Plants That Have Thick Leaves- How to Care them At Home

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Plants are known for improving the ambiance of our surroundings. In this article, we will see indoor plants and outdoor plants that have thick leaves. Indoor plants are popular nowadays because they can be used for decoration purposes, and relatively they are easy to care for and are proven good for health compared to outdoor plants. 

Outdoor plants are ideal for maintaining terrace gardens or having an open yard at their home. Let’s get started with the plants that have thick leaves and how can we take care of those unique plants at home easily:


Jade Plant


The Jade plant belongs to the Crassula family with fleshy leaves. Jade plants have thick and green leaves. You can get your Jade plant by buy plants online at your doorstep. When growing such indoor plants, the most important factors to consider are water, light, temperature, and fertilization. 


Do not let the plant completely dry out to help them grow profoundly. Another important thing that needs to be taken care of, is the amount of sunlight they acquire as Jade grows effectively when it receives adequate sunlight.



Kalanchoe is a species of succulent plant that overshadows its flowering leaves. Many succulents grow quickly in good light. However, people are fond of these plants mainly because of their leaves. The color of the flower of this plant varies from bright red to pink, yellow, or orange. It usually blooms for several weeks in winter and early spring. 


Kalanchoe does not need regular watering; you can water this plant twice a week. If you over water this plant, it may ruin the beautiful flowers. There are no specific caring tips for this plant. If you are one of those who loves nature and is a lover of greenery then Kalanchoe is something which you should surely order at indoor plants online and cultivate in your garden.



Sedum is an outdoor plant with thick leaves. Sedum plants come in numerous sizes, colors, and shapes. These plants are very suitable for home gardening. Sedums are easy to grow and care for. It needs pretty warm weather. 


This plant also does not need regular watering. If you are watering this plant on alternate days, it would be okay for them. Overwatering and over-fertilizing sedums can affect the plant badly. Always plant Sedums in that area of your garden where they can get enough sunlight.




Portulacaria Afra is called elephant bush or baby jade. It is a shrub with dark green leaves and reddish stems. Are you fascinated towards fragrance and love plants? Then what are you waiting for? Get the most loveliest Portulacaria by ordering plants online and enjoy their beauty by adding them to your garden. 


Many people are ordering plants online in this current pandemic situation to accomplish their hobby of gardening. Portulacaria is easy to maintain and care for, and it stays for a whole year, but flowering on this plant mostly happens in summer when they get a good amount of sunlight.



There are many types of Senecio; it has thick and green leaves. Senecio plants are basically from the daisy family. The leaves of this plant are of banana shape or round shape. It blooms beautiful flowers with red and purple color which stays for more than a week. 


The important caring tip for this plant is that they need good moisture and nothing else. They can be grown from cuttings, and also you can get them by ordering with us. You can easily care for and maintain this at home with fewer experts. And the flowering of this plant will make your day on a serious note!!


People are regularly amazed at how useful indoor plants are. If you love to plant different plants at your home, you can prefer these plants which we have mentioned above. We advise our customers to do some studies before shopping for plants or talk with the salesman at the gardening center regarding the caring tips. So if you are willing to buy unique plants, go through this list, and you can avail the best among them.


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