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A good footwear add charm to your personality by raising your confidence to next level. It’s very important to add right type of footwear in your collection and this post is guide to one of that right type: Loafers

Loafers are different from traditional structure of shoes that fully covered your feet. They are: –


Lace Less which add comfortable level to them with no tight knot on the top of your feet.

Most often they do have low heel

Low shoes i.e ankle is exposed and are wear without or a different type of socks.

Loafers has its very old history of origin and great journey of evolution over the past years. Loafers have many origin stories.  The two most popular, widely-regarded and accepted theories are

1) evolved from a Norwegian man who hybridized traditional Native American and Norwegian footwear

2) they came from an English royal commission of a new form of house shoe.

Despite having old era of origin, Loafers are very much in trend till now.

Loafers comes in two materials: Leather and Suede. Loafers have versatility in carrying like when hooked up with tailor suits it gives royal look to your personality, with jeans it gives redefining smart casual look, carried with shorts gives stunning cool look.

We have done research on Ajio and considering all the essential things like colour, shoe material, comfortable level, look of shoes, price we have come up with this collection.

As summer has also started so Loafers are must in your footwear collection as they are highly breathable and relaxable in high temperatures.




1. ALBERTO TORRESI Genuine Leather Loafers

Original Price: 3595Rs

60% Off

Discounted Price: 1438Rs

2. AJIO Apron-Toe N9-Treated Penny Loafers

Original Price: 2499Rs

15% Off

Discounted Price: 2124Rs

3. MODELLO DOMANI Genuine Leather Bit Loafers

Original Price: 2499Rs

20% Off

Discounted Price: 1999Rs

4. MODELLO DOMANI Velvet Loafers with Zardosi Work

Original Price: 2999Rs

15% Off

Discounted Price: 2549Rs

5. ACUTO Genuine Leather Loafers with Tassels

Original Price: 3299Rs

25% Off

Discounted Price: 2474Rs

6. MODELLO DOMANI Suede Bit Loafers

Original Price: 2199Rs

15% Off

Discounted Price: 1869Rs

7. MODELLO DOMANI Suede Bit Loafers 2

Original Price: 2199Rs

10% Off

Discounted Price: 1869Rs

8. NUBOY Slip-On Casual Loafers with Tassels

Original Price: 1999Rs

50% Off

Discounted Price: 900Rs

9. PIAFFE Moc-Toe Loafers with Metal Bracket

Original Price: 1799Rs

15% Off

Discounted Price: 1529Rs

10. AJIO Textured N-9 Treated Loafers

Original Price: 2499Rs

30% Off

Discounted Price: 1749Rs

11. AJIO Textured N-9 Treated Tassel Loafers

Original Price: 2499Rs

30% Off

Discounted Price: 1749Rs