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Whenever you are having harvesting operations to perform in the farming task, then you can rely upon combine concave. However, it is crucial to select the most appropriate agricultural equipment to protect the harvested crops from getting damaged. Not only the agriculture machinery but also aftermarket combine concaves will be assisting out in protecting the quality of crops and increasing the yield. So, it is important to attain the right information about the aftermarket combine parts to secure the best products. The combine concave components are extremely crucial for the farmers who are searching for enhanced productivity in farming operations. Always use the parts that go well with the specific farming equipment. So, using the right combine equipment will be ensuring that farmers can harvest efficiently in less time.

Let’s find out some important considerations about aftermarket combine concaves:

Aftermarket Combine Parts Functions

The important functions which are performed by this particular agriculture machinery include:

• Conduct smooth threshing operation during harvesting season

• The machine also performs the task of separating of harvested crops from chaff and seeds

Working Process Of Combine Concave Parts

The increased speed of the rotor will be separating the crop and chaff. It will also be removing the crops from all the seeds. A high spinning rotor comprises several distinctive meshed components. Such parts are adjustable and facilitate the small-sized grains, as well as the, chaffs to pass through. So, it is important to gain information about the aftermarket combine concaves to secure the right component. The grains as well as the seeds that will be separated during this particular procedure get collected within the grain bag. This will be preventing the scattering of the grains as well as the chaff.

Ways To Minimize Grain Damage

When the clearance is not maintained properly, then there is a tendency for the grain particles to get damaged. So it is extremely crucial to maintain the clearance between both the cylinder as well as the concave. In case of not selecting the appropriate size aftermarket combine concave, then the grain particles may get damaged. There will also be an uneven flow of the material during the process of harvesting. Under the conditions when the space between components is too wide, the unwanted chaff will also be passing through the mesh. In case, this situation occurs, then there will be a mixing of the grain with the chaff of the combine concave components. Also, it would not be possible to carry out the separation of the grains manually. The high-performance agriculture equipment parts are made up of premium grade material. So, so they actually result in high combined speed, minimum rotor loss and complete satisfaction of the customers. So in case the farmer is frustrated with the performance of the combine c
oncave, whether it is about the high rotor loss, damaged cracked grains, low capacity or dirty samples, it is simply the best time to change the aftermarket combine concave parts.


It is important to collect the appropriate information before purchasing right aftermarket combine concaves. Many manufacturers are willing to extend you the right information concerning the clearance settings. You can also look for the best-recommended aftermarket combine concaves online by the leading manufacturers.


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The use of combine harvester has revolutionized agriculture and has made life easy for the farmer. Prior to the arrival of this equipment, farmers would carry out harvesting manually. This was a cumbersome process and needed a lot of time and manpower. The labor needs would increase with the increase in the size of the farm. The combine harvester changed this all. Farmers could now finish harvesting much earlier using a fraction of the manpower they used before. They were also able to save time, improve the yield, and thus make more money.

What is the combine harvester?

The combine harvester is a piece of farming equipment that has automated the process of harvesting. The use of combine harvester in harvesting has helped in automating three activities related to harvesting. Reaping, winnowing, and threshing are three harvesting related activities that were done manually. The combine harvester now makes it easy for a farmer to carry out these activities faster and more efficiently.

How is it used?

The use of combine harvester involves using this machine in the field at the time of harvesting. The machine needs to be driven by an operator who is trained on using the machine. The machine settings need to be adjusted keeping in mind the crop harvested. One of the benefits of using a harvester is that the same equipment can be used to harvest different crops.

Once the settings are adjusted, then the machine is driven through the field. As the machine moves through the crop, the cutter bar in the machine cuts the crops and pushes it inside. The crops are then moved through a conveyor belt to the processing area. A threshing drum would beat the crops to separate grains from the stalk. The grain then falls into a tank in the machine.

The chaff and stalk collected move towards the back of the machine from where they are thrown out. Another piece of equipment can be used to collect the straw and prepare bales for further usage. As the machine plows through the farm, the grain is harvested and collected in the grain tank. In large fields, the grain tank can be filled up very fast. In such a situation, there is an un-loader that can move the grain to a trailer attached to the harvester. The header of the machine is where the cutting of the crop happens. Changing the header can help harvest different crops.

Why use this equipment?

combine harvester history

The harvester makes harvesting easy and saves time and effort. The equipment is helpful in increasing the yield of crops. Most importantly, it can help in improving the quality of the yield.

