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If you are still looking out for the best aftermarket combine concaves, then look no furtheras we assure you that what you will get at XPR Concave System will be your best bet when it comes to combines. The money you spend on our Combine would be the best. We’ve manufactured these combines knowing the fact that every rotor loses 3-5 bu/acre. That is $30,000 on the ground year after year on 1,000 acres of soybeans. We assure you that XPR Threshing / Separating Concave system (Number 1 Concave System for John Deere & Case IH combines) could be the saviour and the good news is that it is exclusively sold here.

There are many features of having one of these. And the features are followed by some amazing advantages like one set for all crops, Perforated Cover Plates, No Changing Concaves, Stop Rotor Loss, 70% more capacity, Eliminate Cracks as well as cracks & splits, 2-3 MPH Faster Ground Speed, 5000+ Bushels/Hr, No More Whitecaps & Pods. Get a quote on our website.


The combines we are talking about is ‘John Deere S & STS / Case IH Flagship & 88 Series’ and it can be used on the following crops : Corn, Soybeans, Wheat, Milo, Oats, Canola, Popcorn, Edible Beans, Chickpeas, Lentils, Rye, Sesame, Sunflowers & More. Our Product includes 3 Threshing Concaves with Perforated Cover Plates & 1 Xtreme Separator Grate (4 parts total for John Deere)

The advantages of having these means that you have a product that is meant for all crops, it has perforated cover plates, No need to change concaves, 3 times more life, no more downtime, slower rotor speed, less grain damage, cleaner grain tank, faster harvest & more money saved.

aftermarket-combine-concaves-return-01XPR concaves thresh like small-wire concaves yet with more capacity than round bar concaves. These are the only concaves that thresh all crops with less grain damage. During the hard-to-thresh wheat, the cover plates keep the material in the threshing action longer to ensure complete threshing and without white-caps. In high moisture corn, you don’t have to run your rotor as tight and as fast and grind the corn to get it to thresh, plus these concaves don’t plug. Although many farmers brag on them during the adverse conditions, in normal conditions one will be amazed and would enjoy harvesting without struggling with the combine the whole day. These combines are definitely the best and to quote this, there are thousands of farmers who are happily using this and would tell you the same.

Every part of the system is engineered for a particular purpose but the key in all of it is to help you keep the rotor full. The bar is designed to slow the material down so you have maximum grain-on-grain threshing, The cover plates are designed to cushion the crop and to further prolong material rubbing on material for complete threshing. The concaves are significantly more open so that as soon as the grain is threshed, you can get it down and onto the augers in the tank – no overloading your separation section. And lastly, the grates disrupt, fluff and toss the crop mat to get any remaining loose grain out before being lost out of the back. The bottom line , you won’t find a better investment or return on your money than with our concave system.