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How Do I Promote My Mobile Application On Social Media?

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Presently, the trend in mobile app development is at its peak. As a result, the number of mobile apps is rapidly growing, and among millions of app, less promoted apps are seldom used. For this reason, several wobbly apps get downloaded and installed just because of high promotion. Bear in mind; advertising can enable your product to a wide range of consumers. Giving a vivid description of your mobile app in app stores is not enough. Although, Apps are often discovered outside the app store. Now, if you are searching for effective methods to promote your mobile app on social media, you have come to the right place.

Indeed, you are required to post daily to display your solid presence. Therefore, you should post the eye-catching and attractive features of your app constantly to attract more users. According to Statics, 50% of people discover apps through their friends and family. In addition, considering the availability of 5 million mobile apps, and alas, 25% of the downloaded apps are not once exercised.

Currently, social media platforms seem to be playing a vital role in promoting products and services. A large of industries post their product on social media to gain more consumers. Now is not the time to build your website and waste money initially for your startup. At the same time, you can still use social media platforms to promote your app considerably. Presently, there are multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Instead of using all of them at once, or using one blindly can bring out zero results. Therefore, choose where your users can be. Yes. Don’t just make a guess! But do some background research.

In this article, you’ll learn the nine best tactics to promote your app on social media:

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1 – Use Paid Ads on Social Media

Try to use paid ads on social media to reach more involved users. Although, sponsored posts can be highly effective to drive users into your mobile app than regular posts. Paid Ads on social media boost your post visibility to its potential users. In fact, the more you pay in paid ads, the more users you will gather. On the bright side, you can select your platforms more associated with your desired viewers on social media.

2 – Explore Influencer Advertising

Apparently, these influencers have an extensive scale of engaging audiences. Numerous business owners partner up with influencers to promote their products. An influencer could be a Social media personality, Blogger, celebrity, industry expert, thought leader, or lifestyle brand. Influencers sometimes even activate their followers to start a trend on Twitter, and the followers do so. Undeniably, pairing with an influencer can get you more downloads for your mobile app. Above all, you don’t need a massive budget for influencer promotion for your mobile app. Micro-influencer can also help you rapidly increase your downloads with lesser but engaged followers.

3 – Encourage User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content or UGC can influentially demonstrate the significance of your app. Besides, numerous business owner promotes UGC to attract and gain more users. Therefore, it can be an effective approach to get more downloads for your mobile app.

Five approaches to encourage user-generated content on social media:

1. Create a Noise for your mobile app.

2. Run Contest/Quizzes on social media.

3. Influence the power of hashtags.

4. Offer Rewards.

5. Ask Questions.

4 Hunt for Reviews and Ratings

Advertising your mobile app’s best reviews inspires more users. Several mobile users check for the best reviews and ratings before installing the app. Therefore, please search for the best reviews of your mobile app and promote it on social media and acquire more users. You can already search in the app store that there is a distinct category for the top-rated apps. Pay attention to your mobile app reviews by users. If you get a review of your mobile app from a known personality or company, don’t forget to share this blessing on social media to raise your app profile.

5 Pay attention to your app name

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Keep your mobile app name simple and memorable. It can help people recall the name while searching it in the app store. Furthermore, pick a name that fits your brand that should be creative yet simple. Undoubtedly, a creative title can attract users and drive them to curiosity. Now, this curiosity can compel them to download and play.

6 Use High-Quality Pictures

Before you advertise your app on social media, make sure to use high-quality pictures. As a result, that can enable the user to see the detailed art of your mobile app. Also, if you want to put some short specifications of your app in a small font size, then using a high-quality picture is obligatory.

7 Create an informative video

It should be noted, creating a short video and describing your app in one go can be horrendous. The video must be creative, concise, and should attract users instantly. More than anything, it’s the core step to fascinate users. Also, it might take you days to figure out the core feature of your app that is exceptionally standalone and use it for the adverting video.

8 Know the Advantages of Different Social Media Platforms

Meanwhile, you can take exceptional advantages from each social media platform to attract users to your mobile app. It can be handy while advertising your app on different platforms. In fact, distinct users utilize various social media platforms.

Facebook Encourages Community Building

Facebook offers a variety of ways to engage potential users through its page. For example, it provides feature promotions such as discounts and special offers. Likewise, you can run contests and give free rewards to its contestants. Using a Facebook page, you can engage numerous people through your app’s high-quality images, videos, and expert blog content. Moreover, you can join relevant groups on Facebook for your mobile app. And share your mobile app in the group.

9 Generate social media buzz

To create a social media buzz, you can contact influencers and online publications professionals to review your mobile app. There is a slight chance that will do it, but again trying is worth everything. If they agreed to review your mobile app, then that is awesome. Hence, it will surely create a buzz for your app. As discussed earlier, getting reviewed by trusted industries can help your mobile app to achieve greater success.



Using the right promotional tools can ensure your mobile app’s success and more downloads. Keep in mind, focus on the promotional strategies from day one of the mobile app development. Because even a well-designed and well-developed app can fail at this stage if not marketed strategically. Hopefully, this article assists you with the best methods to promote your mobile app on social media mentioned above.

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