.49 for 3.4 fl oz 100ml EDT spray.

2. Man Eau Fraiche Eau De Toilette Spray Men by Versace

Amongst the most demanded Versace perfumes is this one the new Versace Eau Fraiche which is more fresher and more aquatic. This is marked as the best seller in men’s Eau Fraiche as it has a Mediterranean quality with some woody notes. These notes include lemon, bergamot, rosewood, and rose. It is a strong smelling perfume highly recommended by sophisticated men working in corporate sector.

Cost– $49.95 for 6.7 ounce.

3. Cool Water by Davidoff for Men Eau De Toilette Spray

Introduced in 1998, it is a totally occasion going perfume. Consists various fragrance notes- lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood. It is not a strong and fiery odour but good going for mild user who like to smell simple.

Cost– $23.42 for 4.2 ounces.

4. Drakkar Noir by Guy Laroche

Notes back from the year 1982 and contains a great combination of various fragrance notes including lavender, citrus, spicy berries and sandalwood. It makes you smell manly but doesn’t over-power the main motive of smelling good. It smells great and makes you feel great. Totally perfect for evening go outs.

Cost–$19.69 for 3.2 ounces.

5. Chrome Legend by Azzaro

Launched by the design house of Azzaro in 2007, A premium designed bottle possesses a blend of Moss, Musk, Sea Spray, Apple, Tea, Bitter Orange, Amber.

Highly recommended for gym trainers as it cuts down body odour and last moderately longer for a short span.

Cost– $21.49 for 4.2 ounces.

6. Bvlgari Aqva by Bvlgari

Launched by the design house of Bvlgari in 2005. A premium perfume by BVLGARI AQUA is a men’s fragrance that has a certain characteristic of making men smell fresh because of its unique blend of amber, petit grain, santolina, mandarin and posidonia. It last moderately long and has soothing smell of the ocean.

Cost– $19.95 for 1 ounce.

7. L’eau D’issey by Issey Miyake

A rare combination of citrus and spice combined with lower notes of musk, amber and woods. Gives out a refreshing fragrance that lasts longer. Ability yo creat stampede of women across men. Totally good to carry at an event.

Cost– $35.05 for 2.5 ounces.

8. Guess Seductive Men Edt Spray

Where guess steps in there is no chance of confusion. A must to go with perfume with a combination of mild, sweet, almost flowery fragrance. Romantic odor go for it if you want to catch the eyes of a special someone. Long lasting smell with a premium brand name at an affordable price.

Cost– $17.97 for 3.4 ounces.

9. Versace Pour Homme by Gianni Versace

This another player from Versace consists of fragrance notes consisting of Jasmine, Moroccan, Cedar Wood, Musk Kashmir Wood, Azalea. Premium brand name at an affordable price and that too long lasting is a must to go combination.

Cost– $8.90 for 5ml.

10. Lucky You Lucky Brand Cologne Spray

Get lucky with this cologne. Highly recommended for college going people. It makes you smell fresh and clean. Recommended usage in the autumn season that moderately lasts long with a pretty classic smell at a much affordable price.

Cost– $16.91 for 3.4 oz.

Not all perfumes are for all men type. You need to realize the need and purpose associated with the kind of perfume you wear on a regular basis to office or college should be different from the one you wear on some special occasion. Perfume is something that is easy to go with, always refer to the following points that help us to learn the Art of wearing Perfume–

◊ Know what suits your personality

The right perfume makes you stand out of the crowd. You need to understand yourself before choosing a particular perfume. Whether you like a strong and fresh smell or dark and spicy all depends on the personality you carry. Never just carry any perfume that was gifted to you or it the same fragrance smelled nice on your friend/colleague. The same perfume might not work for you.

◊ Testing sample before you commit to the perfume

It all depends how your body odor perceives a perfume. What you feel smells nice on someone else not necessarily suit your body type. So firstly it is important to make the perfume undergo a test. Apply it on the hand and let be therefor 20 minutes or so, then smell it again if it gives a soothing smell you are good to go.

◊ Never apply perfume on the hair

Hair is an important factor concerning men. It is true that hair carry fragrances longer than the body does but this direct application of perfume causes dryness and dullness in hair. To avoid this do not spray perfume directly rather spray perfume on your hand rub the other hand over that sprayed area and then let the hands run through the hair.

◊ Making perfume fragrance last long

In order to make the perfume last long apply it immediately after having a shower so that the body absorbs it and mixes completely with the body odor thus giving out a nice fragrance when body heat is radiated.

The ability of a fragrance to make us feel like desired beings and allows us to stand out of the crowd due to the uniqueness of the smell that our bodies carry. While smelling good boosts our confidence in an abnormal way, getting appreciated by others because for such nice body odor gives a sense of superiority over the others and lessens our chances of suffering from failures. Hence go forth and choose your perfume today for a better tomorrow thereafter.