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During harvesting one of the key things that you have in mind is to increase the harvest and to reduce grain wastage. If you make use of the right equipment then this can be achieved. During harvesting, the concave system that you use plays a very crucial role.

For harvesting, it is always better to make use of aftermarket combine concaves. This system will help you to get more grains. The wastage also reduces when you make use of this type of concave system.

The Finer Details About a Combined Concave:

This machine is designed in such a way that it can perform different types of functions. It can be used for different types of grains like wheat, corn etc. Threshing of the plant is an important step. Here the seeds are removed from the plant. A good combined concave will help in this threshing and separating activity.

Naturally, a good concave machine will help you get more seeds. You will get better yield and there will be less wastage of grains. The quality of the grains that you get will depend on the crop as well as on the speed of the rotor of the concave system. The concave system has straight and perpendicular bars which help in the threshing and separating of the grains.

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Have You Checked Advanced Concave Systems?

combine concaves

• These days some companies have come up with aftermarket combine concaves that have an advanced mechanism that helps in better output. The advanced systems will help in the reduction of wastage. The adjustment of the bars in this type of advanced systems is done in such a way that the capacity of the system is higher and this will help in getting a higher yield.

• The speed of these advanced systems is more. This means that this is a time-saving option. In some of the advanced systems, you will find a greater number of open concaves as compared to the traditional concave systems. This will prevent damage to the crop.

• It has been found that the advanced combined concave systems need less fuel. This means that it is helping you save money on fuel. Therefore, this also happens to be a cost-effective option.

• These types of advanced combined concave systems can be used for many crops. You can use them for grains like wheat and soybean. You can also use them for sunflowers. The list is a long one.

• These advanced combined concave systems are robust and last long. The weight of these systems is also not too much

For a farmer, the most important thing is to get a good yield. For this, he naturally has to sow the best seeds and take all the measures to get a good quality crop. But equally important are the steps of threshing and harvesting. Here the type of combined concave that the farmer uses is of prime importance.

One needs to choose only the best quality advanced combined concave system if one wants a higher yield with less wastage.