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Hair Wigs Canada: A Quick Guide to distinguish Human Hair Wigs from Synthetic Wigs

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It is a great challenge to pick up a suitable wig according to your style, comfort and expense. You will find a new look every time you change your Hairpieces. Hair Wigs Canada provides a large variety in both Human Hair and Synthetic Wigs. Now the query is which one to choose? Both are immense options and have their own properties according to one’s requirement. Besides this, there are some pros and cons of Human Hair Wigs as well as Synthetic Wigs.

Here are Some of the Differences:


Human Hair Wigs:

If you want to feel the softness, silky touch of your hair, Human Hair Wig is the best option. Human Hair Wigs are manufactured by harvesting human hair to get a perfect and natural look. To manufacture Human Hair wigs, four basic types of human hair are used i.e.-Chinese, Indonesian, Indian and European. Most commonly, Asian hair are used. Hair Wigs Canada offers Human Hair wigs made with Virgin Hair and Remy Hair for the most natural and authentic look. They deliver the most natural look with Silk Top and Full Lace wigs.


Here we go with some facts of Human Hair Wigs.

• The feel of Human Hair is soft, smoother and silky.

• Cuticles of raw hair are kept in the same orientation to avoid intertwining.

• It is a supreme choice if quality is the main issue.

• Gives a variety of textures, so the buyer can match their own hair texture with it before purchasing.

• As like human hair, weather conditions make it dry and crimpy too. So proper washing and conditioning is required as per normal hair.

• Human Hair Wigs are versatile in nature and can be styled according to your own desire.

• Extreme care is important to maintain the natural shine by using specified formulated products.

• Human Hair Wigs lasts up to two years if handled with proper attention.

• Remind one thing, Human Hair are not ready to use after buying. You may need a professional stylist to customize the exact look that you want.

• One can treat human hair as their own hair but the exception is, it needs great effort for its maintenance.

• Due to its natural look, human hair are more expensive.

Synthetic Wigs:

Synthetic Wigs are made up of synthetic fiber. It is manufactured from man-made fibers using specific technology to make it feel like real human hair. A superior quality synthetic Hairpiece, it is difficult to recognize that the hair used are not human hair. Hair Wigs in Canada offer synthetic wig types from lace front to monofilament wigs.

Here we go with some facts about synthetic wigs.

• The feel of synthetic wigs is mostly smoother and shiner.

• Less expensive as compared to Human Hair wigs. Price is about half the price of Human Hair.

• Very easy to retain its initial style by simply washing and drying the hair.

• They don’t last as long as human hair, their durability is 4-6 months.

• The most fascinating thing about synthetic hair is it is ready to use after buying and can be worn directly after opening the pack.

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• The fiber acts as memory to retain its original straight, wavy, curly or bouncy look after every wash.

• Dearth of versatility and can’t style one wig into multiple styles.

• Offers different colors and styles in multiple synthetic hair wigs. One can buy multiple hairpieces in order to have variation in style and color.

• It can also deal with inadequate weather and does not show any sign of crimps.

• Some exceptional heat friendly synthetic hair are styled to adopt the curl pattern. But keep in mind, heat friendly fiber is also difficult to style.

• Recoloring is not directed as the fiber will not cohere the color.

• Lighter in weight than human hair wigs.

Some people have a false impression that only Human Hair Wigs are good in quality as it is made up of real human hair. But you will be amused to know that a superior kind of synthetic wig and a normal human hair wig is difficult to differentiate as it almost appears the same. The quality of wigs vary from brand to brand. So you should check its brand and manufacturer before purchasing a wig. Canada Hair Wigs offer a large variety of Human Hair and Synthetic Hairpieces online and at their stores. Also ask your salon expert for their recommendations as per your hair type and face cut. Then only you will be able to self-assure yourself about your purchase.

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