There is no doubt that the use of combine harvester has helped a farmer to become more profitable. The efficiency and effectiveness of harvesting have increased thanks to the use of the harvester. As a result, the farmer is able to produce a higher quantity of crops at better quality. This has helped the farmer increase his revenue. The investment in a combine harvester produces good returns for farmers.

Harvesting is one of the most important and labor-intensive processes in farming operations. Farmers can make this process easier and more productive by using automation in the form of a combine harvester. This is farming equipment that is very helpful for farmers as it can save time and money, as well as increase productivity. The harvester’s efficiency can be enhanced by the use of aftermarket combine concaves. The article is a guide that tells you all you want to know about these important parts of a harvester.

The Equipment

The aftermarket combine concaves are part of the harvester that are manufactured by different companies who may not be the original manufacturer. The parts they manufacture are related to the concaves that are used in the harvester. While these parts may not be manufactured by the original manufacturer, they would be compatible with the harvester. These aftermarket products are less priced and they offer cost-benefit for farmers. The parts are generally as good as the original parts. Use of these parts does not affect the harvester’s warranty.



There are many benefits of using aftermarket combine concaves in your harvester. Some of the prime benefits are:

• These parts help the farmer manage the harvester by using it in a more efficient way for enhanced productivity and better quality yield.

• Even though they are not manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, they are made using latest technologies and the quality of the products is good.

• The biggest benefit for farmers is that these aftermarket parts are less expensive than the ones made by the manufacturer. They can be purchased locally without having to wait for the order to be cleared by the manufacturer. This allows the farmer to save money.

• The concaves allow threshing to be done much more smoothly, thereby ensuring that the grains are free from any cracks.

• The concaves also increase the surface area for the threshing operations. This, coupled with the increase in ground speed ensures higher productivity. Higher yield and better quality yield are both ensured.

• These parts have multi-purpose functionalities allowing them to be used to harvest different types of crops making it beneficial for the farmers.

Working of the parts


The aftermarket combine concaves can be used for different types of crops. There is no need to change concave each time a different crop is harvested. Once installed, different settings can be used to harvest any crop. The wires can be adjusted depending on the type of crop; for instance, soybeans, rice, corns, and sorghum needs wide wire concaves. Rotor loss is reduced, which is beneficial for farmers. The XPR system capacity can be enhanced by up to 30%. Cultivation of large areas becomes easy and this increases the overall productivity.

Farmers who use harvesters for their farming operations can buy aftermarket parts like the combine concaves to enhance the efficiency of the harvester. Apart from their use to harvest different crops, they improve yield quantity and quality, making them highly beneficial.

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During harvesting one of the key things that you have in mind is to increase the harvest and to reduce grain wastage. If you make use of the right equipment then this can be achieved. During harvesting, the concave system that you use plays a very crucial role.

For harvesting, it is always better to make use of aftermarket combine concaves. This system will help you to get more grains. The wastage also reduces when you make use of this type of concave system.

The Finer Details About a Combined Concave:

This machine is designed in such a way that it can perform different types of functions. It can be used for different types of grains like wheat, corn etc. Threshing of the plant is an important step. Here the seeds are removed from the plant. A good combined concave will help in this threshing and separating activity.

Naturally, a good concave machine will help you get more seeds. You will get better yield and there will be less wastage of grains. The quality of the grains that you get will depend on the crop as well as on the speed of the rotor of the concave system. The concave system has straight and perpendicular bars which help in the threshing and separating of the grains.

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Have You Checked Advanced Concave Systems?

combine concaves

• These days some companies have come up with aftermarket combine concaves that have an advanced mechanism that helps in better output. The advanced systems will help in the reduction of wastage. The adjustment of the bars in this type of advanced systems is done in such a way that the capacity of the system is higher and this will help in getting a higher yield.

• The speed of these advanced systems is more. This means that this is a time-saving option. In some of the advanced systems, you will find a greater number of open concaves as compared to the traditional concave systems. This will prevent damage to the crop.

• It has been found that the advanced combined concave systems need less fuel. This means that it is helping you save money on fuel. Therefore, this also happens to be a cost-effective option.

• These types of advanced combined concave systems can be used for many crops. You can use them for grains like wheat and soybean. You can also use them for sunflowers. The list is a long one.

• These advanced combined concave systems are robust and last long. The weight of these systems is also not too much

For a farmer, the most important thing is to get a good yield. For this, he naturally has to sow the best seeds and take all the measures to get a good quality crop. But equally important are the steps of threshing and harvesting. Here the type of combined concave that the farmer uses is of prime importance.

One needs to choose only the best quality advanced combined concave system if one wants a higher yield with less wastage.